24 Top TikTok Songs (That Will Be Stuck in Your Head Through 2022)

If you ‘re still dreaming of making your cross off on TikTok, you need the right tunes to back your sweetly dance moves. And TikTok is nothing if not a apparently endless font of viral tracks. Some of the most popular songs of the past few years flush got their starts on TikTok before racing to the top of the Billboard charts. Lil Nas X ‘s “ Old Town Road, ” for example, popped off on TikTok in 2019 after gaining some grip on SoundCloud. From there, radio receiver programmers were ripping the song from the internet to meet hearer necessitate to play it on their stations. TikTok virality does n’t precisely stay on the chopine. many artists with tracks that go viral on the platform will find that the sung has besides launched to the top of their top-played songs tilt on streaming services, besides. indeed, virality from platforms like TikTok has upended the music industry to an extent. As tracks blow up on-line, labels are put in the position of determine and signing those songs to their labels rather of the other way around, with the music diligence pushing the music to listeners. As more and more artists release fresh songs and sounds on platforms like TikTok, we can expect this stimulate vogue to continue .

24 Top TikTok Songs (That Will Be Stuck in Your Head Through 2022):

1. Laxed (Siren Beat) by Jawsh 685 and Jason Derulo

“ Laxed ( Siren Beat ), ” originally known as “ Savage Love, ” was created by New Zealand adolescent and music manufacturer Jawsh 685. Jawsh 685 created the track as a celebration of his Samoan and Cook Island inheritance. Jason Derulo reached out to Jawsh 685 about collaborating on the song but ended up releasing the song under the appoint “ Savage Love ” without crediting Jawsh 685. Things seem to be worked out for now, and “ Savage Love ( Laxed—Siren Beat ) ” ended up at the clear of the Billboard Hot 100 with BTS. The first gear TikToks using this song showcased cultural invest and costume before the song became a backdrop to the “ siren pulsate ” dance .

2. Savage and Savage Remix by Megan Thee Stallion, featuring Beyoncé

Megan Thee Stallion ‘s original “ barbarous ” has been used in more than 30 million TikTok videos, accompanied by the dance challenge started by Keara Wilson. Wilson ‘s choreography had such a huge impingement on TikTok that Teen Vogue named the dancer in their “ 21 Under 21 ” feature. The song enjoyed renewed attention when Beyoncé joined Megan Thee Stallion for the remix. “ barbarous Remix ” has since been used in hundreds of thousands of more TikTok video recording .

3. OUT WEST by JACKBOYS and Travis Scott, featuring Young Thug

“ OUT WEST ” was released in December 2019 and gained popularity early in 2020, sparking its own dance challenge ( created by Nicole Bloomgarden ). It ‘s been used in about 15 million TikTok videos .

4. WAP by Cardi B, featuring Megan Thee Stallion

“ WAP ” is a collaboration between Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion. It was released in early August and within hours new Guamanian choreographer Brian Esperson shared a act to the song on Instagram. That video drew the attention of Cardi B herself who shared a clip of the television vitamin a well as clips of other dancers who gave the choreography a try on. From there, the song and challenge turned viral on TikTok, racking up more than 6 million videos using the racetrack. The TikTok hashtag “ WAPChallenge ” has more than 1.5 billion views .

5. Say So by Doja Cat

While “ Say So ” was already known, it went viral after TikTok influencer Haley Sharpe started a dance challenge based on the song. It ‘s been used in about 18 million TikTok video recording this class and Doja Cat even invited Sharpe to parcel the choreography in the music video for the sung. The sung besides hit issue one on the Billboard Hot 100 singles graph .

6. Tap In by Saweetie

equitable 11 days after “ Tap In ” was released, TikTok ace Lesley Gonzalez started a dance challenge. Since then, Saweetie ‘s first base single from her first album, Pretty Bitch Music, has been used in more than 7 million videos on TikTok. While not all of the videos are dance challenges, the huge majority of them are .

7. The Box by Roddy Ricch

“ The Box ” has been used in more than 2 million TikTok video and has received acclaim through a least sandpiper at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 and three 2021 Grammy Awards nominations including best tap song, best melodious rap operation, and sung of the year. While this has n’t been used for a dancing challenge on TikTok, it was character of a viral TikTok meme in which TikTok godhead Jay Will pokes fun at the “ screaky mirror ” legal used in the song .

8. Rags2Riches by Rod Wave, featuring ATR Son Son

“ Rags2Riches ” was released in April 2020, and by July 2020 had been featured in more than 5 million TikTok videos as depart of a dance challenge .

9. Supalonely by BENEE, featuring Gus Dapperton

“ Supalonely, ” from New Zealand singer BENEE, had a couple of things going for it. For starters, it skyrocketed to popularity thanks to a viral dancing challenge for the sung created by Zoi Lerma. In addition, The Straits Times credits some of the song ‘s achiever to the COVID-19 pandemic since people could well make a connection with the song ‘s root. The sung has been used in about 10 million TikTok videos .

10. What You Know Bout Love by Pop Smoke

“ What You Know Bout Love ” is from american knocker Pop Smoke ‘s debut studio album Shoot for the Stars, Aim for the Moon. It was released in October 2020 and has already been used in more than 12 million TikTok television. The song followed the lapp path as another song by Pop Smoke, “ Mood Swings, ” going viral on TikTok and then achieving achiever on the charts soon after .

11. Bagaikan Langit (Cover) by Karin

You might not know what it ‘s called, but this Bagaikan Langit binding by Karin is so dainty to listen to and has been used in about 35 million TikTok videos .

12. Relationship by Young Thug, featuring Future

“ kinship ” by Young Thug was included in about 33 million TikTok videos in 2020 .

13. Lottery (Renegade) by K Camp

If you opened TikTok even once in 2020, you absolutely saw a television featuring “ Lottery ( Renegade ) ” on your For You page. More than 30 million TikTok creators participated in the “ Renegade ” dance challenge based on choreography by Jalaiah Harmon. K Camp finally credited Harmon for creating the choreography after some controversy around Harmon not getting credit for the dance initially. The song became the first reasoned on the chopine to be used in 20 million television .

14. Banana (DJ FLe – Minisiren Remix) by Conkarah featuring Shaggy

“ Banana ” is based on the Harry Belafonte hit, “ Banana Boat ( Day-O ), ” from 1956. It ‘s been used in more than 30 million TikTok videos in 2020 thanks, in part, to the ( you guessed it ) viral dance that accompanied the track on the platform .

15. Baila by Tampa Curhat Beat and Karl Wine

“ Baila ” is another dance sung with a attention-getting beat that went viral on TikTok. It ‘s been used in around 24 million video recording this year .

16. Coño by Puri, featuring Jhorrmountain x Adje

“ Coño ” was featured in more than 22 million TikTok videos in 2020 .

17. Sunday Best by Surfaces

“ Sunday Best ” is from the american electro-pop band Surfaces and was originally released at the begin of 2019. The music video recording was released in July 2019, but the song actually started gaining grip and popularity in February 2020 when it started showing up on TikTok. It was the birdcall that launched a thousand dancing routines and has been used in more than 20 million TikTok videos in 2020 .

18. Death Bed (Coffee for Your Head) by Powfu

“ death Bed ( Coffee for Your Head ) ” is a sweet-sounding birdcall by Powfu that samples “ Coffee ” by Filipino-British artist Beabadoobee. It was uploaded to SoundCloud and YouTube in 2019 and, after Powfu signed to Columbia Records and Robots + Humans, the birdcall was released on streaming services. The song went viral on TikTok soon after its exhaust to streaming platforms, earning more than 4.1 billion plays in March 2020 alone .

19. Stunnin’ by Curtis Waters, featuring Harm Franklin

If you ‘re looking for a song that fits your TikTok video recording about how dear you look and feel, “ Stunnin ‘ ” is it .

20. Dreams by Fleetwood Mac

Imagine Fleetwood Mac ‘s surprise when they ended up on the Billboard charts yet again thanks to skateboarder Nathan Apodaca using “ Dreams ” as the backdrop to his now-iconic TikTok television of him skateboarding and drinking Ocean Spray cranberry juice. The video recording ‘s popularity landed Apodaca an Ocean Spray collaboration and has had Stevie Nicks herself on the platform using the voice. It ‘s besides been a source of humor for many a Fleetwood Mac fan whose children are just nowadays discovering the ring … and telling their parents about it .

21. Boss Bitch by Doja Cat

“ Boss Bitch, ” by american english singer and knocker Doja Cat, has been used by many TikTok creators to highlight their own badassery. Of course, since the internet was created for cats, you can besides find the song used in video recording featuring pets, besides .

22. Potential Breakup Song by Aly & AJ

“ likely dissolution sung ” is by american english duet Aly & AJ and is the copulate ‘s most successful unmarried even. The song peaked at act 17 on Billboard ‘s Hot 100 and thanks to TikTok, the song quickly blew past Aly & AJ ‘s second most play cut on Spotify. The birdcall was originally released in 2007 but gained renewed popularity after getting more than 26 million viewers during November 2020 .

23. Whole Lotta Choppas by Sada Baby

“ whole Lotta Choppas ” is from american knocker Sada Baby and was released in August 2020 as the first single from the artist ‘s debut album. The sung and its company choreography went viral on TikTok. After a remix of the song featuring Nicki Minaj, released in October 2020, the song hit a vertex on Billboard Hot 100 at number 35 .

24. Love Story by Taylor Swift

not that Taylor Swift is n’t already long-familiar adequate, she enjoyed a revival of corroborate for her early-2000s hit “ Love Story. ” The song was used in thousands of TikToks with choreography and skits set atop the setting of Swift ‘s cutesy beloved song .

Go Viral on TikTok With Songs and Sounds

One of the best ways to get more TikTok followers and actually make a name for yourself on the platform is to actively participate. While you ‘ll want to be surely to create content that resonates with your aim hearing, there ‘s besides a batch to be said for joining in on trending TikTok challenges to get more exposure for your content. To get started on your path to TikTok fame, check out our tips to create TikTok television that go viral .

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the song in Keara Wilson’s dance challenge?

Megan Thee Stallion ’ s original “ Savage ” accompanies the dance challenge that was started by Keara Wilson. Beyonce joined Megan Thee Stallion for a remix ( “ Stallion Remix ” ) which helped the song to enjoy renewed interest. Since this collaboration, this remix has been used in hundreds of thousands videos on TikTok. Though, the original track remains the most democratic and has been used in over 30 million TikTok videos already .

How can you go viral on TikTok?

If you want to get more followers on TikTok and sincerely make a name for yourself on the platform, you need to participate actively. Joining in on TikTok challenges that are presently trending will help you to get more exposure for your content. That being said, this campaign will be useless if the content that you create does not resonate with your target audience. indeed, to sum up, create contented that resonates and participate actively in trending TikTok challenges.

What is Aly & AJ’s most successful single?

“ Potential Breakup Song ” is the american duet ’ s most successful sung yet. Thanks to TikTok, the song reached count 17 on Billboard ’ s Hot 100. While the birdcall was primitively released in 2007, its popularity was renewed after it got more than 26 million viewers during November 2020. The song is besides the pair ’ s most played chase on Spotify .

What song does Nathan Apodaca use in his TikTok video?

“ Dreams ” by Fleetwood Mac is the song that is used as the backdrop in the iconic video of Nathan Apodaca where he skateboards and drinks Ocean Spray cranberry juice. The function of this sung has actually become a reservoir of temper for many Fleetwood Mac fans whose children are lone discovering the “ new ” band now and telling their parents about it .

What is the song in Haley Sharpe’s dance challenge?

“ Say So ” by Doja Cat is the birdcall that Haley Sharpe based her dance challenge on. The song was actually already known ahead, but it went viral after Haley used it. In 2020, it has been used in about 18 million TikTok videos already. The sung was besides issue one on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart. Doja Cat tied invited Sharpe to share the stage dancing in the music video recording for the song .

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