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Title Year Artist Album Songwriter Producer Primary Secondary Additional Vocal “Tulips” check y “Robot” check yttrium “Decent Days and Nights” check yttrium “Meantime” check Y

“Danger of the Water” check y “Carnival Kids” check y “He Knows” check yttrium “Stupid and Shallow” check y “Hounds of Love” check yttrium “Man Ray” check yttrium “Helicopter” check y “Skeleton” check y “Positive Tension” check y “Like Eating Glass” check y “Blue Light” check y “This Modern Love” check yttrium “Pioneers” check y “Price of Glass” check y “Luno” check y “Plans” check yttrium “Compliments” check yttrium “Two More Years” check yttrium “Graffiti” check yttrium “Signal and Sign” check yttrium “Postcard of a Painting” check yttrium “Going Missing” check yttrium “I Want You to Stay” check yttrium “Limassol” check yttrium “The Night I Lost My Mind” check yttrium “Once, A Glimpse” check yttrium “Now I’m All Over the Shop” check y “Acrobat” check yttrium “Kiss You Better” check y “Hero” Bloc Party Non-album single check y “No Good” check yttrium check y “Don Gon Do It” check y “First Gear” check yttrium “The Devil” check yttrium “Whoo! Alright-Yeah… Uh Huh” check y “Down for So Long” check yttrium “The Sound” check yttrium “Live in Sunshine” check y “Shooting Star” check y “On and On” check yttrium “Turn It Up” Alesha Dixon Fired Up check yttrium check y “Brenn Di Ega Kjerke” Black Strobe Burn Your Own Church check yttrium “Shining Bright Star” check y “Girl Next Door” check y “Blood Shot Eyes” check yttrium “Now What You Need” check y “I’m a Man” check y “Lady 13” check y “You Should Be” check y “Buzz Buzz Buzz” check yttrium “Last Club on Earth” check y “Crave for Speed” check y “Mouthwash” check yttrium “Dickhead” check y “Birds” check yttrium “We Get On” check y “Mariella” check y “Shit Song” check yttrium “Pumpkin Soup” check yttrium check y “Skeleton Song” check y “Nicest Thing” check y “Merry Happy” check y “A is for Asthma” check y “Little Red” check yttrium “Stitching Leggings” check yttrium “Navy Taxi” check y “Habanera” check y “Ares” check yttrium “Halo” check y “Biko” check yttrium “Trojan Horse” check y “Signs” check yttrium “One Month Off” check y “Zephyrus” check yttrium “Talons” check y “Better than Heaven” check yttrium “Ion Square” check y “Letter to My Son” check y “Your Visits are Getting Shorter” check yttrium “Be the One” check y check y “Pull My Heart Away” check yttrium check y “Everything is New” check yttrium check y “So Near” check y “Every Glance” check yttrium check yttrium “Give Yourself Away” check yttrium check yttrium “Let’s All Die” check y “Body Down” check yttrium “Howl” check y check yttrium “Cosmic Love” check y “Hurricane Drunk” check yttrium “Blinding” check y check y “Writing’s on the Wall” check yttrium “Welcome to Hell” check yttrium “I Am Made of Chalk” check yttrium “He Won’t Go” 2011 check y “I’ll Be Waiting” check y check yttrium “Live Those Days Tonight” Friendly Fires Pala check y check y “Blue Cassette” check y “Hurting” check y “Show Me Lights” check yttrium “Chimes” check y “I Would Do Anything for You” check yttrium “Life on the Nickel” check yttrium check yttrium “Shake It Out” check yttrium check y “Only If for a Night” check y check y “Never Let Me Go” check yttrium check yttrium “Breaking Down” check y “Lover to Lover” check yttrium “Seven Devils” check yttrium check y “Heartlines” check y check yttrium “All This and Heaven Too” check y “Leave My Body” check y check Y

“Strangeness and Charm” check yttrium check y “Bedroom Hymns” check y “Ruby” 2012 Foster the People Non-album single check y “Skyfall” Adele Non-album single check y check y “Save Us” 2013 Paul McCartney New check y check y “Queenie Eye” check y check yttrium “Road” check y check y “God’s Help” Louis Mattrs Beachy Head EP check yttrium “Pseudologia Fantastica” check y check y “Ask Yourself” check yttrium “Nevermind” check yttrium check y “The Angelic Welcome of Mr. Jones” check y “A Beginner’s Guide to Destroying the Moon” check y check y “Goats in Trees” check y check yttrium “The Truth” check y “Fire Escape” check y “Cassius Clay’s Pearly Whites” check y check y “A Sky Full of Stars” check yttrium “Ink” check yttrium “True Love” check yttrium “Oceans” check yttrium “O” check y “All Your Friends” check y “Ghost Story” check y “O (Reprise)” check yttrium “Pendulum” FKA twigs LP1 check yttrium check y “Shoot Love” Maroon 5 V check yttrium check yttrium “California (There is No End to Love)” check y “Iris (Hold Me Close)” check y “Volcano” check y “Cedarwood Road” check yttrium “Water Came Down” Rosie Lowe non-album single check yttrium “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” Various artists Non-album single check y “How’d You Like It” Rosie Lowe check y “Mad Truth” check yttrium “Nowhere Girl” check y “Shadow Child” check y “The Immaculate Deception” check y “S.O.P.H.I.A.” check y “Box 9” check yttrium “Nations” check yttrium “St. Outrageous” check yttrium “Age of Miracles” check yttrium “Echelon” check yttrium “I Miss You” Adele 25 check yttrium check yttrium “Sweetest Devotion” check yttrium check yttrium “We Can Hurt Together (Hurt with Me)” 2016 Sia Non-album single check yttrium check yttrium “Goodnight Gotham” Rihanna Anti check y “Nostalgic Intellect” check y “Hard Sleep” check y “Oh Woman Oh Man” check y “Cusp” check yttrium “Turn On” check y “Aphrodite” check y “Cease Fire” check y “Mx Liberty” check y “Letter to Falon” Jay Electronica Act II: Patents of Nobility (The Turn) check y “Non Believer” check yttrium check yttrium “Bones of Ribbon” check yttrium “Different Breeds” check y “Control” check y check yttrium “May the Best” check y “Something to Remember Me By” check yttrium “Weighed Down” check yttrium “Hologram” check y “Press Enter to Exit” check y “Ghost” check yttrium “Point of No Reply” check y “Gathering” check y “World Below” check y “It’s a Good Life” check y “Fire Escape” check y “Water Drop” check yttrium “13 (There is a Light)” U2 Songs of Experience check yttrium “Ordinary Love” check yttrium “Pink Lemonade” check yttrium “Us” check yttrium “Wasted on Each Other” check y “In My Head” check y “Just for Tonight” check yttrium “Wanderlust” check y “I Found You” check yttrium “Stand Up” check y check yttrium “Fade Out” check y “Slide” check yttrium “Young Hearts in the Dark” check yttrium “Invoice” Serpentwithfeet Soil check y check y “Tearing Down the Walls” Elias Entwined check y check y “Love Hurts” check y “No Deeper Can We Fall” check yttrium check y “Don’t Let Me Wait” check y check y “Gold” check y check y “The Entwined” check y “Arrested”
( featuring Norma Jean Martine Love Thy Brother Noon-album single check yttrium “Nostalgia” Jacob Banks Village check yttrium check yttrium “If I Say” check yttrium “42” check y “Woman” check yttrium “Beloved” check yttrium “The Wild” check y “October Skies” check yttrium “Slip Away” check y “Rose of Sharon” check y “Picture You” check yttrium “Darkness Visible” check Y

“Wild Heart” check yttrium “Forever” check yttrium “Delta” check y
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