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Ryan Tedder ( born June 26, 1979 ) is an american musician, singer, songwriter, and record producer. arsenic well as being the jumper cable singer of the pop rock candy band OneRepublic, he has an independent career as a songwriter and producer for respective artists since the mid-2000s, including Adele, Beyoncé, Ed Sheeran, Jennifer Lopez, Camila Cabello, Lady Gaga, Maroon 5, MØ, One direction, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Ariana Grande, Logic, Paul McCartney, Blackpink, and Twice.

Tedder ‘s production and songwriting work has proven commercially successful. “ Apologize “, performed by OneRepublic, “ Bleeding Love “, performed by Leona Lewis, and “ Halo “, performed by Beyoncé, all made the tilt of best-selling singles of all clock. [ 2 ] In early 2014, Billboard named him “ The Undercover King of Pop ” and featured him on the magazine ‘s cover. [ 3 ] He is one of the producers on the reality show Songland. He is a three-time recipient of the Grammy Award for Album of the class, ascribable to his output credits on Adele ‘s 21 and 25, and Taylor Swift ‘s 1989 .

early life and education [edit ]

Tedder was born to father Gary Tedder. [ 4 ] He was raised by an cover family of missionaries and pastors in a christian church. [ 5 ] [ 6 ] Tedder began learning to play the piano at the long time of three via the Suzuki method. He practiced piano in exchange for candy corn from his musician church father and schoolteacher mother. [ 5 ] Tedder started singing at the historic period of seven. [ 7 ] He was a self-taught singer who began imitating his front-runner artists, such as The Beatles, Peter Gabriel, Stevie Wonder and Sting at the old age of twelve. He has commented, “ I sang for two hours a day every day of my life until I was eighteen. ” [ 5 ] He continued to perform musically during his adolescence through church, educate, and personally formed groups. [ 7 ] He attended schools in Jenks, Oklahoma, a Tulsa suburb, until his elder year, [ 8 ] when he moved to Colorado Springs, Colorado. [ 9 ] There he met and became friends with future OneRepublic bandmate Zach Filkins on their soccer team at the Colorado Springs Christian School. He attended Oral Roberts University in Tulsa and graduated in 2001 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in public relations and ad. [ 10 ]

career [edit ]

early career [edit ]

Tedder worked as a waiter and a shop adjunct at Pottery Barn before securing an internship at DreamWorks SKG in Nashville, where he sang on multiple demonstration. He produced show for songwriters and labels, charging $ 300 to $ 400 a track. [ 5 ] Tedder claims that DreamWorks offered him his foremost publication hand curtly after his arrival ; however, he was purpose on pursuing a career as an artist, and his beginning venture in that sphere came via a different route all in all. At the old age of twenty-one, Tedder competed in a singer-songwriter competition and was selected by NSYNC artist Lance Bass as one of five finalists to perform on a one-hour special on MTV, performing original material in front of millions of viewers. [ 11 ] The prize for the achiever was a music shrink with Bass ‘s now-defunct management caller, Free Lance Entertainment. [ 11 ] The contestants performed exist and were then rated by the judges and by the consultation, with the highest-scoring artist winning the contract. Tedder ‘s operation of one of his songs, “ The Look ”, received the most votes from the judges and fans, and he won the contest ; however, a condense with a recording label was not finalized and no album was released. [ 11 ] Tedder former revealed that the commemorate and print softwood he was offered “ was n’t real. It was barely a bunch of hype that did n’t turn into anything. ” [ 12 ]

Producing and writing [edit ]

One year after winning the MTV rival, Tedder caught the care of the pelvis hop producer Timbaland. [ 13 ] Tedder commented that he was with Timbaland from 2002–2004 to develop as an artist while producing for other artists at the meter. [ 12 ] Tedder ‘s solve crossed many musical genres ( ranging from hep hop, R & B, rock candy, pop to dance ) and he has had chart successes in both America and the United Kingdom with some artists. Tedder met producer Morten Schjolin in 2005, doing versatile collaborations for Tattoo ‘s second gear album. In June 2007, Tedder signed a global publishing administration deal with Kobalt Music Publishing. The deal included Tedder ‘s new works and all songs not performed by OneRepublic .
Tedder performing onstage, 2009 Tedder is the writer of the sung “ Apologize “, performed with OneRepublic. The song broke the US Top 40 Radio Airplay Record with 10,331 spins in one week. It was the number-one most play song for five months until May 7, 2008, when Leona Lewis ‘s “ Bleeding Love “, a birdcall co-written and co-produced by Tedder, broke the record previously set by “ Apologies ”, with 10,665 spins in one week. [ 14 ] “ Bleeding Love ” was the best-selling single of 2007 in the United Kingdom, topping the UK charts for seven weeks. It was the fastest-selling four hundred of 2007 receiving the most radio airplay global before its US introduction. [ 15 ] The song besides earned a Best british Single prize nomination at the Brit Awards in February 2008 and reached number one in over 35 countries. [ 15 ] Tedder and co-writer Jesse McCartney received an ASCAP award for writing “ Bleeding Love ”. Tedder is besides credited for writing the treatment for the second music video that was filmed for the US dismissal of “ Bleeding Love ”. It besides earned a criminal record of the Year nomination at the February 2009 Grammy Awards. [ 16 ] Tedder has written and produced singles with artists such as Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato, Adele, Birdy, Alsou, Jennifer Lopez, Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Leona Lewis, Jennifer Hudson, Alexandra Burke, the Backstreet Boys, Beyoncé Knowles, Monrose, and a count of songs with assorted rock acts in the US and overseas. [ 17 ] He worked with Jennifer Lopez on her 2007 single “ Do It Well “ from her album Brave. He worked with Kelly Clarkson on her 2009 album All I Ever Wanted, penning the songs “ If I Ca n’t Have You “, “ impossible ”, “ Save You “, “ peak of My Tongue ” and “ Already Gone “, which features vocals from Tedder. He besides worked with Beyoncé, with having a spell credit for the song “ Halo from her 2008 album I Am… Sasha Fierce. Tedder ‘s work with Beyoncé earned him two Grammy nominations with phonograph record of the year for “ Halo “ and Album of the year for I Am…Sasha Fierce at the 2010 Grammy Awards. Tedder worked extensively on Leona Lewis ‘s second gear album, Echo, compose and producing respective songs with her, three of which have made the album, including the first one “ happy “, “ You Do n’t Care ” which features vocals from Tedder and “ Lost then Found “, which features OneRepublic. Tedder co-wrote and produced the song “ Battlefield “ from Jordin Sparks ‘ second album of the same appoint. Tedder worked on American Idol season 8 stolon up Adam Lambert ‘s debut album, For Your Entertainment. In late 2009, Tedder launched his own record company, Patriot Records. He signed My name Is Kay, who released her debut EP through Interscope in 2012. “ City Lights ” by Nikki Flores was released in the fall of 2010 by Universal/Republic Records. Tedder besides formed his own publication company, Patriot Games Publishing, in 2009 in alliance with Kobalt Music Publishing Worldwide. He has a team of writers and producers such as Info, Noel Zancanella, and Brent Kutzle, cellist/bassist of OneRepublic. The Patriot team of writers and producers with Tedder are credited with “ I Was here “ by Beyoncé, “ good life “ by OneRepublic, “ I Just Had sex ” by The Lonely Island featuring Akon, “ Lost then Found ” by Leona Lewis and OneRepublic, “ good a guy ” by BC Jean, “ reckon on You “ by big Time Rush featuring Jordin Sparks, and “ And then We Dance “, from Australia’s Got Talent winners Justice Crew. [ 18 ] In 2010, Tedder was featured on Far East Movement ‘s 2010 hit single “ Rocketeer “. Tedder had expressed interest in collaborating with Adele after they met at the 2009 Grammy Awards ceremony in February. He arrived four hours early on to their beginning studio apartment session. He composed the unfold piano succession and first few lines to what became the birdcall “ Turning Tables “. Adele and Tedder arranged a irregular touch and reconvened at Serenity West Studios in Los Angeles weeks late to write and record “ Rumour Has It “. [ 19 ] In an consultation, Tedder recalled his astonishment at the singer ‘s musical and outspoken art after she completed the chief vocals to the birdcall in 10 minutes : “ She sang it top to bottom, pitch-perfect, she did n’t miss a note. I looked at the engineer then at her and said, ‘Adele, I do n’t know what to tell you but I have never had anyone do that in ten years. ” [ 20 ] His solve with Adele brought him a Grammy Award for Album of the class at the 2012 Grammy Awards. In 2011, Tedder worked with Demi Lovato for their one-third studio album, Unbroken. When talking about working with Tedder on the birdcall “ Who ‘s That Boy “ during a Spotify session named “ About Unbroken ”, Lovato stated : “ He ‘s a in truth funny story and cool guy, we had a actually bang-up time in the studio apartment. ” Lovato commented that the path was “ personally one of my favorite songs of the album. ” furthermore, they added that they were “ excited to say I worked with such a talented songwriter and producer. ” [ 21 ] Tedder subsequently commented : “ Demi blew me out of the water vocally ! I had no idea how well her voice is. She ‘s one of the best singers I ‘ve ever worked with. Literally, that is good … I mean, she ‘s a Kelly Clarkson-level singer. And Kelly has a set of pipes. ” [ 22 ] Tedder returned to work with Lovato in 2013 and 2015 for her one-fourth and fifth studio albums, respectively. He co-produced and co-wrote the single “ Neon Lights “ from Demi, while besides penning the path “ Wildfire “ with Lovato for Confident. Tedder composed a birdcall for Vanness Wu, “ Is this All ” in Taiwan. [ 23 ] Tedder besides worked with the band Big Time Rush in writing the single, “ Music Sounds Better with U “ off their moment studio apartment album, Elevate, and he proceeded to produce it. He co-wrote David Cook ‘s “ The end Goodbye “ from his second album. [ 24 ] He produced a song for K’naan titled “ Better ”. [ 25 ] He besides worked on multiple tracks for Jennifer Lopez ‘s 2011 album Love?, one of the songs being “ Clothes Off ”, [ 26 ] which did not make the album. In 2012, Tedder co-wrote “ good in Goodbye ” for Carrie Underwood ‘s fourth album, Blown Away, released on May 1, 2012. He produced tracks for Maroon 5 ‘s fourth album, Overexposed. Tedder co-wrote and co-produced the song “ Satellite ” for british band The Wanted which appears on their US album released on April 24, 2012. [ 27 ] He besides worked on B.o.B ‘s Strange Clouds, released in May 2012 ; he produced and co-wrote the single “ then good “ and is featured on “ Never Let You Go ”. [ 28 ] He besides recorded vocal tracks for Sebastian Ingrosso and Alesso ‘s dance music track ( which he besides co-wrote ), titled “ Calling ”. [ 29 ] Tedder was featured on Gym Class Heroes ‘ single “ The Fighter “. [ 30 ] Tedder served as a evaluate for the 10th and 11th annual Independent Music Awards to support independent artists ‘ careers. [ 31 ] In 2013, Tedder was a celebrity mentor during the irregular temper of The Voice ( Australia ) for Delta Goodrem ‘s team. [ 32 ] He then worked with Goodrem on “ Heart Hypnotic “. [ 33 ] Tedder was besides an adviser of Adam Levine ( frontman of Maroon 5 ), for his team from the fifth season of the reality rival read The Voice ( U.S. ). Tedder was besides award on Birdy ‘s irregular album, Fire Within. [ 34 ] In 2013, he besides co-wrote and co-produced “ XO “ by Beyoncé, which was one of two run singles from her self-titled fifth studio apartment album. Tedder wrote and produced the song “ Ghost “ by Ella Henderson, released on June 8, 2014. [ 35 ] In 2014, Tedder collaborated on spell and producing with artists such as Maroon 5 for their one-fifth studio album V, [ 36 ] and Taylor Swift for her fifth studio apartment album 1989. [ 37 ] He has besides produced and wrote for Ariana Grande ‘s second gear studio album My Everything. [ 38 ] Tedder shares producing credits on U2 ‘s 2014 album, Songs of Innocence. It was besides announced that he would be working with One direction for their fourthly studio album Four, and said that the sung he had worked with them was titled “ Got Away ”. [ 39 ] [ 40 ] [ 41 ] Tedder besides collaborated with Mikky Ekko for his album Time. [ 42 ] In 2014, Tedder provided sport vocals for David Guetta ‘s song “ S.T.O.P. ” for his album Listen. [ 43 ] In 2015, Tedder wrote “ I Want You To Know “ with Zedd and Selena Gomez. He besides penned “ Flares ” with The Script for their album No Sound Without Silence. Tedder besides co-wrote “ Remedy ” with Adele for her one-third studio album, 25, and “ Wildfire ” for Demi Lovato ‘s fifth studio album Confident. Tedder besides provided vocals for the song “ Scars ” by swedish DJ Alesso, featured on his debut studio album, Forever. [ citation needed ] In 2016, Tedder featured on Cassius ‘s sung “ The Missing ” from their album Ibifornia. [ citation needed ] He had besides teased collaborations with both The Chainsmokers [ 44 ] and Echosmith via social media. Tedder produced “ Happier ” for Ed Sheeran for his third studio album ÷ ( 2017 ). [ citation needed ] In 2017, Tedder began influence with Camila Cabello for her introduction studio album Camila, released on January 12, 2018. It was during songwriting sessions that Tedder came into the visualize. They collaborated on songs such as “ Into It ”. They besides wrote a birdcall titled “ It Ai n’t Easy ”, which was later sold to another artist. [ 45 ] Tedder has opened up about what working with Cabello was like, stating that “ [ he ] was sol intimidate. She was so good. ” He added, “ She ‘s not alone an incredible singer, but she ‘s besides the most talented young artist I think I ‘ve worked with songwriting in the longest time … ” [ 45 ]

In January 2021, Tedder sold a majority venture of his music catalog for around $ 200 million to investment tauten KKR. [ 46 ]

OneRepublic [edit ]

In addition to producing, Tedder is the lead singer for the band OneRepublic. The five-member band consisting of Tedder, Zach Filkins, Eddie Fisher, Drew Brown, and Brent Kutzle was formed in Colorado Springs, Colorado, in 2002 by Tedder and his high school classmate Zach Filkins. [ 47 ] Tedder has since revealed that the band was formed at a “ crossroads ” in his animation : “ I was offered two publication deals within two months of being in Nashville … I could have barely written songs and lived a carefree life, but I knew that I had to be an artist. I wanted to form a rock band and create my own sound. ” [ 5 ] Based in Los Angeles, OneRepublic started as an unsigned act on the sociable network web site, MySpace. Since June 2004, they have accumulated over fifty million plays for their music on the web site. [ citation needed ] The dance band gained further vulnerability when their 2007 single, “ Apologize “, was remixed and re-released on Timbaland ‘s compilation album, Timbaland Presents Shock Value. The remix became an international chart-topper in the fall of 2007. [ citation needed ] The song broke records after gaining 10,331 spins in one workweek. According to SoundScan, “ Apologize ” is the most legally downloaded sung in US digital history with sales of over 4.3 million digital downloads in the US alone. [ 48 ] It is besides the second gear best-selling song of the ten. [ 49 ] OneRepublic ‘s debut album, Dreaming Out Loud, includes both the song ‘s master adaptation and remix with Timbaland, and was released on November 20, 2007, on Timbaland ‘s Mosley Music Group imprint via Interscope Records. [ 50 ] The band had previously been signed to Columbia Records, and their album was due to be released in 2006, but got pushed to 2007. Tedder explained : “ bullshit happened. People got fired. Labels merged and politics abounded ”. [ 51 ] Subsequently, the set was released from their deal with Columbia, and they were signed by Timbaland in the summer of 2006 becoming the first rock band to be signed to Mosley Music Group. [ 51 ] Tedder has commented on the success of “ Apologize ”, stating : “ The toughest thing to do is write a hit song, but we had a hit song before we had an album … What has happened has been in truth foreign and actually bang-up. ” [ 50 ] The band finished recording their irregular album, Waking Up, on August 25, 2009, and released the star single “ All the Right Moves “ to radio and iTunes everywhere except Germany and Austria, where “ Secrets “ was released alternatively. [ citation needed ] The album was released on November 17, 2009, in the United States. To date, the second US single, “ Secrets “ has reached over 2 million digital downloads, and the third single “ good life sentence ” broke into the crown 10 on iTunes and multiple radio stations. [ citation needed ] Throughout 2012, the ring made significant progress on their third studio apartment album, Native. The album was released on March 26, 2013, to largely plus reviews from music critics. [ citation needed ] It became the band ‘s highest-charting album to date, with the album being their first in the top 10, debuting at phone number four on the Billboard 200. [ citation needed ] It sold 60,000 copies within its first workweek. A part of the proceeds from the sales of the lead single “ Feel Again “, was donated to Save the Children ‘s Every Beat Matters, a campaign to support training frontline health workers around the populace. [ 52 ] On October 7, 2016, their fourth album Oh My My was released. It included the singles “ Kids “, “ Wherever I Go “, and “ future Looks good ”, which were all released ahead of the album. The birdcall “ Kids ” was besides featured on “ People Are amazing 2016 ”. [ citation needed ] On May 17, 2019, they released the individual “ Rescue Me “. On August 27, 2019, OneRepublic announced the single “ Wanted “, which was released on September 6. A promotional single, “ person to Love ”, was released on September 11. On August 26, and 27, 2019, they performed at Red Rocks to a special first-ever collaboration with the Colorado Symphony with songs chosen and crafted with the orchestra, the isthmus, and Red Rocks acoustics in beware. hypertext transfer protocol : //303magazine.com/2019/08/review-onerepublic-2019/ On September 15, 2019, Tedder announced that the new album was to be titled called Human, and would be released in November 2019. “ Rescue Me ”, “ Wanted ” and “ person to Love ” are all scheduled to be on the album. [ 53 ] On November 19, 2019, Tedder said that the album is planned to be released in leap 2020. [ 54 ] On January 22, 2020, Tedder announced over Instagram that the new album would be wrapped by March. [ 55 ] On March 10, 2020, the set announced their third single “ Did n’t I “, which was released on March 13, 2020. [ 56 ] Human was announced on the same day to be set for spill on May 8, 2020. [ 57 ] “ Better Days “ was released as the one-fourth single from the album on March 25, 2020, with all proceeds donated to MusiCares. [ 58 ] As a solution of the COVID-19 pandemic, the dance band announced the release of Human to have been postponed to the fall of 2020. [ 59 ] In May 2021, the band released the song “ Run ” along with a music video. On July 1,2021, they announced that Human would be released on August 27 and late on August 11, 2021 revealed the tracklist with 16 songs on the deluxe and 13 on the standard translation. The album came out arsenic scheduled on August 27 along with the single and a music video for “ Someday “. Tedder is a multi-instrumentalist. During OneRepublic ‘s performances, he switches from singing lead vocals to playing guitar, bass guitar, glockenspiel, tambourine, or piano. On occasion, he plays drums alongside the band ‘s chief percussionist, Eddie Fisher. [ citation needed ]

Solo career [edit ]

In 2019, Tedder wrote and produced his solo individual debut “ Right Where I ‘m Supposed to Be ” as the Official Song of the 2019 Special Olympics World Summer Games in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates in collaboration with Avril Lavigne, Luis Fonsi, Hussain Al Jassmi, Assala Nasri and Tamer Hosny. [ 60 ] Songland In 2019, it was announced that Tedder would be a mentor and producer-host on NBC ‘s Songland aboard Ester Dean and Shane McAnally. To date the show has had two seasons, with songs produced and written with Tedder being released in more episodes as compared to the boyfriend hosts .

personal liveliness [edit ]

Tedder is married. He acknowledged and thanked his wife, Genevieve, in the liner notes of OneRepublic ‘s debut album Dreaming Out Loud. [ citation needed ] They have two sons. [ 61 ] Tedder ‘s third gear cousins, Adam, Ashley, and Austin Clark compose the isthmus Sons of Sylvia and were once in The Clark Family Experience. He co-wrote their birdcall “ Love Left to Lose ”. [ 62 ] Despite being a Christian, Tedder has stated that he does not want to be labeled as a “ christian artist ”. [ 6 ] He has a tattoo on one sleeve, written in honest-to-god japanese, which he got in Osaka. It means “ God ‘s will ” and more literally translates as “ God gives and God takes ”. [ citation needed ] Tedder has an admiration for the culinary arts, stating that he loves Iron Chef. [ 63 ] [ 64 ] He became involved with Southern Hospitality, a restaurant co-created in 2007 by Justin Timberlake at Second Avenue in Manhattan, [ 65 ] when it opened a second base location in Hell ‘s Kitchen, Manhattan. [ 66 ] On August 22, 2011, it was announced that Tedder had become the inaugural franchisee of the Southern Hospitality BBQ brand and that there were plans to bring the concept to ten cities across the United States including Denver, Nashville, Dallas, Austin, Houston, New Orleans, Atlanta, Phoenix, Palo Alto and Washington, D.C. [ 67 ] They opened a restaurant in the St. Elmo Hotel in October 2012. [ 65 ]

discography [edit ]

Studio albums with OneRepublic

Filmography [edit ]

television receiver [edit ]

Awards and nominations [edit ]

Tedder has received three Grammy Awards out of ten nominations and has been nominated for one Golden Globe Award .

Golden Globe Awards
Year Nominee / work Award Result
2017 “Faith” Best Original Song Nominated

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