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The best-selling album in the United Kingdom is Greatest Hits, a compilation album by the british rock ‘n’ roll band Queen that was beginning released in 1981. [ 1 ] As of August 2020, it has sold more than 6.6 million copies, [ 2 ] of which approximately 124,000 have been from downloads. [ 3 ] [ 4 ] Queen ‘s second greatest hits album, Greatest Hits II, has sold approximately 4 million copies since being released in 1991, and is the one-tenth biggest-selling album in the UK. [ 1 ] These sales figures include 50 % of sales of box sets containing both albums and 33 % of sales of box sets of Queen ‘s three Greatest Hits albums. [ 5 ] Of the UK ‘s lead 60 best-selling albums, more than half are by british artists. [ 1 ] Fourteen are by american artists, with the lie being from Ireland, Canada, Sweden and Jamaica. [ 6 ] Ten acts have on the chart with more than one album, with Queen and Michael Jackson both featuring doubly within the peak ten. [ 1 ] The alone acts to feature more than doubly are Coldplay, Take That and Robbie Williams ; Williams features on the chart four times, more than any other artist. [ a ] The most-represented record label is Parlophone with seven entries, while the ten that appears the most is the 2000s, with 20 of the entries having been released during that menstruation, despite its “ general setting of declining sales and internet piracy “. [ 6 ] [ 8 ]

According to the Official Charts Company ( OCC ), which collects album sales data in the UK, an album is defined as being a type of music free that features more than four tracks or is longer than 25 minutes in duration. [ 9 ] Sales of albums in the UK were first base published by the music magazine Record Mirror, who compiled a weekly chart of the nation ‘s five biggest-selling records for the week of 22 July 1956. [ 10 ] Record Mirror ‘s first number one was Songs for Swingin’ Lovers! by Frank Sinatra. [ 11 ] Since then, four albums have gone on to sell more than five million copies each : Greatest Hits by Queen, Gold: Greatest Hits by ABBA, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band by The Beatles and 21 by Adele. The top nine best-selling albums have each sold at least four million copies. [ 13 ] Since 1994, sales of albums have been monitored by the OCC, who took over compiling the weekly UK Albums Chart. [ 14 ] Sales certifications for albums are awarded by the british Phonographic Industry ( BPI ) for shipments, physical sales and downloads of albums, and, as of June 2015, streaming of album tracks. [ 15 ] The BPI began awarding certifications soon after it was founded in April 1973. [ 16 ] Initially, certifications were based on the gross received by the album manufacturers – records that generated gross of GB£ 75,000 were awarded silver documentation, £150,000 represented gold and £1 million was platinum. [ 16 ] Over the adopt six years, the thresholds for silver and gold certifications both grew twice – the doorway for platinum certification remained at £1 million. In January 1979, this method acting of certifying sales was abolished, and certifications were alternatively based on unit sales to retail outlets : sales of 60,000 were awarded silver, gold for 100,000 and platinum for 300,000. [ 16 ] Multi-platinum awards were introduced in February 1987 ; [ b ] digital downloads have been counted towards unit of measurement sales since 2004. [ 17 ] Certifications for albums released before April 1973 were retroactively awarded in August 2013 for sales from 1994 onwards, and then again in February 2016 for all previous sales. [ 18 ] The highest-certified album is Greatest Hits, which has been awarded platinum authentication 21 times, representing 6,300,000 units. [ 19 ]

best-selling albums [edit ]

Positions are as of July 2016 ; [ 1 ] sales, where shown, are from the address given, which may be at a different date, and can not be used to infer changes in position .

Notes [edit ]

  1. ^[7] Williams features on the chart doubly as a solo artist and twice as a member of Take That .
  2. ^ As an exemplar, a 2× Platinum certification would reflect 2 × 300,000 = 600,000 sales .
  3. a b c[20] The phonograph record labels, dates and chart peaks are those given by the OCC.

  4. ^ Sales rounded to the nearest 100 where available ; a more precise trope is given in the reference .
  5. ^[19] The certifications are those given by the BPI as of December 2018 .

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