2022’s Top 8 Sites to Find Free Music for Video Editing

Music is a all-important element that ties a television in concert. It can convey a detail mood, create emotional triggers for your viewers, and, most importantly, save your video from being boring !
But finding the right music for your videos can be a big challenge specially if you ‘re trying to stick to a mean budget. That ’ second why we did the legwork to bring you the best sites that have free music for television edit in 2022.

Plus if you stick around till the end, we ’ ll besides help you understand the different types of creative licenses so you can steer unclutter of any copyright claims on your videos .
hera ’ s what you ’ ll teach :
A. Best websites to download free royalty-free music for videos
B. How to choose the right background music for your video—Quick tips
C. Understanding music rights—what you should know before you use a music track
Let ’ s draw into it .

A. Best websites to download free royalty-free music for videos

(1) YouTube Studio Audio Library

YouTube ’ s built-in audio library offers about 2,000 tracks of copyright-free music for YouTube videos and 700 sound effects to download. You can filter them according to genre, mood ( such as happy, calm or inspirational ), artist or duration. This is a dear option particularly if you plan to upload your television to YouTube since these tracks are barren to use on any video published on the platform, including ones that you wish to monetize. Most tracks besides do not require you to credit the reservoir. however, keep in heed that if you use any other copyrighted sung in your video in addition to the royalty free tracks from the YouTube audio library, YouTube ’ s Content ID system can block your video recording or put copyright-specific ad over it .
here ’ s how you can download royalty-free music for video editing from YouTube ’ mho audio library :
Step 1: Log onto YouTube Studio and bless in with your Google account. Scroll to the bottom of the menu on the left and choice “ Audio Library ” .
how to download royalty free music from YouTube - Step 1
Step 2: Click on the three bars under the “ Free Music ” yellow journalism to filter your search .
how to download royalty free music from YouTube - Step 2
To preview a path, click the “ Play ” icon on the leave. If you find a cut you ’ d like to save for late, click the “ Star ” picture to save it to Favourites .
how to download royalty free music from YouTube - Step 2a
To download a specific track, hover your cursor on the date in the “ Added ” column on the right. then snap “ Download ” .
how to download royalty free music from YouTube - Step 2b

(2) BenSound

bensound - royalty free music
BenSound allows you to download spare royalty-free music for videos that can be used in slideshows, presentations and as backdrop music in video for sociable media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo and Twitch. You can adapt the music for your project by editing the distance or changing the sound. however you can not use it to make a song, a remix or produce your own music. You will besides have to credit the web site under the terms of its Free License .
The cons ? While the interface is easy to navigate, there are merely about 100 free tracks to choose from. To access the rest of BenSound ’ s sound recording library, you will need to purchase a pro license or subscription .

(3) MixKit

mixkit- royalty free music
MixKit offers royalty-free music for video editing that ranges from playfulness and playful, to inspiring, to dramatic and far-out, giving you a variety of tones and moods to play around with. They ’ rhenium well suited for presentations, stigmatize promos, logo reveals, trailers and background music. What makes MixKit one of the best sites for absolve music is that each trot is helpfully labelled with a unlike color according to its genre, making it easy to find what you ‘re looking for as your coil. You can besides filter your search according to genre, mood or tags based on themes such as Corporate, Holiday, Gym, Wedding and so on. Tracks downloaded from MixKit under its absolve license can be used for both commercial and non-commercial projects such as social media videos, on-line commercialize ads, YouTube video and podcasts. however, we wish the web site had a larger audio library to choose from .

(4) Free Music Archive

free music archive
This web site offers a large library of release music for video recording under respective creative Commons licenses. You can refine your research according to writing style. When selecting a track, remember to check the license that it is listed under to understand how you may or may not use the track. You can do this by clicking on a detail track which will direct you to the track information page with the license listed in a column on the right field. While most tracks are available for personal function, not all creative Commons licenses allow you to use them for commercial purposes. For case, if you want to use free music for YouTube television that are monetized, you will have to check the traverse for its license .

(5) AudioLibrary – Music for Content Creators

AudioLibrary - Music for Content Creators
however, it entirely permits creators to use its loose music for YouTube videos—you will need to contact the artist for permission to use a cut for any other project. You can just click on a television to preview a track and follow the connect in the description to download it. The duct presently has around 2,000 rights-free music tracks to choose from and is updated regularly, so there ’ randomness a high prospect of you finding the perfect music for your television. If you don ’ metric ton want to scroll through the stallion video library, you can besides narrow your search by checking out their playlists that are sorted according to genre and climate .

(6) Chill Out Records

Chill Out Records
Chill Out Records is a YouTube channel where you can download loose royalty-free music for YouTube television. It ’ second dedicated to laid back music, such as ambient jazz or hip hop. There are about 150 tracks to choose from therefore far, with newfangled ones being added regularly. Click on a video to listen to a track and follow the connection in the description box to download it. hera you ’ ll besides find details on how to properly credit the artist in your television as mandated by the groove. Again, the downside is that you can not use the music on this channel for projects on platforms other than YouTube .

(7) Background Music Without Limitations

Background Music Without Limitations
This YouTube channel features upbeat royalty absolve music that can be downloaded and used for YouTube television. There are merely 55 tracks on it indeed far, but it is updated regularly so check back for newer additions. once you find a track you like, you can download it using the link in the video description. According to the groove, they lone offer release music for YouTube videos and you must credit the artist as listed in the video .

(8) InVideo

InVideo gives you access to thousands of royalty free audio tracks and sound effects for spare. You can find the best background music for your video recording promptly by searching according to genre or temper and add your selected track with one suction stop. however, the drawback is that you can not download these tracks to use them on external video editing software such as Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro .
That said, InVideo has all the tools you need to put together a professional quality video correctly from your browser—even if you have no prior video recording editing experience— including a extremely intuitive built-in video editor program, over 5000 completely customisable templates and 1M+ stock photos and videos .
here ’ s how you can add music to your videos in 5 super easy steps :
Step 1: Log onto InVideo and blue-ribbon “ Blank Canvas ” .
how to add music to your videos using InVideo - step 1
Step 2: Next, scroll down to choose your video ’ mho view ratio. Wide ( 16:9 ) is standard for YouTube and most pour platforms, while Vertical ( 9:16 ) is a good option if you ’ re sharing your video recording to Facebook or Instagram. then chatter “ Make a video ” .
how to add music to your videos using InVideo - step 2
Step 3: Click on “ Upload Media ” to upload your footage or drag and drop your media from your calculator or repositing device .
how to add music to your videos using InVideo - step 3
Step 4:  Click on the “ Music ” icon on the entrust. then chink on the “ Genre ” or “ Mood ” tab key to shortlist allow tracks .
how to add music to your videos using InVideo - step 4

Step 5:  Select the writing style or mood of your option to access tracks listed under it. In this exemplar, we have chosen “ Cinematic ” as our writing style. Click the “ Play ” picture to preview the sound recording nip. then click the “ + ” icon on the right to add the traverse to your video .
how to add music to your videos using InVideo - step 5


B. How to choose the right background music for your video—Quick tips

therefore now you know where to find and download the best royalty-free and copyright complimentary music for video recording. But how can you cut through the noise to find the perfect track for your visualize ? here are our top tips to nailing background music for your video recording :

Tip #1 – Decide what role music will play in your video

The type of video recording you ’ rhenium creating will determine what role background music will play in it. For exemplify, if your video recording has a definite storyline, music can be used to advance the plot—think a dramatic track to build prediction or a exultant one at the orgasm. In this ad, Nike uses a motivational track to communicate the determination of athletes training to be the best at their respective sports. The lyrics besides help drive home the ad ’ mho tagline “ My good is better than your better ” .

On the other hand, if you ’ re livening up an explainer or a show television, the music you choose must be of an flush tempo and subtle enough not to distract the viewer. Brand promo video or announcements can benefit from dramatic setting music that creates a feel of anticipation or accomplishment .

Tip #2 – Determine what kind of emotion you want to evoke

Music is arguably one of the most effective tools to convey a particular spirit, so you want to choose a track that aligns with the tone of your video. For example, if your video is about a serious subject, wellbeing background music will decidedly be a mismatch .
once you ’ ve figured out what emotion you ’ d like your hearing to feel while viewing your television, you can further narrow down your search via genre. here are some emotions that different genres of background music typically evoke in videos :
– Cinematic: Grand, exultant.
– Corporate: Engaging, aspirant
– Ambient: Soothing, sedate
– Electronic: Intelligent, curious, upbeat
– Classical/Jazz: Sophistication
– Hip Hop: Edgy, fast, convinced
– Rock: Energetic, game

Tip #3 – Know your audience

Identify the demographics and interests of your audience. This can help you choose music that will appeal to them the most. For example, if your video is meant for clientele professionals, you may want to select corporate or ambient tones. If you ’ re targeting a younger historic period bracket, you could experiment with pelvis hop, electronic or dance music .

Tip #4 – Match the pace of your video

When choosing background music, select a track that matches the tempo of your video.
Pick music with steady pace and no sudden spikes in climate or orchestration. Take this australian commercial for Surf Life Saving, an organization that promotes water safety and helps prevent deaths by drowning. The footage is showcased in decelerate gesticulate to emphasize the seriousness of its subject. The accompanying traverse besides has a dense, pacify tempo to match the mood of the video. Had the backdrop music been a high tempo, glad number, it would have been in conflict with the pace and tonicity of the television and seem jarring to viewers .

Tip #5 – Don’t let your music overshadow your video

The ideal setting music should complement your video recording. so, no matter the genre, make certain the tracks you select do not distract from your footage. besides, if your video recording contains a voiceover, it ’ second best to choose music that does not have any vocals. For exemplify, check out our holocene television on 2022 ’ mho best on-line video editors. While the setting music we ’ ve selected is bouncing enough to keep the video from being boring, the volume is dialed down so the voiceover can be distinctly learn correct public treasury the end .

Tip #6 – Avoid using copyrighted music

If you use copyrighted music without obtaining proper license and license from the concern artist, your video will be taken down and you could face legal natural process for copyright violation. Licensing music can be expensive, specially if it ’ s a democratic cut. so your best stake to avoid copyright claims is to choose royalty-free music for video that is either in the public domain or listed under a creative Commons license. Read on to learn how each of these works .

C. Understanding music rights—what you should know before you use a music track

When downloading and using background music, you want to be sure you understand when, where and how a track can be used thus that you do not risk legal action or copyright claims in the future. Understanding how music license works can be catchy, so we ’ ve broken down a few key terms .

Term #1 – Royalty Free

Royalty-free music for television gives a drug user the license to use a musical composition of copyrighted music as many times as they wish by paying a erstwhile tip to the artist or publisher rather than a recurring charge for every use. Keep in judgment that the terminus royalty free doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate necessarily imply that the music is free of charge—usually the user must purchase a license to use the racetrack .

Term #2 – Creative Commons

Creative Commons
A creative Commons license is a public copyright license that allows for dislodge distribution of copyrighted work. This is normally granted on the condition that the user credits the original godhead for the work. There are six different types of creative Commons licenses available which determine how and where a track can be used. Of these, the CC BY license is the most permissive, allowing a exploiter the justly to distribute, remix, adjust, and build upon the material in any average or format and use it for both commercial and non-commercial purposes. Check out the creative Commons web site for complete details on the versatile types of licenses .

Term #3 – Public Domain

Public domain refers to all works that are not protected by copyright. besides known as copyright free music, such tracks can be used, adapted and distributed by anyone without any license required or the need to pay the original artist. A song can be considered to belong to the public world if
– It was created before cerebral property laws existed
– The rights to the song have expired. The exact meter period within which a copyright expires varies from state to nation. In the US, for exercise, musical compositions published before January 1, 1926, are said to be in the public knowledge domain .

Wrapping up

We hope our curated list of the best places to find and download absolve music for video edit helps you take your videos to the next degree. For more tips and best practices, check out our lead on making a scroll-stopping television, which covers everything from choosing a topic to planning a shoot and editing your footage .
And if you have questions or recommendations on options we may have missed out on, come continue the conversation with us here on our community .


How to make a slideshow with music and pictures for free?
InVideo is one of the simplest ways to make a slideshow with music and pictures for free in minutes. Get started with 200+ ready-to-use slideshow templates that you can make your own with breed photos and footage, and customised stigmatize colours, all without any watermark .
Where to download free music?
There are respective websites where you can download royalty-free music clips without paying a fee, including YouTube Studio Audio Library, BenSound and Free Music Archive. Find a complete list of the best places to download unblock music here .
Where can I get free YouTube audio?
YouTube Studio has a built-in audio library that offers about 2,000 copyright unblock music tracks and 700 strait effects to download. You can besides reservoir free music for YouTube television from sites such as InVideo and BenSound, and YouTube channels like AudioLibrary – Music for Content Creators, Chill Out Records and Background Music Without Limitations .
Is YouTube Audio Library free?
Music in the YouTube Audio Library is complimentary to download. however, many tracks can only be used for video recording uploaded to YouTube .
Is SoundCloud music copyright free?
Royalty Free Music – No Copyright Music is a SoundCloud channel that allows users to download copyright loose music clips for television edit. however, most music uploaded to SoundCloud is not copyright free. certain tracks may be listed under unlike creative Commons licenses. These are normally free to download and use national to the limitations of the finical license .
How much of a song can you use for free?

No matter whether you use one second of a track or the stallion song, any use of copyrighted material without permission is considered copyright misdemeanor. To avoid copyright claims on music, you will either necessitate to get permission from the original artist or read label or habit music that is royalty free or under a creative Commons license .
Can I use a song on Instagram?
According to Instagram, music in stories and traditional populate music performances ( for example, filming an artist or band performing exist ) are permitted. however, debar uploading full-length tracks as this could be considered as copyright violation. besides, there should always be a ocular part to your television. Audio only clips of music are not permitted on Instagram .

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