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It is already a custom. Almost like putting the Christmas corner / virgin birth fit or taking the 12 grapes with the chimes. But in this encase we celebrate it in November. For the fifth year in a row, Billie eilish has answered the questions of Vanity Fair magazine in their regular annual interview. And it has done so by leaving interesting headlines and storm statements .
Because it is not common for an artist to be sol earnest when it comes to seeing his previous promotional interviews. In fact, in late years, the singer has already made it clear that her 15-16-year-old self was besides immature .
But this clock time Billie Eilish has not ‘ call on the carpet ’ her adolescent self but her self from barely 365 days ago. The interpreter who has just released her second studio album, Happier than ever, has assured that last year she lied and that she was suffering an identity crisis .
Billi Eilish: Same Interview The Fifth Year is the name of this assemble of more than 22 minutes in which the composer agrees with many of the responses from previous years ( her best friends, her main support … ) but in which the ‘ discordance ’ potently draws care.

“ God, that girl was going through an identity crisis. Oh my God ! You can see it in my eyes. My attitude used to be, well, I can ’ t go out … I freaked out. In the final year I ’ ve opened up to it. Really. I am grateful for that “ confessed the artist.

An mental picture of which he already left some brushstrokes last year : “ Years ago I was uncertain about where I was. I constantly felt that I had to prove who I was, but I like how I did it and I like being who I am. For a while I had a crisis identity where I promoted on radio shows and felt like I was pretending to be Billie Eilish. Like I felt like I wasn ’ thymine looking at myself like I was myself. It happened to me several times on shows and awards shows : I felt as a spoof. “

The prospect of fame and of not going out on the street without being able to avoid being recognized has faced the pandemic with a more fledged Billie Eilish who is already out and does what she wants at the public level and who recognizes that despite what He said, yes he has felt the pressure of success and yes he has cared. He lied to us …
The process of creating her Oscar de la Renta dress for the MET gala, the singer ’ randomness independent musical and excess musical achievements this year, the authoritative burden that her syndicate continues to have in her daily life sentence and tied her three modern tattoo with compared to previous years they focused the conversation .
And it is that one of the best observe secrets of Billie Eilish is that ink that already covers her peel : her identify on her chest, a dragon on one of the lateral pass sides and three fairies that ‘ protect ’ her on the wrist of her leave hand .

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