Darius Rucker’s “Wagon Wheel” Lyrics Meaning – Song Meanings and Facts

The way Darius Rucker ’ s “ Wagon Wheel ” plays out is as therefore. Its national, the singer, is traveling south, down the East Coast of the United States to meet up with his girlfriend. But there is more to the story than that .

First is that he appears to be hitchhiking. And the argue for such is that he is in fact broke. This came about via him losing all of his dough “ playing poker ”. In fact he implies that at least one of the reasons he is then desperate to meet up with his dame is him having to leave his home as a result of this occurrence. So it can be even furthered imagined that possibly he racked up a debt while gambling that he couldn ’ t pay off and left the sphere to flee from his creditors .
And since he is in fact the difficult way down, we are given insights to some of the details of his fight. For example, at times he finds himself abandoned on the road, looking for a kind strange to pick him up. He besides references that he is “ running from the cold up in New England ”. so another argue he is trying to make it to Raleigh, North Carolina besides meeting up with his dame would be because the winters tend to be more accordant down south. indeed it could be said that he ’ second looking forward to starting a whole new life in Raleigh. In fact interesting to note is that Ketch Secor, the adolescent ( at the fourth dimension ) who actually wrote the verses of this song, did then while he was “ fail mathematics ” and basically daydreaming about escaping from educate .

Narrator’s Primary Objective

But as is clearly illustrated by the chorus, what he is looking forward to most is being ‘ rocked ’ by his “ mama ”. now we can tell you that in this sheath “ ma ” would be a colloquialism for his girlfriend. And with that in mind, we don ’ triiodothyronine feel a need to expound on what he means in terms of being ‘ rocked ’. indeed the championship of this song is actually a metaphor for how the narrator wants to bump and grind, shall we say, with his fan like a “ beach wagon roulette wheel ” on the road .
thus basically, the way this song is structured is that the chorus centers primarily on why the singer wants to meet up with his lover. meanwhile the verses mention some of the details concerning the travel it takes in rate for him to reach her .
Lyrics of "True Believers"

Writing Credits for “Wagon Wheel”

The chorus of this cut was written and recorded by Bob Dylan way back in 1973. It was conceptualized to be region of the soundtrack to “ Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid ” ( 1973 ). It was never officially released but did come out as a bootleg entitled “ Rock Me, Mama ” .
The rest of the traverse was written some 25 years later by a musician named Ketch Secor. He and his band, Old Crow Medicine Show, were actually the first ones to record “ Wagon Wheel ” and release it in 2004. It went on to become the group ’ s signature tune, being certified Platinum in the United States.

Darius Rucker’s Version

meanwhile Darius Rucker, of Hootie & the puffer fame, dropped his own cover of “ Wagon Wheel ”, via Capitol Records Nashville, on 7 January 2013. It is featured on his fourth solo album, which is entitled “ True Believers ” .
Whereas Rucker had been familiar with “ Wagon Wheel ” for a minute, it never appealed to him to cover the tune until he heard a band comprised of faculty members from this daughter ’ south high school play a nation interpretation of the song .

A Huge Success

“ Wagon Wheel ” proved to be a bigger achiever for Darius Rucker than it did for Old Crow Medicine Show. For example, it was nominated for a CMA Award and won a Grammy Award in 2014 in the category of Best Country Solo Performance. And in terms of the latter, Rucker holds the distinction of being merely the second african-american to win a Grammy for vocals in a country-music sung. ( The first base was Charley Pride, who did therefore in 1972 ) .
furthermore “ Wagon Wheel ” topped Billboard ’ s Canada Country chart a well as its Country Airplay and Hot Country Songs listings in the United States. It besides peaked at number 15 on the Billboard Hot 100 itself .
even more astoundingly is that, as of early 2020, “ Wagon Wheel ” has been certified eight-times platinum by the RIAA. The feat was so amazing that tied Rucker himself was amazed. And it now holds the eminence of being one of the best-selling country songs in american history .
And just to note, “ Wagon Wheel ” has besides been certified triple-platinum in Canada .

Music Video for “Wagon Wheel”

Lee Tucker directed the music television to “ Wagon Wheel ”. It featured the casting of the reality television indicate “ Duck Dynasty ” american samoa well as one extremity of Lady Antebellum, Charles Kelley.

meanwhile the entirety of Lady Antebellum ( Dave Haywood, Charles Kelly and Hillary Scott ), amongst others, provided backing vocals to the birdcall .

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