What have YOU learned this week? Sunscreen, everyone?

“Ladies and gentlemen of the class of ´99:

Wear Sunscreen.”

I sure have a treat for you this workweek … I am laughing alone as I write this. You 90s´ kids out there are probably smiling back at this right now while I am hoping the Gen Z-ers are still with me … wait for it, it´s coming … snap PLAY now ! What initially started as an essay by Mary Schmich in the Chicago Tribune binding in 1997 ended up as a dateless music video we all 90s´ kids remember as the “ Sunscreen Song ”. A witty and amusing hypothetical graduation actor’s line from the Pulitzer Prize winning author was then taken to the speak password music scene by movie director Baz Luhrmann. credibly the most improbable combination always ! Whenever I am asked for the best advice anyone has given me during my career, somehow THIS comes to mind – funny, I didn´t even have a career when this was published ! And, as I start “ reciting ” some part of this ( yes, some of us about know it by affection at this period ! ) some other 90s´ kid signally joins in. Clearly the impact is silent there … 24 years after the master article was foremost published. Most of us got familiarized with it through the music video released back in 1999 ( remember those were the days of MTV, Yahoo Messenger and by and large e-mails so this was probably among the first things to go “ e-mail viral ” back then ) and I bet some of its fans silent do not know about the test that originated it – there was flush an writing controversy attached to it.

The essay is touching. The music and television made it viral and dateless. I remember the words angstrom much as I remember actor Lee Perry´s voice saying “ Do not read beauty magazines. They will lone make you feel ugly. ” ( Hallelujah ! ) There is something about it that sticks, I guess we all relate to some part of it. I, for one, did not know it back then but my “ 4 post meridiem on some idle Tuesday ” would come at 4pm on a working Monday when I got the predict from the hospital and got diagnosed with diabetes. Worrying is absolutely useless indeed …

There are many things in the test and video recording that spoke to me, not because they were free radical or raw but because they were common sense. They helped make smell and now remind me of my own values. I suspect others feel the like. In a very curious and emotional way, it reminds you to be kind to others and yourself, enjoy your meter on this earth and not take yourself excessively seriously. It makes you think and it makes you laugh and, most importantly, it encourages you to stay true to yourself. These words distillery have impact today and are equally valid as ever. The music highlighted that and brought the try to a larger audience. few things have the exponent to stay with you everlastingly and, for me, this is one of them .

“The race is long and, in the end, it´s only with yourself.”

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