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2008 alive album by My Chemical Romance
The Black Parade Is Dead! is a four hundred / DVD and alive album by american english rock band My Chemical Romance. It is the band ‘s second live album, and was released by Reprise Records on July 1, 2008. [ 7 ]

background [edit ]

The DVD features My Chemical Romance ‘s final examination performance as “ The Black Parade ” from the Palacio de los Deportes in Mexico City, Mexico on October 7, 2007 and as “ My Chemical Romance ” from Maxwell ‘s in Hoboken, New Jersey, on October 24, 2007. sound recording tracks of the Palacio de los Deportes performance are available on the four hundred, [ 8 ] and they can be listened to on the band ‘s official MySpace page. The album peaked at # 7 on the Billboard 200, [ 9 ] selling 23,000 copies. [ citation needed ] In November 2008, the RIAA certified the album gold. [ 10 ]

outline [edit ]

The Black Parade Is Dead! is MCR ‘s final examination operation as their onstage characters, the Black Parade. [ 11 ] The Black Parade centres around a dying character called The Patient, who reflects on events in his life sentence while he is confronted by Death in the form of his fondest memory, that of his father bringing him to see a demonstrate band. This is based on frontman Gerard Way ‘s impression that death comes to a person in the class of their fondest memory. [ citation needed ] The band is seen in their Black Parade uniforms throughout the performance, and during the first birdcall “ The end ”, Gerard Way is seen taking the role of The Patient, before tearing off his hospital gown to reveal his uniform. Behind the band is the backdrop seen on the video recording for Welcome to the Black Parade and the poster seen within the Black Parade CD case. On Bob Bryar ‘s drums, the boast masquerade of the character Mother War can be seen. [ 12 ] Way states in the track The Black Parade Is Dead! that the performance in Mexico was the “ last performance by The Black Parade everlastingly. ” [ 13 ] The show is decorated with assorted lights and confetti. fuel is used during the operation of “ Mama ” and “ Famous last Words “. [ 12 ] The film ends with a credit rating sequence featuring the concealed track from The Black Parade, “ blood. ” [ 13 ]

In October 2014, Gerard Way stated that the ignoble track on phonograph record two is called “ person Out There Loves You. ” This was via a Reddit AMA reported on by Alternative Press. [ 14 ]

promotion [edit ]

The album ‘s official web site went on-line on May 5, 2008 and is open for orders of all the limited and standard editions. once an order is made, the customer gains entree to download three free DRM -free tracks : “ dead ! “, “ Mama ”, “ Welcome to the Black Parade “. These tracks were recorded from the band ‘s performance at the Palacio de los Deportes and they are on the album itself. [ 8 ] besides, to tie in with the finality of the Black Parade ‘s death, the Black Parade web site has been changed to a graphic of a flatline. [ 15 ] The album was made available for streaming on June 29, before being released on July 1. [ 16 ]

Editions [edit ]

A limited-edition version with all of the album ‘s contents, a death security, and a mask designed by one of the band ‘s members were besides available, but are now sold out. This edition is housed in a coffin-shaped box. There are a sum of five masks, one designed by each member, but only one is inside the box and is selected randomly. [ 8 ] The masks can now be purchased individually or in a group of 4 on the dance band ‘s web site. [ citation needed ] The album is besides available in explicit and clean editions .
In March 2009, the ring made an announcement on their official web site that they were releasing the encore set up from the Mexico City show, in which they came out with Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge vogue dress and the degree set up like the Revenge tour, and played nine songs from the album. It came with a vest, and the videos were put onto a special fastball shaped USB flash drive. [ 17 ]

track list [edit ]

All songs written and composed by My Chemical Romance .

candle and vinyl [edit ]

Vinyl bonus tracks
No. Title Length
17. “Kill All Your Friends” ( studio read ) 4:28
18. “My Way Home Is Through You” ( studio apartment read ) 2:58
19. “Heaven Help Us” ( studio recording )

sum distance : 65:56

videodisk [edit ]

From Maxwell’s in Hoboken, New Jersey, on October 24, 2007
No. Title Length
1. “Welcome to the Black Parade” 5:11
2. “Thank You for the Venom” 4:23
3. “Dead!” 5:05
4. “The Sharpest Lives” 4:40
5. “This Is How I Disappear” 3:53
6. “Teenagers” 4:07
7. “I’m Not Okay (I Promise)” 4:05
8. “You Know What They Do to Guys Like Us in Prison” 4:04
9. “Famous Last Words” 5:08
10. “Give ‘Em Hell, Kid” 2:45
11. “House of Wolves” 3:42
12. “It’s Not a Fashion Statement, It’s a Fucking Deathwish” 4:38
13. “I Don’t Love You” 4:27
14. Untitled [14]) ( no title was given at the time of its operation ; however, it was late confirmed to be titled “ person Out There Loves You ” 4:19
15. “Mama” 4:45
16. “Helena” 4:54
17. “Cancer” 2:46
entire duration : 68:16

Personnel [edit ]

My Chemical Romance as The Black Parade
Additional musicians

  • Atom Rothlein – director[8]
  • Jennifer Destiny Rothlein – producer
  • Devin Sarno – executive producer
  • Kelly Norris Sarno – executive producer

Chart positions [edit ]

Certifications [edit ]

Region Certification Certified units/sales
United Kingdom (BPI)[18] Silver 60,000^
^ Shipments figures based on certification alone .

Release history [edit ]

Country Date
Canada June 30, 2008
United Kingdom
United States July 1, 2008

References [edit ]

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