What did Drake Bell do? Charges explained as “Drake and Josh” star pleads guilty to attempted endangering of children

Drake Bell has pleaded guilty to child hazard charges during a trial that was held on June 23rd. The star has lost many fans due to his allegations. 34-year-old Drake Bell is an american actor and singer best known for his role as Drake Parker in Nickelodeon ‘s “ Drake and Josh. ” As his career was failing in the United States, he decided to change his name to Drake Campana and began singing and writing songs in spanish for his fans in Mexico. Drake Bell has allegedly been violent towards his ex-girlfriends and reportedly has many charges pinned against him .

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Drake Bell pleads guilty

Drake Bell was arrested on June 3rd by Cleveland Police due to charges about an inappropriate happening that took target in 2017 between the former, who was 31, and a 15-year-old minor female. Reports claimed the singer had been exchanging “ sexual ” social media messages with the minor. He was then freed on a $ 2,500 bond and was ordered to no longer contact the minor. On Wednesday dawn, June 23rd, Drake Bell appeared at a pretrial hearing in Cuyahoga County via Zoom and pleaded guilty to the felony charge of attempting to endanger children, adenine well as a misdemeanor load of disseminating matter harmful to juveniles. Sentencing for Drake Bell is set to take place on July 12th. He is possibly facing jail time of up to 18 months, a well as a $ 5,000 felony fine and a $ 1,000 misdemeanor fine. Also read: Tristan Thompson apparently responds to Tana Mongeau ‘s allegations that he was one of the “ first attendees ” at her birthday party

Former fans of Drake Bell “feel betrayed”

Twitter users expressed how angry and disappoint they felt with Drake Bell, with some even noting that they felt “ betrayed ” by his actions. Given that Drake Bell ‘s massive following bow from his acting career on Nickelodeon, people besides became upset when acknowledging that a “ Drake and Josh ” boot would likely never happen due to his charges. here ‘s what some of his fans had to say :

Drake Bell is set to appear in court on July 12th to receive his sentence, with many predicting it to be a biennial imprison fourth dimension. Also read: “ We want to have a kid ” : Shane Dawson and Ryland Adams uncover they are working towards having a baby, and fans are refer

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