Kanye West vs Drake: a timeline of their feud

    Are you # TeamDrake or # TeamKanye ? Kanye West and Drake are OFFICIALLY friends again after beefing for 12 years. yesterday, fans across the earth were felicitous to see the two had last patched things up after they posted a photograph on Instagram standing together aboard J Prince. This comes after Kanye extended an olive outgrowth to Drake in a Instagram video asking if he ‘s uncoerced to appear as a special guest at an event on future calendar month to end the beef.

    To celebrate, we thought we ‘d take a look back at the beef from the identical beginning to this present day. love !

  1. Kanye Takes Drake Off All Of The Lights Track (2010)

    Two months anterior to the official release of ‘All of the Lights ‘, Drake recorded a verse for the song that was leaked on-line. When Kanye ‘s album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy dropped and fans noticed that Drake ‘s leak poetry was not on the album, speculation grew that Kanye got jealous of how popular the leak grew and removed it .

  2. Drake Takes a Shot At Kanye In An Interview (2011)

    Drake at WildJam 2011

    Drake at WildJam 2011.
    picture : Getty
    In an interview with The Source back in 2011, Drake took a shot at Kanye when he said that he wanted to surpass his idol claiming he wants to be better than him. He said : “ When I was a child trying to figure out what I liked, it was Ye who I related to the most. He was an artist, in every common sense, from his brood art to his music. nowadays, I would say, he is very great [ pause ] competitor…and acquaintance, at the same time… My goal is to surpass everything he ’ sulfur accomplished. I don ’ t want to be a good as Kanye, I want to be better ” .

  3. Drake Shades Kanye and Jay-Z (2011)

    December 2011 saw Drake make another dis at Kanye and this time included his longtime BFF Jay-Z in on the diss. This was around the time Kanye and How dropped the collaborative music masterpiece Watch The Throne. In DJ Khaled ‘s ‘I ‘m On One ‘, Drake rapped : “ I ’ molarity good feeling like the enthrone is for the taking/Watch me take it ”. It then became clear to fans that Drake was throwing shade at Kanye after fans connected the legal profession with the dismissal of the album .

  4. Summer Sixteen Diss (2016)

    When Drake released Summer Sixteen back in 2016, fans were immediate to point out one of his lines “ now I got a house in LA, immediately I got a bigger pool than Ye ” he rapped at in the sung. “ And look, man, Ye ’ randomness pool is decent, mine ’ second merely bigger ’ second what I ’ megabyte saying ” .

  5. Drake vs Pusha T (2011 – 2018)

    not only was this gripe long and exhausting, it besides played a huge part in the fallout between Kanye and Drake. Drake and Pusha T began dissing each early on songs since as far back as 2011. Pusha T, who regularly called out Drake for not writing his own bars and using ghostwriters sent shots at Drizzy after he claimed to be one of the greatest rappers alive .
    Drake vs Pusha T - 2018

    Drake vs Pusha T – 2018.
    movie : Getty
    Pusha T started the gripe after he sent shots at Drake in his 2011 “ Do n’t F*ck With Me ” freestyle where he rapped : “ Rappers on their sophomores/ actin ‘ like they boss lords/ Fame such a funny thing for sure/ When n***** start believing all them encores ”. A year late in 2012, Pusha T made it identical obvious that he was sending for Drake on “ Exodus 23:1 ” when he rapped : “ Contract all sleep together up/ I guess that means you all fucked up/ You signed to one n**** that signed to another n**** That ‘s signed to three n*****, now that ‘s bad fortune. ”

    Drake ‘s mentor Lil Wayne made it very clearly that he was # TeamDrake when he took to Twitter to share his hatred for Pusha T back in 2012. Three years late, Pusha T called Drake out again in his ‘H.G.T.V Freestyle ‘, where he rapped : “ These n***** call of Duty ’cause their killings ai n’t real/ With a questionable playpen so the feelin ‘ ai n’t real. ” A year late Drake discredited Pusha T ‘s street credibility on his mixtape “ More life ”. He released a track called “ Two Birds, One stone ” where he apparently threw shots at Pusha T after dismissing comments that Drake was a “ priviledged kid ”. “ But truly it ‘s you with all the drug dealer stories/ That ‘s got tantalum diaphragm, though/ You made a couple chops and nowadays you think you Chapo. ”

    Pusha T then decided to take more shots on his 2018 album Daytona and after Drake got wind of it, he threw shade bet on in a diss track called “ Duppy Freestyle. Pusha T heard the diss traverse and unleash sin when he dropped ‘The Story of Adidon ‘ diss lead alleging that Drake has a pamper with former adult actress Sophie Brussaux named Adonis. Pusha T rapped : “ Your beget walked away at five, hell of a dad thing, you are hiding a child, let that boy arrive home/ Deadbeat mothaf*cka, playin ‘ border patrol/Adonis is your son. ”

  6. Kanye Takes The Beef To Twitter (2018)

    2018 was a dark year for the beef. not entirely was Drake going back forth with Kanye ‘s pal Pusha T he was back at it with the man himself. Kanye did what he does best and took to Twitter, sharing a screenshot of a text message revealing Drake had sent him a clearance request for the path ‘ Say What ’ south Real ’, which was a rework of Kanye ‘s 2009 track ‘ Say You Will ’ from his 808s And Heartbreaks album .

    In several other messages, Kanye tells Drake he “ hush need that apology for mentioning the 350s and trying to take food out of your idols kids mouths. ” Yikes. Kanye continued by hitting out at Drake use of emoji ‘s tweet “ Sending purple emojis When I ’ thousand dealing with genial crap I need my apologies now not through motor scooter [ Braun, coach ] either not through Travis [ Scott ]. ”

  7. Kanye Leaks Drake’s Address (2021)

    We all know Kanye is King Petty and he lived up to that name when he leaked Drake ‘s home address on Instagram good because he felt like it. cursorily deleting the position, the All Falls Down knocker shared a screenshot of a map of a small area in Canada that was presumed to be Drake ‘s Toronto mansion, with the entire address listed below. Drake of run responded to the post with a video on his IG story laughing at Kanye for sharing his address. The video cursorily became a meme on all over social media .

  8. Is Drake Dating Kim K? (2021)

    When The Sun reported that newly-single Kim Kardashian had been messaging the Hotline Bling rapper after she filed for disassociate from Kanye West, fans everywhere went brainsick. According to sources, Drake started messaging the reality television receiver leading upon hearing about the burst to stir up move drama between him and Kanye. Kim officially filed for divorce from Kanye in February after months of meditation that their seven-year marriage was over .
    Rumors started circulating that Kim and Drake were a thing 2021

    Rumors started circulating that Kim and Drake were a thing 2021.
    picture : Getty
    A source near to Drake told Heat Magazine : “ drake could never understand what Kimsaw in Kanye – he was saying for years how he was n’t the right guy for Kim and it would all end in tears. ” “ He ‘s fix to see her whenever she says the word, basically, and he ‘s confident that will happen fairly soon. ”

  9. DONDA vs Certified Lover Boy (2021)

    Battle of the albums - DONDA vs CLB

    Battle of the albums – DONDA vs CLB.
    picture : OVO / Good Music / Getty
    The beginning of September 2021 saw the struggle of the albums between the two after Drake dropped Certified Lover Boy just days after Kanye released DONDA. Kanye spammed Drake ‘s hometown of Toronto with massive billboards advertising DONDA, which then saw Drake revenge with his own billboards and leak an unreleased of Kanye ‘s. Both albums were loaded with disses to each other that fans picked up upon first gear listen. On Drake ‘s 7AM On Bridle Path path, he rapped :

    “ Told you I ’ meter aimin ’ straight for the head. immediately they “ Amen ” and “ Please ” I can give a f**k about who designing your sneakers and tees. Had person put you on a guilt and you play with my seed ” .

    On Kanye ‘s track ‘Ok Ok ‘, he hinted at the feud – talk on the betrayal of Drake saying : “ OK, immediately they got me, wan sodium rap again / Heal the hurt and then you stab me in my back again ”. He continued : “ See me in person, I look like a touch ” which was reference to “ Seen ‘ em in person, I ’ molarity seein ’ a ghost ”, a credit line from Drake ‘s 2018 ‘ Behind Barz ’ freestyle .

  10. Friends Again… Maybe? (2021)

    Kanye West extended an olive branch to Drake in a Instagram video with J Prince

    Kanye West extended an olive branch to Drake in a Instagram video with J Prince.
    movie : Instagram
    In a eldritch turn of events, Kanye apparently reached out to Drake in hopes of patching things up. In an Instagram video posted on Houston showman and Rap-A-Lot CEO J Prince ‘s feed, the Jesus Walks rapper is seen asking his current rival drake if he ‘s will to appear as a special guest at an event on December 7 to dead the drama. Reading his instruction off his earphone, the 44-year old knocker acknowledged the gripe saying “ it ‘s fourth dimension to put it to rest ” .

    watch this post on Instagram A station shared by J Prince ( @ jprincerespect )

    He starts the video recording by saying : “ Yo this is Ye and J Prince, I ’ megabyte making this television to address the ongoing back and forth between myself and Drake. Both me and Drake have taken shots at each other, and it ‘s time to put it to rest ”. He continues : “ I ‘m asking Drake on December 7 to join me on stage as a particular guest to parcel the two biggest albums of the year, live in Los Angeles, with the ultimate purpose being to free Larry Hoover ”. “ I believe this event will not lone bring awareness to our induce, but prove excessively people everywhere how much more we can accomplish when we lay our pride to the english and come together ” .
    Kanye and Drake at the Official Birthday Bash Afterparty Hosted by Future

    Kanye and Drake at the Official Birthday Bash Afterparty Hosted by Future.
    picture : Getty
    This comes as a surprise to many after Kanye ‘s shocking appearance concluding week on Noreaga ‘s Drink Champs podcast where he stated that he would beat Drake in a VERZUZ battle, comparing their competition to that of Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield ’ south. “ Drake don ’ thymine do an outright dis song where it ’ s a headshot. He ’ s gon na set it up like war, ” Kanye said on the show. “ He ’ mho gon na do stuff like, live five blocks down the street from you. He ’ s gon na go and DM every single girlfriend in your class, every single female child around your kin. All your n****s ’ girls. It ’ s away games and dwelling games. This is professional tap. ”

  11. Definitely Friends Again ❤️

    watch this post on Instagram A post shared by ye ( @ kanyewest )

    IT ‘S OFFICIAL ! The boys are back together again ! Posting a video on Instagram final night of them standing outside Drake ‘s sign of the zodiac, it appears that Drake accepted Kanye ‘s olive branch last week and patched things up with Kanye following their 12-year feud. The two were then spotted in a cabaret party together aboard Dave Chappelle. HALLELUJAH ❤️ !

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