46 Fascinating Facts About Drake

“ When I ’ thousand write, I ’ megabyte thinking about how the songs are going to play hot. Fifty bars of rap don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate translate onstage. No count how potent the music, you lose the crowd. They want a hook ; they want to sing your thrust back to you. ” –Drake
Drake is a Toronto-born tap star known for collision songs like Take Care, One dance and Hotline Bling. He launched his music career in 2006 with the release of his mix magnetic tape “ Room for Improvement ”. 3 years late, his third shuffle tape earned him critical and commercial success, and the follow year, he released his first album. After signing a hand with Lil Wayne ’ s label Young Money Entertainment, his career took off, and he ’ second immediately one of the biggest rappers on the planet. Below are 46 fascinate facts about the celebrated rapper .

Drake Facts

46. Drake is his Middle Name

Drake ’ s full name is Aubrey Drake Graham, but he uses his middle name in his career as a solo knocker.

45. It Runs in the Family

Drake ’ s father Dennis Graham was a drummer for rock ‘n’ roll ’ n ’ roll asterisk Jerry Lee Lewis. His uncle played bass for Sly and the Family Stone, and his mother Sandi besides comes from a musical family .

44. A Unique Heritage

Drake has a unique cultural and religious background. His church father is an african-american Catholic, and his mother is white, canadian and jewish. While he considers himself to be a blacken man, he thinks that “ being Jewish is kind of a cool spin ” .

43. Drake the Bar-Mitzvah Boy

Drake ’ s parents divorced when he was five, and he was raised by his mother in Toronto. He attended jewish sidereal day school, had a Bar Mitzvah, ( a jewish coming-of-age celebration ), and celebrated the jewish holidays with his mother .

42. Being Different Made Him Stronger

Drake ’ s high school experience was one of isolation and feel different. His high school was about all-white, and he ’ s said that “ cipher understood what it was like to be black and Jewish. ”. He besides noted that being unlike from everyone else made him a set stronger .

41. Chose Acting over School

Drake dropped out of school to pursue his acting career and entirely graduated high school in 2012 .

39. Almost Took a Day Job

In 2008, the producers of Degrassi overhauled the cast and eliminated his character. Although he had achieved modest success with his shuffle tapes, he wasn ’ thymine making much money yet as a knocker, and was on the verge of looking for a problem “ in a restaurant or something ” to keep things going. Luckily for Drake, that didn ’ thyroxine end up being necessary .

38. A Timely Phone Call

early in 2008, Drake received an unexpected earphone call from Lil Wayne, who had learned about Drake from Jas Prince- the son of Rap-a-Lot founder James Prince. Prince had heard Drake ’ randomness hit single “ Replacement Girl ”, which contained some of Lil Wayne ’ s lyrics, and played it for Lil Wayne. Wayne asked Drake to board a flight to Houston and join his Carter III enlistment .

37. “Successful” was a Success!

In 2009, Drake released his third blend magnetic tape, and the single “ The Best I always Had ” peaked at # 2 on Billboard ’ s Hot 100 Singles graph. “ successful ”, which was a collaboration with Lil Wayne and Treyz Songs went amber and made Rolling Stone ’ s “ 25 Best Songs of 2009 ” list .

36. An Unfortunate Start

During the “ America ’ s Most want ” enlistment in July 2009, Drake took a topple on stage and required operation for a torn front tooth cruciate ligament ( ACL ). Thats knee for the less medically incline .

35. A Hit in Canada and the U.S.

Drake released his first alone album Thank me late in 2010. It debuted at # 1 in both Canada and the U.S. and went platinum. Since then, he ’ sulfur dominated the charts with his R & B infused rap songs .

33. Had a Rival for Rhianna’s Affections

Drake and Chris Brown became acrimonious rivals for singer Rhianna ’ randomness affections. In 2012, their feud came to a culminate when violence broke out at a cabaret in New York. The battle caused injury to several onlookers, and both stars faced legal consequences for their actions .

32. Diss Wars

Rapper Meek Mill got into a challenge with Drake after his claim that Drake was using a ghost writer for a track they collaborated on. Drake got back at Mill by recording two diss tracks directly aimed at him in a individual week .

31. Wrote a Song About Rhianna

The Song “ Views from the 6 ” from the album “ Views ” was about his on again/off again relationship with Rhianna .

30. Started from the Bottom

Drake ’ south 2013 song “ Started from the Bottom ” was a reflection of his personal clamber for success. As he explained to MTV News, “ I just wanted to make it known that I did work in truth arduous to get here and it wasn ’ thymine merely a fluke and it wasn ’ metric ton easily by any means ”

29. Shoehorned by the Grammys

In 2017, Drake won Grammy awards for the birdcall “ Hotline Bling ” in the best tap birdcall and best rap/sung performance. After the ceremony, he criticized the Grammys for “ shoehorning ” him into the rap category. In an interview with Apple Beats 1 the following day, he said “ I ’ m a black artist, I ’ m apparently a rapper, even though Hotline Bling is not a rap song. I won two awards but I don ’ t flush want them. ”

27. Beat a Michael Jackson Record

In October 2016, Drake broke a record for the most american english Music Award Nominations. His 13 nominations broke the record 11 held by Michael Jackson since 1984. Since his first nomination in 2010, he has earned a full of 21 nominations .

26. Also Broke a Bieber Record

Drake holds the record for the most Billboard Hot 100 entries in one week with 20. The record surpassed Justin Bieber ’ s commemorate 17 entries .

25. Charted for Eight Straight Years

Since his entrance onto the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 2009, Drake has never been off the chart. He has had at least one track on the hebdomadally chart for 420 weeks and counting. On the June 6, 2017 tilt, he had three entries.

24. One of Two

Drake is one of the lone two artists to have simultaneously held the top 3 positions on the Billboard Hot Rap Songs chart. 50 penny is the other .

23. Most Number One Rap Singles

Drake has the most number one singles on Billboard ’ s Hot Rap Songs chart with 12. He besides has 10 songs on the Hot R & B/Hip Hop Songs chart .

22. The Boy Can Skate!

Drake can act, sing, and dance, but he besides has a few moves on skates ! While dating Rhianna, the triple-threat took her ice skating to help her with her moves on the ice .

21. Immortalized in Sushi

An italian chef has immortalized Drake, along eith some of the biggest pat icons in the world, in sushi form. Dark seaweed makes up his hair and beard, and his skin is made of whiten rice. Snoop Dog, and Kanye West besides Tupac are besides featured, all with individual intricate details .

20. She’s So Over Him!

At the 2017 Billboard Awards, Drake declared his love for Nicki Minaj and called her the love of his life. He did give a shout-out to his ex-girlfriend Rhianna, but she was reportedly un-phased by his new kinship, and has “ never been happier ” without him .

19. He’s Written Songs for Others

not alone does Drake write and record his own music, but he ’ sulfur written songs for early artists as well. Rita Ora, Jamie Foxx, and Alicia Keys can all credit Drake for hit singles .

18. Has His Own Whiskey

Drake collaborated with the godhead of DeLeon Tequila to launch his own whiskey, Virginia Black. When the whiskey hit LCBO ( Ontario ’ s liquor stores ) in September 2016, it set a single day sales record moving 1779 bottles .

17. The YOLO estate

Before Drake became a multi-millionaire, he would imagine his “ someday ” mansion, and spent a lot of time Googling epic residential pools. The L.A. mansion that he finally purchased came with one of those incredible pools. The consortium has an 80 foot waterslide, categoric screen tvs in the grotto, and flame-spitting iron torches. He competently named his base the YOLO estate. Drake is presently building a customs sign of the zodiac on an estate in Toronto ’ s lavish Bridle Path .

15. Global Ambassador to Toronto Raptors

Drake made headlines in 2013 when the Toronto Raptors basketball team announced that Drake would become their new Global Ambassador. The function makes him the official “ face ” of the Raptors, and gives him an all-access elapse to their home games. This made Drake an official separate of the franchise, and was the inaugural of its kind in the NBA .

14. Denied Access to the Heat

In 2013, Drake was denied access to the Miami Heat ’ second cabinet room after their title-clinching winnings over San Antonio. A security official with the stadium turned him aside for not having a media pass when he attempted to go in through the media entrance. The YouTube video of the exchange garnered more than 5.8 million views .

13. Champagne Papi

Drake acts as a music manufacturer under the pseudonym Champagne Papi. He ’ mho never specifically said where the identify came from, but there ’ second guess that it ’ second pull back from the 2002 crime movie Shottas .

12. Biggest Influences

Jay-Z, Aaliyah and Lil Wayne are among Drake ’ randomness influences. In an consultation with SoulCulture television receiver, he stated that Aaliyah has had the biggest influence on his career .

11. October’s Very Own

Drake started OVO as a minor web log about Toronto ’ s thriving music view, but has immediately built it into an across-the-board life style brand including his clothe argumentation, his record pronounce, and OVOFEST- a music festival which he founded .

9. Video Directed by Kanye West

The video recording for Drake ’ s song “ The Best I always Had ” was directed by Kanye West. He told MTV news that creativity “ oozes ” out of him, and his theme for the video recording was the best out of all of them .

8. Got a Tattoo of Lil Wayne

In July 2017, an eagle-eyed Twitter exploiter spotted Drake ’ s latest tattoo in a photograph. The tattoo is a portrayal of his mentor Lil Wayne, and is on his leave tricep. Wayne said he was “ beyond deck ” and “ honored ”

7. Had a Crush on a “Broke Girl”

Over the course of his career, Drake has been linked to several women, including Rhianna, Tyra Banks, and Niki Manaj. On an episode of Ellen, the blame headliner admitted that he once had a huge squash on Kat Dennings from “ Two Broke Girls ”, and that she was kind enough to go out for dinner with him once .

6. His Uncle Played for Prince

Drake ’ s uncle Larry Graham played sea bass for Prince. He was besides reportedly responsible for introducing Prince to the Jehovah ’ s Witness religion .

5. “The Ballet”

In early 2017, Drake added cabaret owner to his list of credentials with the open of his Houston club “ The Ballet ”. He describes the cabaret as a “ new dancing experience ” and promises to put the dancers “ on a base ” in “ unforgettable ” surroundings .

4. Voiced a Mammoth

Drake lent his voice to the animated film Ice Age : continental Drift. He played a adolescent mammoth named Ethan .

3. World’s Most Popular Recording Artist

In 2016, Drake was the world ’ s most popular read artist. He had the class ’ s bestselling single with “ One Dance ” and Views was the universe ’ mho third best-selling album.

2. What is Love?

In an interview with GQ magazine back in 2013, Drake admitted that he never actually loved Rhianna. He said that a discussion about love with actor Will Smith made him realize that he doesn ’ t know if he ’ randomness ever felt that means .

1. A Toronto Tribute

The overlay of Drake ’ s album Views from the 6 is a tribute to his hometown of Toronto. The overlay shows him perched on top of the CN Tower- a Toronto landmark. The singer besides has a tattoo of the CN column on his right arm .
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