Can Nicki Minaj Sing?

Nicki is celebrated for her fast rap. Can she truly sing, and is she talented enough to do therefore without autotune ?
Nicki Minaj can sing. In addition to being a rapper, she has shown off her great singing abilities in live performances. 

Nicki Minaj’s Live Singing

Nicki has proven that she is a potent and accurate singer in populate concerts. For some of her best live whistle, see this compilation of her live performances :

Nicki demonstrates technical foul ability adenine well as a beautiful, net tone. Some of these clips are ad-lib, such as Nicki singing with the small girls on the Ellen testify at the 1:32 mark .
Nicki frequently uses audio aberration to make her voice sound different on her recordings. however, Nicki could not possibly have edited these live clips, so they serve to verify her natural scorch capabilities .

Nicki Sings as a Joke

Although Nicki has proven that she can perform beautiful vocals, she besides likes to joke around with her “ singing. ” Nicki pretended to sing along to Celine Dion ’ south birdcall, “ It ’ s All Coming Back to Me now. ”
Nicki lip-synch with dramatic gestures as a joke, gaining laughs and attention global. She even earned a answer from Celine Dion herself :
Nicki was ecstatic to see Celine ’ s answer. The knocker tweeted “ wait til I tell my mother. ”
Nicki is besides known for her occasionally bizarre vocals. While she has big technical ability, she can besides distort her voice to sound fishy .
Nicki let her vocal creativity run wild during a live recording of “ Starships ” for The Today Show. The singer intentionally brought her vocals into her deep, low read, creating an amuse and unexpected healthy .
once more, this clip is live and not autotuned. Nicki truly can sing that low, proving that her vocal embellishments on recordings can besides be produced in real life sentence.

Some Complain that Nicki Sings too Much

A few listeners actually think that Nicki sings excessively much of her songs. The DJ Peter Rosenberg from Hot 97 said that Nicki sings excessively much and is “ not real hip-hop. ”
Nicki took umbrage to his affirmation but did not fire back with words. rather, she made a affirmation by pulling out of the batting order for Hot 97 ’ s Summer Jam Festival at the last moment .
After Nicki ’ south retaliation, Rosenberg asserted that he would never apologize to the singer. He stood by his words and defended them as his honest public opinion .
however, the two ultimately came to reconcile. Nicki appeared on Hot 97 and they found common ground, agreeing that “ Starships ” is Nicki ’ s most pop song. Peter Rosenberg besides said that he believes Nicki is possibly the greatest female MC of all time .
early critics have come forward to diss Nicki ’ s singing. Chris O ’ Meara from AP Magazine wrote in 2012 that Nicki “ seized the spotlight as a rapper, only to retreat into singing. ”
Chris O ’ Meara ’ s language implies that singing is of a lower value than rapping, and besides says that cantabile is for girls. Others have countered this argument by pointing out that rappers are about universally expected to sing now, with top male rappers like Drake, Fetty Wap, and Chance the Rapper all singing on their songs .

Nicki Responds to Criticism With A Rap-Oriented Album

Nicki decidedly proved herself as a true hip-hop rapper with her 2018 album “ Queen. ” In her Pitchfork album review, Brianna Younger wrote that “ Queen ” is Nicki Minaj ’ s “ most rap-oriented release yet. ”
Nicki foreshadowed her melodious shift key herself when reconciling with DJ Peter Rosenberg. She said that she wanted to lock herself in her “ keep ” and write a more tap and hip-hop heavy album.

Nicki decidedly followed through on her words. even harsher album reviews, including one by Ben Beaumont-Thomas for The Guardian that calls Nicki ’ sulfur lyrics uninteresting, had to admit that Nicki lets “ her technical foul excellence do the heavy rise. ”
Nicki ’ s recording engineer, Aubry “ Big Juice ” Delaine, besides praised the singer for returning to her roots. He said her new album has old-school Nicki, and songs like “ Barbie Dreams ” defend “ what hip-hop is all about .
Nicki has proven to fans and critics alike that she is both a talented singer and rapper. She can croon beautiful melodies and spit heavy beats, satisfying the ears of all listeners .

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