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Atlanta is the capital and largest city of the U.S. department of state of Georgia. It is one of the South ‘s largest cities. Atlanta is known as a major clientele city. It is the home of Coca-Cola Company, CNN, AT & T, and Home Depot, deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as many other Fortune 500 companies. Atlanta ‘s airport, called Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, is the busiest airport in the world. Atlanta is near the center of Georgia and is on the Chattahoochee River. many african Americans live in Atlanta. Some people call it a “ black mecca ” .
Atlanta was built on Cherokee Native American land. It was called Terminus until 1843, when the name was changed to Marthasville. In 1845 the name was changed again to Atlanta. During the American Civil War, Atlanta was where several battles happened. Some of the battles were the Battle of Peachtree Creek, the Battle of Atlanta, and the Battle of Ezra Church. The city was burnt down and about wholly destroyed. After the war, the city was built again, and got a nickname because it was built indeed fast : “ the Phoenix City ”, after the bird which burns itself then rises from the ashes in old myths. A picture of the shuttlecock is on the city seal.

Atlanta became the state capital in 1868. There have been racial problems in Atlanta. During riots in 1906, at least 12 people died and more than 70 early people were hurt. In 1913, a jewish man named Leo Frank was tried in court for raping and killing a girl in a factory where he worked. He was found guilty, but then the government decided not to execute him because not everyone was convinced he had done it. This broken people who thought he had killed the female child, and there were more riots in 1915 and Frank was lynched ( hanged with a r-2 until he died ). In the 1930s, the Great Depression came to Atlanta. many people did not have jobs and were athirst. The city government was about out of money and the Coca-Cola company gave the city some money to help. In 1935, the politics built the beginning federal house project in the United States. Atlanta ‘s airport is named Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. It is the busiest airport in the populace. Delta Air Lines is an airline that has its main office in Atlanta, and it uses Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport for many of its flights. Turner Broadcasting, which broadcasts CNN, has their independent office in Atlanta. The Coca Cola Company besides has their chief office in Atlanta .
The City of Atlanta is home to two colleges. Georgia Institute of Technology, or Georgia Tech for curtly, and Georgia State University .

Year Notes
1996 The Olympic Games took place in Atlanta.
2000 The census records Atlanta’s population as 416,474 people.

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