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Viagogo Review

10 Things to Know Before Buying
Review Updated 12/21/2021

1. Is Viagogo legit ?

Viagogo, founded in 2008, is a legit ticket site, and one of the largest ticket resale exchange platforms outside the US for major sporting events, concerts, and Broadway shows in Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, & Africa, but there some negative Viagogo reviews discovered to be aware of…

According to many late Viagogo reviews, it doesn ’ thymine seem to be the most dependable ticket site ( see our top alternative ticket sites below ).

viagogo reviews 2021 legit safe reliable _______________________________________________
Most negative Viagogo reviews talked about:
> costly tickets
> 31.69 % average tax/booking fee ( hidden until checkout )
> badly customer service experience
> ticket manner of speaking was delayed ( although it arrived just right before the event in some cases )
At this time, with sol many negative Viagogo reviews from customers ( over 288 complaints in the last 12 months ), we are on the fence and not sure if Viagogo is the most trusted ticket source available in Europe.
As you can see, Viagogo on doesn’t have the best review rating and presently has 286 complaints in the final 12 months .
Online ticket brokers open up this hypothesis to buy and sell tickets to events around the global, and one of the largest slate resale platforms allowing this is .
Tickets that are purchased from this website are considered secondary or resale. Some people call them second-hand, but they are inactive admissible and are considered legit.

2. How does Viagogo actually work? is a global ticket exchange, allowing individuals, or “ professional ticket brokers, ” to sell tickets on their platform .
The tickets listed on Viagogo are never in possession of the team at Viagogo .
This is standard practice and how most resale ticket exchanges operate today, like:
> StubHub, one of the largest ticket exchanges with events in over 50 countries
viagogo reviews vs stubhub legit
review viagogo vs stubhub legit safe site
Viagogo is supposed to “ provide a legit, safe and secure platform for the sellers and buyers. ”

3. Can I change or cancel my order?

Like most resale ticket rally sites, Viagogo does not allow any changes, refunds, or cancelations after your order has been placed .
The only time Viagogo says you can get a refund is if your event is canceled and not rescheduled.
viagogo review can I cancel or change my purchase recent Viagogo reviews below will show the inside stories of past customers with this party .

4. How do I contact Viagogo ?

It can be unmanageable to get through to Viagogo earphone accompaniment or to understand when speaking to an agent at times .
Discovered that Viagogo’s online support seems to be better than their phone support, and it’s more tailored to your questions ( see how-to below with picture ) .
The best way to contact Viagogo if you ’ ve already ordered is to log in to your account and then find “ Customer Support ” under “ Help ” as shown below .
customer-support-help-viagogo-account _______________________________________________
Here are Viagogo customer support helpline numbers.
You ’ ll find hold below for America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Africa.
Note: there were Viagogo reviews that said subscribe on the telephone can be hard to understand and can be delays in getting a conduct solution, so it ’ s best to contact Viagogo via online support first if you need help at all with your order.

There are quite a numeral of Viagogo reviews and stated they didn ’ thymine get much assistant when contacting Viagogo customer overhaul accompaniment from the company .

5. Can I sell my tickets on Viagogo?

Yes, Viagogo allows individuals to sell tickets on their slate exchange platform.
The first thing to do, if you need help selling your tickets, is to select your event.
You will besides, need to create an account at Viagogo to be able to sell your tickets with your diagnose, e-mail, address, phone, accredit tease, and ticket details.
can I sell my tickets on viagogo The company makes surely that the signup process is reliable so that the customers will be able to do business with legit sellers only .

6. Delivery, tax, and engagement fees

many damaging Viagogo reviews were about costly tickets .
other customers said they didn ’ triiodothyronine like Viagogo ’ s high 31.69 % plus service tip charges that are hidden until the checkout .
viagogo-tax-booking-fee-delivery-charges Some complaints found on Viagogo and their customer defend experience .
Keep in thinker, most resale sites today charge anywhere from 20% to 40% service fees (usually hidden until checkout) .
There are some Viagogo reviews that complained about the delayed shipping since most of them were able to get the tickets on meter.


7. What’s good about Viagogo?

One thing noticed, Viagogo has corporate services volunteer companies and professionals :
> VIP and hospitality tickets to certain events

> over 4+ million in tickets on their site
> events in over 50 countries
> one of the largest ticket rally platforms outside the US
Different Viagogo reviews show that many people like that they offer bounty tickets to events in over 50 countries around the global .
Some customers stated they were actually able to get tickets priced lower than face value ( can work if you ’ ra bequeath public treasury the last moment to buy ) .
is viagogo legit tickets events 50 countries _______________________________________________
The reviews regarding Viagogo ticket prices are assorted, but there are a bit of complaints of tickets being over font value, which is to be expected with a resale site ( supply and demand ).
Some say that they offer cheap tickets, while others say Viagogo tickets are overpriced, or means above font value .
A positive is Viagogo does offer good seats, which might not be available anymore via the box agency venue .
There are besides a few Viagogo reviewers that like the seat charts that are available for viewing before choosing which tickets to buy .
Through the 3D seat charts, customers can determine the type of view that they will be getting from their seats .

8. Is Viagogo a dependable site nowadays ?

Currently, Viagogo is somehow one of the largest ticket resale exchanges outside the US selling millions of tickets each class via their platform, but…
After reading plenty of Viagogo reviews, we are on the argue and not sure if Viagogo is the most reliable ticket source available in Europe .
is viagogo legit reviews viagogo Note: back in 2018 there were over 10,000 Viagogo customers that were turned away from the venue at the Ed Sheeran concert in the UK. I understand that it was back in 2008, so not sure if this was a erstwhile thing at this scale of customers that it affected, or if this can happen again today .

9. Any COVID-19 Viagogo reviews ?

Yes, there seems to be at least one lawsuit against Viagogo since COVID-19, because they don ’ thymine seem to want to refund some of their customers .
One locate at says Viagogo is looking to exit Florida woman ’ sulfur proposed class action accusing Viagogo of refusing to refund their customers for events that were canceled due to COVID-19, claiming they accepted a coupon, which they don ’ thyroxine enforce to other events.
legit viagogo reviews 2021 covid-19 update

10. Any good option sites ?

Our top 2 ticket sites we like vs Viagogo are:

1. Vivid Seats
We have tested and got positive feedback overall from early VividSeats reviews .
> 100% guarantee with safe ordering process
> largest independent junior-grade tag market to live events
> the official ticket provider of ESPN
> estimable prices compared to most ticket sites
> in-house customer service team with alive support and new world chat
viagogo vs vivid seats ticket review sites legit
Our #2 pick that’s good for all events in over 50 countries is…
2. StubHub
> one of the largest ticket platforms in the world

> 50+ countries have events listed on StubHub
> partnered w/ ESPN, MLS, MLS, and CFL
> A review rat
StubHub is one of the largest ticket sites in over 50 countries .

When comparing Viagogo volt StubHub you ’ ll learn they are both ticket resale sites, but some might ask what ’ s the real deviation, and is StubHub legit and authentic ?
StubHub seems to have a larger survival of tickets to choose from to events in over 50 countries .
Viagogo has tickets to events around the world besides, but Viagogo seems to have more negative feedback and reviews recently.

Viagogo ’ randomness service fee is about 31.69 % while StubHub ’ south avail tip charges are about 26.5 % on average .
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