The Cranberries’ “Zombie” Lyrics Meaning – Song Meanings and Facts

“ Zombie ” is a song performed by the Irish rock band The Cranberries. This sung is widely considered to be one of the most celebrated protest songs of all time. It ’ south lyrics are primarily about the ill-famed Warrington bombings and the innocent victims it left behind .

The bombings, which took place on 26th February and 20th March, 1993 in Warrington, England, claimed the lives of two children ( Tim Parry and Jonathan Ball ) and left a many as 56 people injured .
The competitive group the Provisional irish Republican Army ( IRA ) was creditworthy for plan and carrying out these hideous bombings .

Meaning of “Zombie” Lyrics

Like was said above, the Cranberries came out with this song in memory of two individuals, Jonathan Ball and Tim Parry. The former was 3-years erstwhile and the latter 12 when their lives were taken via a fail the IRA planted in England .
frankincense the song begins when the band referencing a “ child ” being “ slowly taken ”. In this detail case, they may be speaking specifically of Tim. Tim didn ’ thyroxine die immediately but was taken off of life patronize about a month after the incidental .

Pre Chorus

The singer starts off the pre-chorus by exclaiming that “ it ’ s not me ; it ’ s not my kin ”. The idea these statements are actually meant to point to is that despite the fact that The Cranberries are from Ireland, they do not support the actions of the IRA. And the rest of the passage seems to buttress the impression that the “ fight ” the IRA is engaged in is based on their own group ideologies, not those of the irish masses .


And that brings us to the chorus, where the title of the sung comes into turn. The metaphor which prevails throughout, as you ’ ve probably already guessed, is that The Cranberries are exclaiming that the people who engage in activities like the aforesaid bombings are indeed ‘ zombies ’. Or stated otherwise, they are behaving mindlessly in the avocation of their goals. And of course referring to person as a “ zombie ” is in fact a dis and is brooding of the band ’ second reject towards the IRA .
Lyrics of "Zombie"

Second Verse

And given the nature of the second verse, which once again speaks to barren children being killed, we can easily deduce what is at the source of the set ’ sulfur anger. And that is lives have been lost, in the name of Ireland if you will, as the consequence of an ultimately insensible, indeed even terrorist act .

Second Pre-Chorus

And in the moment pre-chorus, they reference that this beef between the IRA and the UK has been going on “ since 1916 ”. But once again, the ring states that this ongoing dispute is more ‘ in the heads ’ of the IRA as opposed to being something that ’ south going on in real life, so to speak. Or another way of looking at it is that once again the masses of irish people do not actually support the actions of the IRA, even though said administration is purportedly fighting in the name of all irish people .

In Conclusion

therefore conclusively, “ Zombie ” has been classified as a protest song. But possibly a more accurate way of describing it is as a dis song. And why ? Because given its backdrop, it is clear that the band is taking a position against the IRA. And in doing so, they are unflatteringly referring to the members of this organization as ‘ zombies ’ .

Facts about “Zombie”

“ Zombie ” was written by Dolores O ’ Riordan, the lead singer of The Cranberries. O ’ Riordan died unexpectedly at the age of 46 on January 15, 2018 .
The production of “ Zombie ” was handled by celebrated English music producer Stephen Street. In addition to being noted for his work with The Cranberries, Street is besides known for working with celebrated british bands such as The Smiths and Blur .
The song was released on September 19th, 1994. It was the first single from the band ’ s second studio apartment album. That album was titled “ No want to Argue “ .
The band performed the birdcall at the 1994 Woodstock music festival about a month before its official let go of .
According to O ’ Riordan, she wrote the birdcall ’ randomness lyrics ampere well as its chords while the dance band was touring England in 1993 .
The song reached the number 1 spot on the charts in many countries across the world, including Australia, Belgium, France and Germany. In the United States, the song peaked at phone number 22 on the Hot 100 Airplay ( Radio Songs ) and number 14 on the UK Singles Chart .
Since “ Zombie ” wasn ’ triiodothyronine released as a individual in the United States, it was not legible to enter the US Billboard Hot 100. The isthmus ’ s phonograph record label measuredly decided not to release the sung as a single in the United States for the sole purpose of increasing album sales there. The album ( No Need to Argue ) went on to sell over 7 million albums in the United States alone, making it one of the most successful albums ever .

Did “Zombie” win a Grammy Award?

No, it didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate. however, at the MTV Europe Music Awards in 1995, the birdcall was the recipient of an MTV award in the “ Best Song ” class .

Did Eminem sample “Zombie”?

Yes, he did. Eminem sampled this song on his 2017 birdcall titled “ In Your Head ”, which was included in his ninth studio apartment album titled Revival which came out in 2017 .
In addition to Em, respective other artists have sampled “ Zombie ”. In his 2011 song titled “ In Your Head ”, Mohombi besides sampled this Cranberries classical. Singer Colbie Caillat besides sampled it in her 2007 track “ Feelings Show ”.

Bad Wolves’ cover of “Zombie” 

The original adaptation of this sung, as rendered by an irish group known as The Cranberries, was inspired by an incident in 1993 whereas a match of children ended up being killed by Irish Republic Army extremists. That is to say that the lyrics are founded in a longstanding beef between England and Ireland .
But Bad Wolves are a crew from L.A., far removed from Western Europe. And their consider on the sung, though basically the same in opinion, centers on a more macrocosmic access .
For case, one of most-notable lyrical changes between the original and their interpretation is that a course pointing directly to the feud between Ireland and Britain was preferably changed to have a global lookout. Or stated differently, The Cranberries focused on hostilities between two particular entities. But Bad Wolves are pointing to warfare in cosmopolitan, and how such tends to devastate those directly affected. ( A move which, by the manner, Cranberries ’ frontwoman Dolores O ’ Riordan decidedly approved of. )
then yes, the original and the top may share the lapp beginning verse for exemplify. But the point is that whether we ’ rhenium talking about Ireland versus England or any two war parties, a child dying as a resultant role of the consort ferocity is placid a annoying, flush disgraceful, event .
And this assertion is buttressed in the second verse, where the hearer is introduced to the mother of one of such children who subsequently and intelligibly is suffering from a break heart .

Who are these “Zombies”?

meanwhile whereas there are respective theories of whom the titular “ zombies ” may refer to, the most widely-accepted notion is that the terminus alludes to those who are actually doing the killing. They are the supporters and initiators of the bloodshed .
indeed going back to the master version of the sung, function of the reason O ’ Riordan wrote it was to point out that even though she was in fact Irish, she did not support the actions of the IRA. Or as she put it in her own words, she deemed them as “ idiots living in the past ” .
So it is legitimate to conclude that the less-than-flattering classification which this song is named after would be applied to such individuals. Or put differently, whereas “ Zombie ” may have been a “ song for peace ” in the hands of The Cranberries, it becomes more like an actual anti-war song in the hands of the Bad Wolves .
so if nothing else, we can see that they are not besides affectionate of those who use ‘ their tanks and bombs and guns and drones ’ to carry out their ambitions. For doing so results in the loss of innocent lives, even the most-innocent of all, which are children .


All in all, Bad Wolves take a tune primitively speaking to a especial beef and transform it into more of a general anti-war sung .

Facts about Bad Wolves’ “Zombie”

This is a birdcall that was in the first place released by The Cranberries in 1994. In fact the original writer of Zombie was the former frontwoman of that crew, the late Dolores O ’ Riordan ( 1971-2018 ) .
Bad Wolves ’ version was besides co-written by Philip Naslund, who was a member of the group at the prison term. He slenderly altered the lyrics. And their cover was produced by Kane Churko .
Said cover served as the second base unmarried from Bad Wolves ’ maiden album, “ Disobey ” ( 2017 ). And the birdcall was officially issued as such by Eleven Seven Music and Better Noise Music on 19 January 2018 .
At foremost Bad Wolves were hesitant to cover this song, considering it, in the words of Tommy Vext, as ‘ sacred artwork ’ .
however, doing so proved to be a judicious decision. And why ? It went to become the ring ’ s most-successful single ampere far as the foremost few years of their universe ( i.e. from 2018 to 2020 ) is concerned. For example, the lead has been certified platinum in both the United States and Canada .
It besides topped Billboard ’ s Mainstream Rock chart. But concerning their hesitance in tackling it, it should be noted that the tune was tied a much-bigger shoot for The Cranberries .
And equitable to note, Miley Cyrus besides achieved a little bite of chart success covering this sung in 2020 .
Bad Wolves' cover of

Bad Wolves sought the Permission of O’Riordan to cover this Classic

Before releasing their report, Bad Wolves sought the approval of Dolores O ’ Riordan herself. And as the history goes, not merely did she deem their rendition “ f—ing amazing ” but besides intended to participate on it vocally, which Tommy Vext described as “ a dream come true ” .
however, such never came to pass, as she passed away on the very day she intended to record said vocals, which was on 15 January 2018. In fact the very last message she left while active was partially in admiration of the Bad Wolves ’ cover.

And you may have besides noticed that their adaptation came out equitable a few days after her passage .
furthermore, the Bad Wolves went on to donate the proceeds of the one to the late singer ’ s children, of which she had three .

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