Good Band Name Ideas: A Band Ain’t a Band Unless You Have One

I started a garage band with my friends a few years ago. While it never ended up working out, we had a draw of fun playing in concert .Picking the right name for your band can be a hard process. This article will help you figure out what to call your band. Picking the right name for your isthmus can be a difficult process. This article will help you figure out what to call your band. Rocco Dipoppa, CC0, via Unsplash

Cool Band Names: How to Name a Band

Naming a isthmus is one of the hardest things to do. Many of you think that a name will just come naturally, but it is not that simple. A list can make or break a ring, even at the local level. Naming your group is one of the first things you do once you ‘re quick to leave the garage and start play and recording music. It is authoritative for the group to decide on a name that everyone is satisfied with. besides, keep in mind how you might draw a logo to distinguish your group and how your name will sound. A catchy-sounding name that rolls of the natural language can help you get more notoriety and stand out from the rival. One of the easiest ways to come up with a band name is to look at the music and lyrics of some of your darling bands. Look at album titles, song names, and certain phrases in lyrics. Typically you will find something that could work as a band identify. You can besides use this approach for movies and books : front for names or bits of text/dialog that would work. Another option is to use an on-line diagnose generator, like this one. While most of the suggestions are not utilitarian, you will finally wind up with some feasible band names if you continue to change the inputs .

Band Names and Google

This is the most significant step, as you have to make sure your isthmus name is easily searchable on Google and early search engines. If you have an odd name or a super common diagnose, it will be impossible for fans to find you online. For exercise, the band Chvrches uses the Latin “ volt ” alternatively of the English “ u ” for this very rationality. If they had written their name as plainly churches, you would never be able to find them online .

How to See If a Band Name Is Already in Use

You can cause a distribute of confusion and get into legal trouble if you use the name of an already-established band. There are a few simple steps you can take to check the condition of a band name .

  • Facebook: You can do a custom search on Facebook to see if there are bands currently using your name. If you see none or very few bands using your ideal name, that is a good sign for you.
  • Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and other music streaming apps: Search music streaming platforms for your proposed band name and see what comes up. Keep in mind you’re looking for the artist’s name, not the album name. If you don’t find anything or you find something with very few listens and no following, you may be in luck.
  • Google: Use a search engine (Google is the best for this) and see what comes up. Most bands have some sort of website now, so if you search for “band name + band,” you should be able to see any other groups out there using that name.

Remember that having a good name is only a small part of the puzzle; you also have to put on great live shows. Remember that having a good list is only a small separate of the puzzle ; you besides have to put on great live shows. Matthew Kalapuch, CC0, via Unsplash

What to Do If Your Band Name Is Already in Use?

It ‘s quite possible that your ideal band name is already being used by a group, and since you can get in a sticky legal position for having the same diagnose, you will have to find a workaround. The most park direction around this is to take your ideal ring appoint and add a total or series of numbers to it. The most celebrated exemplar of this is Blink-182, who were forced by their label to change their name from Blink, which was already in habit by another isthmus. By adding on the count 182, they were able to avoid any legal troubles with the other ring. If that is not something you would want to do, finding a similar-sounding name or adding on an extra word can besides work quite well. however, keep in mind that it has to be enough of a difference so people do not confuse you with early bands .

How to Trademark a Band Name

This is a gradation for you to take late on in your dance band ‘s career. If you get to the point where you are attracting a meaning fanbase and becoming democratic, you will want to check to make indisputable your ring name is not trademarked already. Keep in heed this merely applies to the trademark in the United States .

  1. Decide what you want the trademark to cover: It will cost additional money if you trademark the name for things beyond just live shows: merchandise, licensing, and similar things all have separate trademarks. Keep in mind that your music rights are a different thing, and if you want to register as a songwriter, you will need to go through a different process.
  2. Decide who will own the trademark: Typically, bands will split ownership equally, so you will have to jointly file the application.
  3. Search the Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS): You can look up trademarks via the government’s online database. Be sure to look for the name and the associated trademark. If the name is not trademarked for anything music-related, you are good to go ahead and file.
  4. Submit your application online: Go to the United States Patent and Trademark Office website and submit your application and pay the associated fees. You will also be able to check on the status of your application throughout the process.

Once you get your band name set, you can start playing shows and wooing fans. once you get your band name set, you can start toy shows and wooing fans. Tim Toomey, CC0, via Unsplash

Need Awesome Band Name Ideas?

This list was actually started respective years ago when four friends and I bought some practice musical instruments at a garage sale—we were convinced we were going to be the future Rolling Stones or AC/DC. even though we sounded severe, we spent hours trying to come up with a good diagnose for the isthmus, and our little notebook became quite full of possibilities. Certain things happened in our lives that derailed that dream ( fortune, possibly ), but I kept the notebook as a memory. Years former, I found it while digging through some things, and those memories came pouring back. now, rather of throwing the band names back into storage, I ‘ve decided to share them with the remainder of the worldly concern. I hope visitors will find this article utilitarian, and while you may not find the arrant ring name, possibly the least you ‘ll get from the list is some inhalation to come up with a commodity name. After all, any band knows that a band ai n’t a dance band unless it has a good name, right ? good luck !

An Extensive List of Band Name Ideas

Band Names 0-10, A-H Band Names H-P Band Names Q-Z
007 Plus One heatstroke Q2
1000 Frames Hellbound cabala
4 Roses Hiding In Plain Sight quadrant
5 angry Women Holy Gamblers quiver Covered
16 by baseball club Hot Mess quarter Life
90 proof Human Torso Quest Forever
Action Slow Down In Between queen Bees
Admin In Debt quicken
adult Insects Insane Sardines Quick Trilogy
After The Apocalypse moment irregularity Rag Picker
agnostic invisible lover Random Dancing
Ahead Full Iron Lightning Rated R
A Is For Aftermath Jackaroo foolhardy adam
Albino Love Slaves jabberwocky Re-dress
algorithm Jam Blackberry Rubber Ducks
A small Disorganized Jar of Flies sandwich Kings / Queens
Area 52 jelly Smooch sanatorium
Bad Dog just Beautiful Santa Clause Is dead
Bambi ‘s Group K-9 Cat sheep Eaters
Battle Sequence Killing David Show Off
Better Than Us Knight ‘s dark shutter
Black Light Dreams Laugh Track Six Outlaws
Blood Bath survive Knight smack From A Loser
Bloodlust Angels lateral Move Smoking Gun
Blooper drawing card In The create Soda Preachers
Blue Fairies leech Soiled Doves
Born Victim Leftovers Something strange
Brick City Left Turn spoon !
Buzzkilled Leviathan Unlimited Stormtrooper ‘s dirge
Candy Corn short Finger Strawberry Lumps
Captivated machine Gun Villains Sunset Patrol
Cast Iron Cornbread major Kronos tabora
caterpillar Martyrs Henchmen Techno Eagle
celtic ozone Mermaid drawing card tease
Checkmark Miami Hitmen The Third Coming
Citrus Extract Mirror Racial Think Tank Threshold
uninfected Sweep Mob rule Time Warp
Cold Stare molecular muscle triage
Country Witch Monks On call doubly The action
Crimson Carnation Mr. T ‘s Mowhawk Twilight Stuntwork
crunch Dandies Mudflap Two copulate
Crutch Offensive bare Daydreams mismatched emotion
day by day Nightmare narcissus uniform
Dark Horse National Anthem Union Of Evil
abruptly Skin nebula unisex
Death Trap necromancer United In Cause
Devil In The Hallway Necronomicon Unkind Smile
Diarrhea Explosion Needle Envy unprepared
Digital Divide negative Whiplash Unwanted Hair Machine
Dirty Pillows Neighbors You Know Upper Management
Disco Confetti Neptune Nerd Using Sarah
Doom Lagoon never Mind The damage aimless
Drops Of Water New Dawn vampire Vixens
earthworm nuclear state Vaporized
editor Of The Game Number Plug version 5
Ego Multiplied Object Lesson Vaseline Fix
Electric Ham object Of A Verb vegetarian carnivore
Eight By Eight obliviousness Vikings In educate
equilibrium Observing Mallory Walnuts, The
facade Occupational Hazard Watermelon Surprise
slice To White Ochre Eights WD-41
false dismay much wrong Wet Paint
final examination event Old colony Wingers ‘ Devils
flush Onto Land x ray clandestine
Flying Piranha outbreak Yank The Cover
constantly cleanse Out of control Yapper
Four O’Clock Mix Pacified yard Birds
Franchise Alice Perforated Yawning Maniacs
clash Pink Barbies Yearning For perfection
Front Of The Line pitchfork scandalmongering Jackets
future Gluttons Planet In Limbo Young Decay
Glowing Darkly Platonic Allegory youth capable
greek infection Playing mantis Yuppy Commanders
groovy Pluggers Zealot Zodiac
Gross Anatomy 108 Pluto ‘s return Zelda And The green Hornets
Gung-Ho individual property zenith
Gypsy School Girls Prophecy Kings Zero effect
Hard Times protoplasm Zesty Zoo
hazmat Puppets For Hire Zombie Killers
Heading For Two Put Up Wet

This article is accurate and truthful to the best of the writer ’ mho cognition. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal advocate or master advice in business, fiscal, legal, or technical matters. © 2012 danthemans lm None you bussiness on August 26, 2020 : lapp i am in a band at 12 Name? on August 15, 2020 : I ’ megabyte 12 in a band struggling on a band name. Rock band sting of metallic element. Any suggestions ? I Need Help! on August 01, 2020 : I feel like all of us are girl ( at least the first copulate comments ) and I ‘m 10, my two friends are 11 and 12. We ‘re thinking of doing a pop-rock band, but obviously we do n’t want to be called Poprocks even though that ‘s kind of clever. Please assistant ! pls help on July 24, 2020 : need a band name for me and my supporter, both girls, both age football team

Band names are not what I wanted can you add more on July 23, 2020 : The ring names are GREAT but not what I wanted I have a band of three girls and we are not girly have some goodmonesmfor girls but that are not girly THANK YOU Merle on July 16, 2020 : For “ I don ’ t have a band appoint but need one ” : The Four Girls is beneficial but a bit bland, try The For Girls. A pun as if it ’ second 4 girls, and it ’ s FOR girls Don’t have a band name and need one on July 11, 2020 : I need a ring list please help me and my ring we were thinking about The Four Girls but Idk Idk on June 30, 2020 : We started a band with 6 people in it 3 girls and 3 boys and it seems we cant find the right list. anthony on June 24, 2020 : hey i need a band name that would sound creepy. we do alloy hood rock candy and a short cream Aizen on June 22, 2020 : I need a fresh and beneficial band list can any people gives me sme estimate. Justin on June 21, 2020 : Try this names : The Records rhythm obliviousness sonic 5 8 Letters saturation Dreamers Blue Chlorine Astro Music nish on June 19, 2020 : one wan na a start a band with 4 girls Noa on June 17, 2020 : I precisely started a band, were with four girls and one ridicule. We rlly need a name tho … H on June 11, 2020 : If you have to look up how to name your band, I feel deplorable for you Cris 1351 on June 08, 2020 : i Like the identify crazy spirits plz no matchless else use that name and a good name for a band is B.E.A.T. Layla on June 08, 2020 : Hi I have a band of 4 girls were in class six and we need a set diagnose does anybody got an theme ? And a cool appoint is brainsick spirits or ricochet. Bread :3 on June 05, 2020 : sol were a isthmus of 3 girls, and we couldn ’ triiodothyronine decide what we should call our ring, does person have ideas Someone from Somewhere on June 03, 2020 : I have a band of five girls and have no clue what to call it. Our friends say we have a adult future so we need a name. Five girls in high school, disaffected ! person aid. Zoe MS on May 28, 2020 : No Clue Anonymous on May 20, 2020 : Dynamic it means we have thoroughly chemistry Strik on May 18, 2020 : I have this band strik and the band names kinda sound liek album names for punch-drunk bands like mine.I would n’t say its helpful but hey its cool. and btw imma fire punch From my Band ascribable to copyright reasons Too personal on May 15, 2020 : I thought possibly Kool Kids or Krazy Kids by the way right field now me and my band are not successful we are called BFF dance band correct now but we want a appoint that people will want to listen to their music and the entirely good birdcall we have our musicians are not even in it shelby dietz on May 08, 2020 : how do you find band names Joe mama on April 29, 2020 : It ’ south good for your ma BdayMassacreFan on April 22, 2020 : Those names voice dainty tbh. I have already came up with a band name. My band is called The Scaredy Children, and we are a project I started on YouTube. We ‘re besides a British-American electronica/gothic rock duet as of now, consisting of me & my YT friend vibrational keys. Check us out if you want. We are presently working on our introduction album, so please wish us luck : ) me on April 21, 2020 : iodine told my supporter we should start a dance band one thought either queen Bees or Hot messes Joshua pagán on April 16, 2020 : 2 degrees Celsius Admin on April 15, 2020 : Need abettor and alone name for band of boys and girls Bibek on April 02, 2020 : Names are beneficial but not sol attractive and simpleton I need dim-witted alone and atractive ring name (Anonymous) on March 30, 2020 : These names are good but I want more rock into the names not a name like mashing grease-gun villains. darcee on March 30, 2020 : i need a band diagnose like 5 sconds of summer Jeongiee on March 28, 2020 : These are cool names but I ’ thousand looking for something soft and cutesy with a meaningful behind it, I recommend it to anyone who is looking for a cool set name : ] Jak on March 19, 2020 : Bloodbath already exists death leaf on March 19, 2020 : I think it is a good name because there is a movie on st. patrikcs day RoseMartin22 on March 09, 2020 : The Enders becuz no matchless can end me Sandy on March 06, 2020 : How about one that Rock ’ n Poppin ? lil cee on March 01, 2020 : I love this name cauz its cheer my life Bob on February 29, 2020 : The real number magma no on February 27, 2020 : electric overact ; ) on February 25, 2020 : My band name is going to be eminent educate musical Sagan’s limelight. Or Sagan’s dawn’s. on February 25, 2020 : A band name must be something actually wierd to hear in peoples ears. We are a fun hardrock band. on February 05, 2020 : These were the final names that we didnt habit. “ Screamin Semen ” “ socially Misaligned ” “ projectile Pushers ” “ anatomic Flaws ” “ APB ” “ Mind Pop ” “ Psycho Down ” “ Soul Psychos ” Make surely bandmates agree on any diagnose you choose, dont be changing it once your sleep together as it. Your band name should fit your attitudes and your genre. peace decibel The Forgotten Stars on February 04, 2020 : This was my isthmus list but it never worked out sol I ‘m letting others take this name. : ) Khai from vietnam on January 21, 2020 : Knight ‘s darkness = ) ) ) that sound very aplomb Phyllis O’ Fickle on January 13, 2020 : My ring is called Jesus Buttwipe. We are hood. Your names would be effective for cover bands. koo koo klan on January 09, 2020 : you could do anti racist jokes. and if you have a beneficial sense of humer altho its not funny what they did Una on December 30, 2019 : I would like to make a kpop bamd with my best friend Sophie ans I ‘m curios about the names Zombie killers on December 14, 2019 : The names wer ensiering Food on December 14, 2019 : food freddie mercury on December 13, 2019 : tabby SoMeOnE on December 08, 2019 : outbreak For sure pierce on December 03, 2019 : amazing aces on December 03, 2019 : Uhhhhh Algorithm Has Been My Music Name Wtf Fuu Take Someone Else ’ south Name And Erase Mine Gmfu Unheard Original. on November 30, 2019 : Every time I looked up in the name it was either a book poem or a bad think of or an actual band I would suggest ( if I was you ) search up the names before you put them up there for people to use Not Yet on November 30, 2019 : I think miujik can be a big band mention. Tiny piece of cheese on November 24, 2019 : I mean I think leftover waffles would be full registered nurse because I precisely ate some waffles Pepper on November 24, 2019 : I think Unchained would be a good band name because no one can chain me or keep me away from making my own decisions exept for my ma Tony Donovan on November 13, 2019 : Check out this Band Name Generator for some ideas : ) hypertext transfer protocol : // Scott on November 07, 2019 : I constantly thought IDLE WILD ! good band mention ! ! ! Peter on October 26, 2019 : I came up with Lethalized and I thought it sounded reasonably good Skimp on October 14, 2019 : The leftovers is my bands name ParkerBoiii on October 10, 2019 : I am thinking about Royal or Zoners the phoenix on October 09, 2019 : the phoenix seems like a cool band list ( any one feel unblock to use it for your ring me and my set is however trying to figure something out ) Brooklyn morten on September 27, 2019 : I was thinking about fluid trio for my group or you can use duet or whatever Marshals on September 25, 2019 : Anyone think this is good annoyed on September 14, 2019 : I need pop, not rock ugh billy edwards on August 21, 2019 : yes ! ! ! nowadays my band is called The Yub Yubs, thank you, I would never have been able to do this by myself. THANK THANK YOU THANK YOU, I can about taste the fame J on August 14, 2019 : My estimate is sneaking quietly No name on August 12, 2019 : I like nuclear state my mascot is a skull breathe blue fire and is on displace. So it is sort of nuclear. Has anyone else went to the Chicago misfits reunion concert. It was amazing ^ on August 08, 2019 : intuition and waffles / on August 01, 2019 : I am not a big fans of any of these names Lyric on July 21, 2019 : I am black so I was thinking blackbirds or something… Jsjnsnsn on July 18, 2019 : Why do people post their set names on here but then say don ’ t steal them Jay on July 10, 2019 : I was thinking On the River Styx but idk Darya on July 07, 2019 : Awesome did you come up with all of them Josh Demasi on July 06, 2019 : Do n’t steal these please : 1.My shouty romance 2.Less Smiles 3.Heart failure 4Odd ones 5.Pool of blood crimson hearts 6.Deep Abyss 7.Today Kid Chris Vanheusen on July 06, 2019 : What about the diagnose … Mistreater ? I think that would be a pretty aplomb name for a set, idk Kenster500 on July 01, 2019 : THE UNDERTAKERS “ We ‘ll keep an eye on your dead ones ! Hahaha … ” Nicø Tyler on June 26, 2019 : Gabi Cake, possibly Show Offs in Yellow ? Gabi Cake on June 21, 2019 : I was think show off or scandalmongering jackets which one ? ? ? ? mettle detector on June 21, 2019 : iron lightning Robert Willoughby on June 16, 2019 : Albion Lowlander. The name of a bus topology that was sold in Britain during the 60s. not very successful, but the first bus topology I remembered as a child. Feel free to pinch – it ‘s not as though I ‘ll be using it ! Sam on June 15, 2019 : I got wet paint don ’ thymine steal it Rhianna on June 11, 2019 : The Crazy hero of mars. Please dont steal my appoint None on June 10, 2019 : The Future girls do n’t take my band name Someone on June 06, 2019 : I ’ thousand just doing this for playfulness Amber on May 24, 2019 : I have to do a ring project thing for school iodine was going to make it “ Why Do n’t we ” but thats OG Kole on May 24, 2019 : one was thinking Stamina For Free ? one do n’t know if it sounds good or not Hey on May 20, 2019 : possibly a set list like girls go ardor or the rock group or fuel Steven on May 19, 2019 : Tramatized mule. Spinup the dead addison on May 18, 2019 : one ‘m starting a band with four girls and do n’t know if we should use the name heatstroke or Hot Mess pls tell me which is better splat face on May 18, 2019 : one think its a good appoint idk tho Hahaha on May 09, 2019 : What about Robolands Or The Wonderlands luke on May 03, 2019 : im starting a band with my friends were called The Lost Jems or TLJ for inadequate Trident Tamang on April 30, 2019 : Evil ox spit Stoned deaf Smoking cigarette M on April 14, 2019 : Tarantula Meat sounds like a dear band name for possibly an indie rock/alt/punk band thingy. Abud on April 13, 2019 : Hi my name is Abud and I ’ thousand just starting a band and if anyone who is new I ’ molarity constantly available to put more people in my dance band jef on April 07, 2019 : could I have outbreak mk on April 04, 2019 :

my isthmus identify is called trio carbon monoxide theres hree of us Kenneadie on April 02, 2019 : Hi my isthmus name is called HellGirls

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