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2010 sung by Rihanna

2010 unmarried by Rihanna featuring Drake
What’s My Name? “ is a song recorded by barbadian singer Rihanna, for her fifth studio album Loud ( 2010 ). Featuring guest vocals from canadian rapper Drake, the song was released as the second gear single from Loud on October 26, 2010, through Def Jam Recordings. The electro – R & B song was produced by the norwegian production couple Stargate, and was written by the couple along with Ester Dean, Traci Hale, and Drake. lyrically, it incorporates themes of romance and sex.

“ What ‘s My name ? ” topped the US Billboard Hot 100 chart, giving Rihanna her third number-one one in 2010, adenine well as her eighth overall on the chart. The sung besides topped the charts in Hungary and the United Kingdom and reached the peak five in Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, Norway and Slovakia. The song received a nomination at the 54th Grammy Awards for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration. [ 1 ] An accompanying music video, directed by Philip Andelman, plays a amatory encounter between Rihanna and Drake in a grocery store memory along with romantic scenes between the copulate and Rihanna walking through Manhattan ‘s Lower East Side. “ What ‘s My diagnose ? ” was promoted with live performances, including Saturday Night Live in the United States and the series 7 finale of The X Factor in the United Kingdom .

Development and free [edit ]

Drake wrote and rapped a verse on “What’s My Name?” In November 2009, in an interview with MTV News, Canadian rapper Drake praised Rihanna ‘s then-upcoming fourthly studio album, Rated R ( 2009 ). During the same interview, he revealed that they have collaborated on a chase that did n’t make the final examination cut on the album, “ the record we have is big. It ‘s a special record, so for it not to make it, I know something had to click. It ‘s all estimable. I think the undertaking ‘s gon sodium be great no topic what. ” [ 2 ] Talking for the same publication, Tor Erik Hermansen of norwegian product duet Stargate recalled that during an event Rihanna met with Drake backstage and asked him to record a verse on her song, “ She ‘s calling me up saying, ‘Where are the files ? ‘ That ‘s one thing you do n’t hear much from artists on her level. ” [ 3 ] “ What ‘s My name ? ” was written by Mikkel S. Eriksen, Hermansen, Ester Dean, Traci Hale and Drake, while the production was done by Stargate. [ 4 ] In an interview for HitQuarters, Hale explained that she got into the project thanks to a phone call she received from Dean. She besides elaborated that her work on the sung was largely lyrical, while Dean and Stargate did most of the music. When asked what ‘s the inspiration behind the song she stated, “ Oh love, love, love ! And it ‘s sexy – it started as a real sexy track and then you put something sexy over it. ” [ 5 ] The collaboration was in the first place intended to be a remix of the song, while the alone interpretation would have been included on Rihanna ‘s fifth studio album Loud. however, in the end it made the final examination cut on the album. Regarding Drake ‘s inclusion on the song, Rihanna told MTV News, “ Drake is the hottest knocker out right nowadays and we ‘ve constantly been trying to work together. ” [ 3 ] According to her, when he heard the sung he liked it and wrote his verse after three days. [ 3 ] Rihanna has foster described the sung as very youthful, playful and identical melodic lead ; according to her that ‘s why Drake was the perfect option to be on it, “ campaign he ‘s a young knocker who has incredible melodies ”. [ 6 ] “ What ‘s My name ? ” was released as the second single from Loud ; it was sent to contemporary hit and rhythmical radio in the United States on October 26, 2010. [ 7 ] The single was made available for digital download on November 12 via the iTunes Store. [ 8 ] A compact disk individual featuring the song and a remix of it was released on January 21, 2011, in Germany. [ 9 ]

production [edit ]

“ What ‘s My name ? ” was recorded at the Roc the Mic Studios in New York City and at the Westlake Recording Studios in Los Angeles by Eriksen and Miles Walker. Rihanna ‘s vocals were recorded by Kuk Harrell, Josh Gudwin and Marcos Tovar and Harrell besides produced them. Bobby Campbell served as the outspoken assistant. Drake ‘s vocals were recorded by Noah “ 40 ” Shebib at The Hit Factory Studios in Miami. The commemorate of his vocals was assisted by Noel Cadastre and Brandon Joner. Its mix was done by Phil Tan at Ninja Beat Club in Atlanta while Damien Lewis provided an extra and adjunct technology. All the instruments were provided by Eriksen and Hermansen while Dean sang the background vocals. [ 4 ] In May 2011, in The Mix Review, an analyzing commercial productions, Mike Senior of Sound on Sound revisited the original desegregate of the song. According to him, before he started the desegregate, Senior played the song a couple of times before releasing what thing about it “ bugged ” him. [ 10 ] Working it out, he noted that the harmony of the blend is undermined by the complain drum. “ What ‘s My mention ? ” contains basic harmonies that are a bar of F # minor, a measure of A major and two bars of D-major. Senior stated that on the other english however, there ‘s a very little in the arrangement that could be seen like a traditional melodic bass-line. As the leave of that, the “ 808-style ” kick-drum ‘s pronounce pitched components with a might of 37 Hz and 74 Hz fill that help void with a ‘D ‘ note. According to Senior, “ the problem is that this lone actually supports the D‑major chord, destabilizing the home chord of F # minor ( by implying that it ‘s actually part of a D‑major 7th chord ) and clashing nastily with the A‑major. ” [ 10 ] He far stated that although might not be as apparent on minor speakers, it still represents “ helplessness ” for him. The segment of the song at 3:12 has four bars without the kick-drum and four without it. [ 10 ]

composition [edit ]

“ What ‘s My name ? ” is a mid-tempo [ 11 ] electro – R & B song, [ 12 ] produced by norwegian producers, StarGate, who return Rihanna to the “ Island-pop ” of her early on career with a back track consist of “ heavy reggae “ [ 13 ] and ska beats [ 14 ] with synthesize organs. [ 13 ] Bill Lamb from About.com noted that before Rihanna ‘s vocals start, there is an home buildup of “ dreamy drum car rhythm ”. Overall he described the support path as “ simple ” and “ atmospheric ”. [ 11 ] The sung was written by Mikkel S. Eriksen, Tor Erik Hermansen, Ester Dean, Traci Hale and Drake and incorporates themes of “ sexual activity and chat up ”. [ 15 ] Jocelyn Vena from MTV wrote the vocal delivery and lyric subject of the song as “ fresh ”. [ 15 ] Lamb as said that “ lyrically, [ What ‘s My name ? ] amounts to romantic, sexual sweetly nothings ”. [ 11 ] Rihanna called the collaboration “ young and playful ”, [ 16 ] something which Stacy Anderson from Spin and Nick Levine of Digital Spy both picked up, when commenting on the sexual insinuation in the lyrics. In particular, Anderson and Levine noted an arithmetic-based antic during Drake ‘s guest outspoken, where he says “ The square beginning of 69 is 8 something, right / ‘Cuz I been trying to work it out ”. [ 12 ] [ 17 ] Megan Vick from Billboard noted that “ Rihanna ‘s lavish song call on denotes a startle jump in adulthood from previous singles ”. [ 13 ]

critical reception [edit ]

Thomas Conner from the Chicago Sun-Times neither praise nor criticized the birdcall, but alternatively focused on the steaming climate of the composition. “ [ Rihanna ] and panting duet partner Drake steam the recording studio windows as he raps a helpless play-by-play ”. [ 18 ] Bill Lamb from About.com gave the song a positivist review, saying that “ There it is, the chorus opens the cut with “ Oh na na … what ‘s my appoint ? ” and the hook is hard implanted. It ‘s not long before Drake ‘s added on rap kicks in with clever, aphrodisiac and romantic rhyme. then the dreamy cram machine rhythm and Rihanna ‘s vocals kick in again. This is a collision … “ What ‘s My name ? ” is a dependable addition to that romanticist evening playlist. ” [ 11 ] Jocelyn Vena from MTV praised the “ song ‘s chorus ” and “ Drake ‘s verse ”. [ 15 ] Molly Lambert of Pitchfork Media praised Rihanna ‘s performance saying that “ On ‘What ‘s My Name ‘, Rihanna does n’t have to tell us how desirable she is – it is a given. There is never any doubt in her manner of speaking that Rihanna actually might a well be the only female child in the world ”. [ 19 ] Nick Levine from Digital Spy said “ ‘What ‘s My appoint ? ‘ is basically the long, elaborate lovemaking school term to ‘ Rude Boy ‘s hard’n’fast furrow … it manages to stay classy tied when Drake makes a chancy joke about the ‘square solution of 69 ‘ and Rihanna delivers a not-so-coy citation to oral sex. ” [ 12 ] Megan Vick from Billboard said “ a much as ‘What ‘s My list ‘ is a joint campaign, Rihanna owns the birdcall by delivering a more milled translation of her pop character. ” [ 13 ] According to Jon Dolan from Rolling Stone with the let go of of “ What ‘s My name ? ” as irregular single from the album Rihanna created “ a perfect little tropical storm ”. [ 20 ] He continued : “ [ … ] Over iniquity, humid synths and swirling trap skitters, she ‘s in full-on Caribbean-queen mode, dialing up her islander accent and rolling out a disturbance list for any adult male seeking entrance into her chambers ”. [ 20 ] however, he besides criticized Drake ‘s “ square-root of 69 ” trace, stating that Drake sounds like a nerdy ridicule from a brotherhood while he raps it. [ 20 ]

Chart operation [edit ]

“ What ‘s My name ? ” debuted at total 67 on Billboard ‘s Hot R & B/Hip-Hop Songs chart for the chart week of October 30, 2010 and steadily rose to a extremum of numeral two. [ 21 ] [ 22 ] The song debuted at number 83 on the Billboard Hot 100 after being sent to mainstream radio receiver, [ 23 ] and in the third base workweek it jumped to number one, after being released digitally, becoming Rihanna ‘s one-eighth number-one one on the chart and Drake ‘s first. [ 24 ] “ What ‘s My name ? ” managed to reach number one on the chart, before the lead single “ lone Girl ( In the World ) “, which topped the chart after two weeks. [ 25 ] In the same workweek, it reached the top blot on US Hot Digital Songs with foremost workweek sales of 235,000. Rihanna became the first artist in Billboard Hot 100 history to have their beginning single go to number one after their second individual ( “ Whats My name ? ” followed by “ only Girl ( In the World ) ” ). besides, Rihanna became the foremost artist to score a trio of Hot 100 leaders in a year since 2008, when she achieved the same feat with “ Take a Bow “, “ Disturbia “ and featured vocals on T.I. ‘s “ Live Your Life. ” [ 26 ] By its one-seventh workweek of digital release, the single crossed the one million mark. [ 27 ] The birdcall has sold 3,095,000 downloads in the United States alone, [ 28 ] and has been certified 6X platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America. [ 29 ]

In the United Kingdom, following the dismissal of Loud, “ What ‘s My name ? ” debuted at issue eighteen on the UK Singles Chart on November 27, 2010. [ 30 ] The adjacent workweek, on December 5, the birdcall reached a new flower of number eight, and during the like week, Rihanna had two other top 10 singles with “ entirely Girl ( In the World ) ” at number seven and “ Who ‘s That Chick ? “ ( by David Guetta featuring Rihanna ) at numeral nine. With that, Rihanna became the fourth artist in UK chart history to make this accomplishment. [ 31 ] On December 19, 2010, the song reached a new acme of number two, where it remained for three weeks [ 32 ] before reaching numeral one on January 9, 2011, becoming Rihanna ‘s fifth numeral one in the UK and Drake ‘s first gear. As a solution, Rihanna became the first female artist in UK chart history to have a number-one one in five straight years and merely the second base artist overall to do so ; the first was Elvis Presley, who posted number-one singles from 1959 to 1963. [ 33 ] It was besides the second time in her career that Rihanna simultaneously topped the singles and albums charts in the UK, the first time being in May 2007 when “ Umbrella “ and Good Girl Gone Bad topped the UK Singles Chart and UK Albums Chart, respectively. [ 34 ] Rihanna would score another chart double late that year, this time, with “ We Found Love “ and Talk That Talk. “ What ‘s My name ? ” was besides Drake ‘s beginning UK numeral one and remains his highest-charting unmarried to date. [ 35 ] As of January 2016, the song has sold 847,800 copies in the UK .

music video [edit ]

Rihanna shot the music video for the sung on September 26, 2010, in the Lower East Side of New York City and besides a small view in India with Raam Kapoor and director Philip Andelman. [ 36 ] Parts of the television changeable with Drake were filmed on October 27, 2010. [ 37 ] The music video recording premiered on November 12, 2010, on Rihanna ‘s Vevo distribution channel on YouTube. [ 38 ] The video starts with different shots from the city, then turns to a store where Drake is speaking to the cashier. Rihanna enters, grabbing his attention. She smiles at him and walks towards a electric refrigerator and grabs a milk software. Drake follows her and his verse begins. He holds her hand as he raps his poetry, the milk package falls from her hand as she holds his, thus spilling milk on the shock. When Drake ‘s verse is over, Rihanna pushes him and walks away with a smile. When Rihanna ‘s verse starts, she is shown walking on the street and dancing. Shots of people playing instruments and walking on the street are shown, in addition to scenes where Rihanna and Drake are in a bedroom together, flirting, talking and drinking champagne. The final scenery shows Rihanna in an outdoor Jamaican-themed night party with the people already shown are now playing instruments as Rihanna sings and dances. The television ends with Drake kissing Rihanna on her boldness in the bedroom .

live performances [edit ]

“ What ‘s My identify ? ” was performed for the first clock time ( without Drake ) on October 30, 2010, during her stint on the NBC television receiver series Saturday Night Live. [ 39 ] [ 40 ] Her outfit for the performance ( high-waisted Daisy Dukes and a bikini top ) drew comparisons to an outfit break by Rihanna ‘s friend, singer Katy Perry. [ 41 ] then on November 15, prior to the album ‘s exhaust, Rihanna returned to her performance of “ What ‘s My name ? ” for MTV ‘s The Seven, Live from Times Square, New York. [ 42 ] Just a day late, she performed the individual again, this time on the Late Show with David Letterman. [ 43 ] On November 17, 2010, she was interviewed for and performed the song as part of her hardened list for her appearance on Good Morning America. [ 44 ] At the american Music Awards of 2010 on November 21, 2010, Rihanna performed a short medley of hits which included “ Love the Way You Lie ( Part II ) “, “ What ‘s My mention ? ” and ended with “ lone Girl ( In the World ) “. [ 45 ] In the United Kingdom, Rihanna was invited back to series 7 of The X Factor on December 11, 2010, to perform “ unfaithful “ with finalist Matt Cardle and a solo performance of “ What ‘s My name ? “. [ 46 ] The finale was watched by fifteen million viewers but attracted complaints, in the thousands, about Rihanna ‘s choice of kit and intimate performance. [ 47 ] Vivienne Patterson, director of Mediawatch UK, said “ I do n’t think it was suitable for a pre-watershed broadcast, I think that ‘s quite clear ”. [ 48 ] UK ‘s media governor, Ofcom, late confirmed that it had launched an probe into the affair after 4000 complaints were registered regarding Rihanna and Christina Aguilera ‘s appearances at The X Factor finale. [ 49 ] Rihanna performed the song with Drake for the first time at the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards on February 13, 2011, [ 50 ] equally well as performing the song as a depart of a medley with “ lone Girl ( In the World ) “ and “ S & M “ live at the 2011 Brit Awards on February 15, 2011. [ 51 ] Rihanna besides performed the birdcall with Drake at the NBA All Star Game on February 20, 2011, equally well as performing the sung as a part of a medley of “ Umbrella “ / “ alone Girl ( In the World ) ” / “ Rude Boy “ / “ All of the Lights “ ( with Kanye West ). [ 52 ] The birdcall was function of the dress list for the australian leg of the last Girl on Earth tour, Loud Tour and the Diamonds World Tour. [ 53 ] In May 2011 Rihanna gave a performance of “ What ‘s My list ? ” on the Today usher, as a separate of the Summer Concert series, along with “ only Girl ( In the World ) ”, “ S & M ” and “ California King Bed “. [ citation needed ] Rihanna performed “ What ‘s My name ? ” at Radio 1 ‘s Hackney Weekend on May 24, 2012, as the sixth sung on the set tilt. [ 54 ] She besides performed the song at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards in a medley with “ Rude Boy ”, “ Pon de Replay “ and “ Work “. [ 55 ]

Formats and cut listings [edit ]

  • Digital download[56]
  1. “What’s My Name?” (featuring Drake) – 4:24
  • Digital Remixes EP[57]
  1. “What’s My Name?” (Low Sunday Up On It Extended) – 5:03
  2. “What’s My Name?” (Low Sunday Up On It Instrumental) – 5:00
  3. “What’s My Name?” (Kik Klap Mixshow) – 4:10
  4. “What’s My Name?” (Original Version Clean) – 4:27
  • German CD single[58]
  1. “What’s My Name?” (featuring Drake) – 4:24
  2. “What’s My Name?” (Low Sunday “Up On It” Radio) – 3:47

Credits and personnel [edit ]

Credits adapted from the lining notes of Loud. [ 4 ]

  • Recorded at Roc the Mic Studios, New York City; Westlake Recording Studios, Los Angeles; The Hit Factory, Miami
  • Mixed at Ninja Beat Club, Atlanta
  • Songwriting – Mikkel S. Eriksen, Tor Erik Hermansen, Ester Dean, Traci Hale, Aubrey Graham
  • Production – Stargate
  • Recording – Mikkel S. Eriksen, Miles Walker
  • Vocal production – Kuk Harrell
  • Vocals recorded by – Kuk Harrell, Noah “40” Shebib, Josh Gudwin, Marcos Tovar
  • Vocal recording assistant – Bobby Campbell, Noel Cadastre, Brandon Joner
  • Mixing – Phil Tan
  • Engineering assistant – Damien Lewis
  • Instrumentation – Mikkel S. Eriksen, Tor Erik Hermansen
  • Background vocals – Ester Dean

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