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Did Drake fair come out as a lesbian ? The Toronto native, who finally released his much-awaited sixth studio album ‘ Certified Lover Boy ’ aka CLB was trending all over the Internet after social media users clowned him for his raw lyrics from a song on the newly album .
The 34-year-old rapper ’ south brand newly record is packed with 21 tracks. however, the third gear song from the project called ‘ Girls Want Girls ’ featuring Lil Baby on the guest verse, took all the attention as Drake obviously confesses about being a lesbian. Fans, who were eagerly waiting for the album to drop, did not waste their prison term at all to take a note of Drake ’ s unusual confession. Drake ’ randomness ‘ CLB ’ is a follow-up to his fifth phonograph record ‘ Scorpion ’ that was released in 2018.

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Is Drake a lesbian?

Drake, who is one of the exceed global rappers, was caught on the wrong metrical foot, all thanks to the lyrics from his new album. On the hook of the song ‘ Girls Want Girls ’, the multi-platinum hip-hop artist croons, “ Starin ‘ at your dress ’cause it ‘s see-through/ Yeah, talkin ‘ all the s**t that you done been through/ Yeah, say that you a lesbian, daughter, me too/ Ayy, girls want girls where I ‘m from/ Wait, woah, yeah, girls want girls where. ” These repeatable lyrics from the track sparked a meme fest as social media users decided to mercilessly troll the rapper .
Speaking of Drizzy ‘s latest album, he made the acquittance date official after he hacked a SportsCenter teaser sending his patriotic fans into a dither. The multiple Grammy-winning rapper then dropped several insidious hints before last revealing the cover art on August 30 that came with multiple emojis of fraught women from different races. The award-winning rap giant then ultimately took to Instagram on Thursday, September 2 to reveal the official tracklist of the album. With an intention to promote ‘ CLB ’, Drake had besides dropped the official trade. Listen to the broad album here.

‘When Drake said ‘say that you a lesbian, me too’ 

social media users were left stunned a soon as they heard Drake confessing about being a lesbian. Taking to Twitter, one exploiter trolled the knocker saying, “ Why Drake margin call himself a lesbian LMFAOOOO. ” Another shared, “ I ‘d Drake comes out as lesbian ima need Peety Pablo to come out as pan on the new record and continue this wave. ”

One exploiter posted, “ He a lesbian besides tho pause Drake f**k incorrect wag you dawg. ” Whereas, another shared, “ When Drake said ‘ say that you a lesbian, me besides ’ I CHOKED. ” The adjacent matchless added, “ Drake francium fair called himself a lesbian on his album s**t crazy. ” While, one person announced, “ Drake came out as a lesbian. ” One said, “ I f**king laughed out loudly when one heard drake say he a lesbian excessively like whaat. ” And, one sociable media drug user concluded, “ Drake said he a lesbian lol I am not enjoying this at all. ”

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