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Six Years Old .
B. Slade

My feet couldn't reach the pedals
So my father got on his knees
And used his hands to press the pedals
At the bottom of the hammond B3

6 Years old


Baby (Wheezy outta here)
Let's go

My uncles taught a nigga how to hustle
My mama taught me how to use a rubber
I was six years old tryna sell

On top
jelly Roll

I will never go full broke (that's right)
I been trying to mind my business
I swear I've wanted it since six years old
Tell myself, "Work hard,

Old Files

A six year old trauma
A six year old caught up
A bitch has been distorted by a six year old trauma
And so these smiles are lying up a six year old

364 Days to Go
Brad Paisley

A Brad Paisley Christmas

a six year old
Only 364 days to go

We can't avoid it
No way around it
Before too long we'll be
Either back to work back to school
Or just back

How I Became invisible

was six years old and it broke my heart
Not that I'm older
(Not that I'm older)
Now that I'm older I don't give a fuck about anything
I watched

Love Me Like I Love
Jonathan Richman

I ‘m therefore confused

sandwich in there
Just like when I was six years old and someone loved me
Oh loved me, oh loved me
Like I love

Love me like I love
Love me like I love

Ruby ‘s Shoes
Lori McKenna

Paper Wings and Halo

would go

And she'd stop and she'd pray
That all the hatred would go away
She was only six years old but she knew
Walk a mile in Ruby's shoes


Lazy man
The Vanilla factory

When I was six years old
I thought I knew everything
I'm moving down the hall
To reach the land of the lazy man

When I was six years old
I thought I

piece By Piece
Kelly Clarkson

piece by Piece

the holes that you burned in me
At six years old and you know
He never walks away
He never asks for money
He takes care of me
He loves me
Piece by

Sean Paul


time fi a jeer

Now she gotta a six year old
Trying to keep him warm
Trying to keep all the cold
When he looks her in the eyes
He don't know he's

Jennifer Lost the War
The offspring


The world's a busy place
Guess she must have really sinned now
Really sinned now

I guess we're all just soldiers
She was only six years old

In Heaven
Tanner Olson

stuck in the past
My mind is rich with nostalgia, while my heart and hands long to be six-years-old once again
I know I'll never get back to being

The Wonderful Night
Gabby Pahinui

I know a night
Not over the street
But a night that will always be me

That road that I went down
When I was just about 6 years old
That song


changed me
Six years old shit close enough to call me baby
Money on my mind but money make em go fugazy
Love to smoke but this high give me nightmare in

capital Crows

told minds of a six year old
My personality will never fit the mold
For you I'd change but now I am deranged

You call it abusive
I should tie a noose

NC Blondi

Rapping since I was six years old yeah
Now I'm rapping till I'm a fucking ghost yeah
Rapping till I make it coast to coast yeah
Rapping till I give

Hang ‘Em High

Kid Capri

The tape

[news reporter]
Good evening, this is Dee Joseph for WBIZ radio
This just in - 
police officials report that a six year old girl was found raped
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