Nicki Minaj Releases ‘Beam Me Up Scotty’ Mixtape on Streaming Services With New Drake and Lil Wayne Collab

The Barbz weren ’ triiodothyronine disappointed. Earlier this week, Nicki Minaj began sharing a series of Instagram posts that teased some kind of secrete and/or announcement set for Friday. The rapper told fans she would be hitting up Instagram Live soon before midnight, leading many to believe she had new material in shop. And they were correct. During the Thursday night pour, Nicki confirmed Beam Me Up Scotty would finally be released on major stream services, and would include a fresh track called “ Seeing Green ” featuring Drake and Lil Wayne. Drizzy joined the air merely minutes before midnight, and explained why he had sent the sung to Nicki. “ It didn ’ metric ton spirit right, you not being on it … ” he said. “ cipher does this bullshit better than you … We miss your presence, we miss your bars. ”

Nicki added : “ [ Drake ] got me out of my writer ’ south stuff. He sent me something and it made me feel so competitive again … ” In summation to the Drake and Lil Wayne collab “ Seeing Green, ” the update interpretation of Beam Me Up Scotty features two early new tracks : “ Fractions ” and “ Crocodile Teeth ( Remix ) ” with Skillibeng. The DJ Holiday-hosted project was released on April 18, 2009, and marked Nicki ’ sulfur third mixtape. She previously released 2007 ’ sulfur Playtime Is Over and 2008 ’ s Sucka Free. It spanned 23 tracks, including “ I Get crazy, ” “ Itty Bitty Piggy ” and the “ Best I Ever Had ” remix and featured contributions from Drake, Lil Wayne, Gucci Mane, Busta Rhymes, Rihanna, and more. Nicki spoke about the tape during a 2009 interview with MTV News, saying she was motivated to create Beam Up Scotty after touring with the Young Money crowd : “ It made me hungry. That ’ s what inspired me and the music for the Beam Me Up Scotty videotape — the ‘ I Am music ’ tour. ”

She besides said the feat was intended to showcase her skills as an artist, as she felt endowment was being overshadowed by her image. “ I was oklahoma, but I wasn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate focusing on the music. I was doing pictures and stuff like that, so people knew me more for pictures than my music, ” she said. “ But with the Beam Me Up Scotty mixtape, they have to take me badly as an artist. so, I would say possibly a year ago, I started sharpening my skills. recently, I ’ ve been singing more. now it ’ s official — it ’ randomness going down like ‘ Town Julie Brown. ’ ” You can stream Beam Me Up Scotty now on Apple Music and Spotify below.

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