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David Karl Krusen ( born March 10, 1966 ) is an american musician who is best known for being the first drummer for the American rock band Pearl Jam and for his employment on the band ‘s debut album, Ten. Krusen was besides a member of the bands Hovercraft and Unified Theory, and is presently the drummer for Candlebox.

Krusen was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a penis of Pearl Jam on April 7, 2017. [ 2 ]

biography [edit ]

early on life [edit ]

Krusen was born in Tacoma, Washington and grew up in the town of Gig Harbor along with his two brothers and baby. [ 3 ] [ 4 ] He was into Elvis Presley and Chuck Berry when he was young, [ 4 ] and late got into The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, The Who, The Police, and Neil Young. [ 5 ] Krusen began playing locally in the Seattle area in 1979 while he was in eminent school. [ 6 ] His first set, Outrigger, was formed with his friends from high school. Throughout the 1980s, Krusen had several stints playing with Seattle area musical acts, including Boibs, Agent Boy, Gary Williams, Tramps of Panic, Liar ‘s Club, Hard Time, and WarmDrive. [ 6 ]

Pearl Jam [edit ]

Krusen was recruited in 1990 by bassist Jeff Ament and guitarist Stone Gossard to be the drummer for Pearl Jam. Krusen was asked to join Pearl Jam after auditioning with the isthmus. [ 6 ] Krusen was the first full-time drummer for Pearl Jam, replacing Matt Cameron. Cameron was unable to in full commit to Pearl Jam due to playing full-time in Soundgarden. Krusen played with Pearl Jam through to the completion of the isthmus ‘s debut album, Ten in 1991. After the record sessions for Ten were completed, Krusen left Pearl Jam in May 1991 and checked himself into reclamation. [ 6 ] According to Krusen, he was suffering from personal problems at the time, including dipsomania. [ 6 ] Krusen said, “ It was a great experience. I felt from the begin of that band that it was something particular, ” and added, “ They had to let me go. I could n’t stop drink, and it was causing problems. They gave me many chances, but I could n’t get it together. ” [ 5 ] Vocalist Eddie Vedder said, “ Krusen was a real bomber … He was going through a lot, but he had something in truth extra. ” [ 7 ] Krusen was replaced by Dave Abbruzzese .

hovercraft [edit ]

In the mid-1990s, Krusen joined Beth Liebling and Ryan Shinn in the dance band Hovercraft under the stage appoint “ Karl 3‒30 ”. Krusen replaced former drummer Eddie Vedder. With a more technically adept drummer, the ring was nowadays loose to play beyond the lo-fidelity noise experiments of its debut release, and play proper shows with structured improvisation and avant experimentalism. While as a member of Hovercraft, Krusen toured with the band and recorded the album Akathisia ( 1997 ) .

Diamond Star Halo [edit ]

In 1994 Krusen co-founded Diamond Star Halo with former Candlebox bass player Aaron Seravo. The two were introduced by a reciprocal friend and discovered they had precisely the like vision for a band. The ring was completed by Singer Bo Bligh and bassist Steve Martin the band released their first record in 1995 tilt In The Rough on Regal Recordings. The album was produced by Cristopher Thorne of Blind Melon and Kevin Martin of Candlebox & was mixed by Kelly Grey. The band enjoyed centrist success but not to the level of their early bands Candlebox and Pearl Jam. After much battle centering on singer Bo Bligh ‘s drug addictions the band dissolved. There was a late version of the band reformed by Seravo in 2000. Aaron Seravo died of cancer January 9, 2011, surrounded by friends and sleep together ones, at Stanford University Hospital. Steve Martin died very early on in 2011 as well ( committing suicide ) a few days before Seravo ‘s pass .

Candlebox [edit ]

Krusen was the second gear drummer for Candlebox, replacing previous drummer Scott Mercado. Krusen joined in 1997 and recorded the album Happy Pills ( 1998 ) while as a extremity of the ring. Krusen left the isthmus in 1999 and was replaced by Shannon Larkin of Ugly Kid Joe. Krusen completed eight tracks on the Candlebox record, Into the Sun, which was released in July 2008 and nine tracks on the latest Candlebox record, Love Stories & Other Musings, which was released in April 2012. As of 2015 he has rejoined the band .

Unified hypothesis [edit ]

Krusen played drums with the band Unified Theory on its self-titled album, issued in August 2000. The band was made up of two ex- Blind Melon members ( bassist Brad Smith and guitarist Christopher Thorn ) and newcomer Chris Shinn on vocals/guitar. Unified Theory began to form in early 1998. After the inaugural plan to carry on Blind Melon with a new singer did n’t work out, Smith and Thorn decided to start a newly ring and came across singer Chris Shinn after moving to Los Angeles. Krusen was already friends with Thorn and Smith. While working on tracks for a second gear album, delays set the band back, and Krusen grew reasonably torment and left. This finally led to Unified Theory ‘s break-up .

The Hung White Ponies [edit ]

Krusen played drums with The Hung White Ponies which besides included Rick Rosas on freshwater bass, Ryan Kralik on guitar and vocals and Michael G. Ronstadt on Cello. Formed in 2011 by Ryan Kralik, the band released the album No Agenda in 2011 along with a cover single of CSNY ‘s Neil Young penned authoritative protest tune Ohio which besides featured Iraq War vet Josh Hisle. In 2012 the concept audio/film album CRAZYTOWN A Visual Music Album was released as both an audio album and a feature of speech movie, winning multiple awards in both music and film categories. In 2013, after a west-coast enlistment, the band released the alive concert CD/DVD The Hung White Ponies Live at the High Dive which documented one of the tours Seattle, WA concerts. Krusen is credited as co-producer on many of the Hung White Ponies releases.

other musical projects [edit ]

After leaving Pearl Jam, Krusen teamed up with former Son of Man vocalist Tal Goettling, bass player Matt McClinton, and guitarist Tim Bethune to form the ephemeral but highly acclaim Purple Decade. The band recorded two demonstration tapes before imploding under the pressures of the Seattle and Los Angeles music scenes. In 2004, Krusen performed with musician Shawn Snyder as function of his second band. He was a part of a Seattle, Washington-based isthmus called Novatone which released the album Time Can’t Wait in 2005. He was Cheyenne Kimball ‘s drummer from 2005 to 2007 and played on her debut album, The Day Has Come ( 2006 ). He is presently working on a blues/noise-groove, avant-garde criminal record and performing hot and in the studio with diverse artists including Martyr Reef, Toy Robot, George Stanford, Lowlight, Jesse Cole, Foster Timms, Matthias Sturm, La La Birdtime, Dave Giles, Shelby, Carolyna Loveless, Chris Robinson, Puppies and Kittens and John Pringle. He is now touring with Ida Maria and recording her third gear album due out in 2012 .

equipment [edit ]

Krusen presently plays Paiste cymbals, DW, Gretsch, Yamaha and C & C Drums, Remo brake drum heads, and Vater drumsticks, preferring the SD9 in wood tip. [ 8 ]

personal life [edit ]

Krusen presently resides near Los Angeles with his wife and two children. [ 6 ] [ 8 ]

discography [edit ]

Pearl Jam discography [edit ]

Diamond Star Halo discography [edit ]

Year Title Label
1995 In the Rough Regal Recordings

Hovercraft discography [edit ]

Year Title Label
1997 Akathisia Mute

Candlebox discography [edit ]

Unified Theory discography [edit ]

Year Title Label
1999 Luma Self-released
2000 Unified Theory Universal
2007 Cinematic Wishbone

Novatone discography [edit ]

Year Title Label
2005 Time Can’t Wait Wax Orchard

Hung White Ponies discography [edit ]

Year Title Label
2011 No Agenda Anatomy Music Group
2011 Ohio (single) Anatomy Music Group
2012 CRAZYTOWN A Visual Music Album Anatomy Multimedia
2013 The Hung White Ponies Live at the High Dive Anatomy Music Group
2014 Aint No Saint (single) Anatomy Music Group

Contributions and collaborations [edit ]

References [edit ]

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