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ahead of the inaugural Women In The Mix virtual celebration during GRAMMY Week 2021, GRAMMY.com celebrates two-time GRAMMY achiever Cyndi Lauper, one of the event ‘s powerhouse participants .
The ’80s are known as a decade of overindulgence and extremes. These characteristics are surely show in the musicians from that era—both male and female— who flamboyantly boasted big hair and shimmery constitution, whose shoulders were padded and accessories were of the quantity-over-quality diverseness. By today ‘s standards, some lyrics of the meter may read as debatable, adenine far as sexual politics are concerned. however, Cyndi Lauper ‘s music remains uniquely empowering and inclusive in the twenty-first hundred .
On the surface, Lauper is a quintessential example of an ’80s pop leading : bubbly songs with narrative music video recording, cockamamie clothes plus hazardous hair and constitution. Her 1983 debut album, She ‘s then unusual, spawned four Top 5 singles on the Billboard Hot 100 and hit the No. 4 topographic point on the Billboard 200 album chart. She was nominated for five GRAMMYs in 1985 and took home the coveted Best New Artist award. The memorable, colored cover artwork besides helped the project earn Best Album Package. It has gone six times platinum in the U.S. and sold 16 million copies globally in 1984 .

Cyndi Lauper Wins Best New Artist

At the fourth dimension of the album ‘s publish in October 1983, Lauper was 30 years old and cipher ‘s cinch. Lauper knew who she was and what she wanted to portray, which was not a arouse miniature, but rather, a audacious and blunt feminist voice at a prison term when the Equal Rights Amendment placid had not been passed .
She insisted on writing her own songs, and when she was presented with “ Girls Just Want To Have Fun, ” written by Robert Hazard, she alone agreed to record it if she could change the lyrics, which were primitively about getting girls into bed. She flipped the song on its head and put her four-octave voice to work to shout girl ability and the mighty to have the kind of fun you want to have .
This is reflected in the sung ‘s funky, punkie television where a noisily clad Lauper with half-shaved orange haircloth declares that she and her gallon pals—a vibrant multicultural group of women—wanted to do whatever they deemed fun, on their terms. The message can be a rally cry for today ‘s young women, who live in a society where pornography and much of other media distillery depict the male point of watch of what fun entails : pleasing the man .

If the message was n’t clear enough on “ Girls Just Want To Have Fun, ” the tiny-yet-loud Lauper spelled it out in no changeable terms with “ She Bop. ” The song, with its absurd refrain : “ She sock, he bop, a we bop/I bop, you bop, a they bop/Be bop, be bop, a lutetium bop, ” is all about masturbation. In it, Lauper makes fun of every masturbation cliché such as, “ They say I better stop or I ‘ll go blind. ” She double entendres the hell out of her chthonian regions with “ I wan sodium go south and get me some more ” and “ I ca n’t stop messin ‘ with the danger zone. ”
The make bold video recording for “ She Bop ” went over the exceed in its risquéness, taking the chance of being banned from MTV, upon which pop stars were deeply subject. To start, Lauper is having a great time by herself in a car with steamed up windows and “ the pages of a Blueboy magazine. ” When she gets out of the car to a biker dandy and his revved up hog, she ‘s more matter to in “ picking up the good vibrations ” of the engine than anything the biker has to offer. When the video, now in animated form, shows them pulling up to “ Fill ‘Er Up ” accelerator station, cartoon Lauper points to the “ self service ” bless. The close picture shows a subterfuge Lauper doing an impressive soft-shoe with a cane because, obviously, she bopped therefore a lot she actually did go blind—but she did it on her terms.

While it was not banned from MTV, the song set off the radar of the Parents Music Resource Center, the now-defunct committee led by Tipper Gore, responsible for the parental advisory labels on albums. “ She Bop ” is one of the PRMC ‘s “ Filthy 15, ” a number of songs the administration deemed most objectionable at the prison term of its shape. It should be noted that two-thirds of the list is comprised of sex-related songs, including three songs penned by prince : his own “ Darling Nikki, ” Sheena Easton ‘s “ Sugar Walls ” and Vanity ‘s “ Strap On ‘Robbie Baby. ‘ ”
talk of the sung, Lauper told Vice   in 2016, “ I kept saying, ‘Look, I do n’t wan sodium citation anything to do with hands. ‘ I want fiddling kids to think it ‘s about dance and grown-ups to have a chuckle when they hear it. That ‘s how I wanted it so that ‘s how we did it. ”
Featured with contemporaries Madonna, Pat Benatar and Joan Jett, all feminist symbols in their own correctly, in Newsweek March 4, 1985 floor Rock and Roll Woman Power, it was Lauper who graced the cover. She is quoted in the story as saying, “ I ‘m beaming to have a female child following because I want to encourage them. I try to beget military capability and courage and function. I want to show them a modern woman. ”
She is not just an icon for women, but besides a stalwart advocate for the LGBTQIA community. “ true Colors, ” the title track from her second album, was inspired by the death of a friend due to AIDS. It was besides her second No. 1 ( her first base was “ Time After Time ” from She ‘s indeed unusual ). The song ‘s bequest rivals that of “ Girls Just Want To Have Fun. ” Lauper even named her non-profit, true Colors United, after it. The organization is dedicated to ending youth homelessness—which Lauper experienced personally—and which counts a large percentage of LGBTQIA amongst its numbers. Among on-key Colors United ‘s efforts are Lauper ‘s annual Home for the Holidays benefit concert. Lauper is besides on the board of the Matthew Shepard Foundation, which seeks to end hate crimes .
In 2013, Lauper ‘s drag queen Broadway musical “ Kinky Boots ” was nominated for 12 Tony Awards and won six, including Best Musical and Best Original Score. The music and lyrics are wholly written by the pop queen. The adopt class, the Kinky Boots Original Broadway Cast Recording won the GRAMMY for Best Musical Theater Album. She has penned music and lyrics for the musical adaptation of the 1988 comedy Working Girl, set to take the stage after theaters reopen .
She ‘s so unusual was likely named as such because of Lauper ‘s edgy, punk-inspired aesthetic. She was the person outcasts and outsiders could look to and see that it was not only okay to be unlike, but it could be celebrated. Later versions of her showed up in Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and even Billie Eilish. 40 years ago, no one could have predicted just how unusual, exceeding and durable Lauper would prove to be .
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