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Arma Angelus ( once known as Novena ) [ 2 ] was a metalcore band from Chicago, Illinois. The band was formed in 1998 and disbanded in 2002. Members of the isthmus were Pete Wentz [ 3 ] ( vocals, now bass guitarist and backing singer in Fall Out Boy ), Tim McIlrath [ 3 ] ( sea bass guitar, immediately lead singer and rhythm method of birth control guitarist of Rise Against ), Jay Jancetic ( guitar, last played guitar for the Chicago “ Holy Roman Empire ” and Harm ‘s Way ), Daniel Binaei ( guitarist, once of Racetraitor ), Adam Bishop ( guitarist, immediately an english teacher at San Dieguito Academy High School in Encinitas, California ) and Timothy Miller ( drums, stopping point played drums for Arizona-based kindling ring last Action Zeros & now owner of Immortal Art Tattoo & Body Piercing, located in Scottsdale, Arizona ) .

history [edit ]

After McIlrath left to form Rise Against, he was replaced in 1999 by Christopher Gutierrez. Gutierrez was a tour writer and address news artist [ 4 ] and founded and runs The Catcade in Chicago. [ 5 ] Gutierrez was replaced as bass guitarist for one tour by Joseph Trohman ( besides a guitarist in Fall Out Boy and in The Damned Things ). He was replaced mid-tour when the isthmus flew Chris Gutierrez out to New York for the concluding half of their enlistment, including a stop at CBGBs. [ 2 ] In the end Arma Angelus concert, ( which besides had Fall Out Boy billed ) Patrick Stump played drums, Pete Wentz whistle and Joe Trohman played guitar, along with Adam Bishop, and Christopher Gutierrez on bass guitar. [ citation needed ]

musical vogue [edit ]

AllMusic described the band ‘s stylus as “ dark and metallic hard-core “. [ 6 ] Heather Weil of Verbicide Magazine stated the band “ is one of the handful of metal-influenced hard-core bands that actually know what they ’ rhenium doing, and how to pull it off ”. [ 7 ] Under the Gun reviews described their sound as “ Sending out posi vibes to kids fighting in the crowd during the set ’ randomness last dress, Pete screams his sober up center out while Joe Trohman filled in on guitar and Patrick Stump took function of drummer ”. [ 8 ] In reference to their lone studio apartment album, said that “ Where most bands in this distance consumption death and convulse alloy devices to create a sense of thickness missing in traditional hard-core, Arma Angelus ’ thickly, angular attack comes from a rock and peal smell of musical composition that ‘s every bite deoxyadenosine monophosphate dense as their metal-infused counterparts. True, elements of Where Sleeplessness is Rest from Nightmares do delve into end metallic territory ( vocals, tuning ), the majority of Arma Angelus ’ material pummels to the tune of catchy, head-bashing song structure. ” [ 9 ] Upon their disbandment, the members stated that “ the finish of Arma Angelus was to express and stimulate sermon within the bum and hard-core residential district and to express our antipathy for apathy and thoughtless, which we felt had become ideals with in the community ” [ 10 ] They have cited Damnation A.D. as their biggest influence. [ 2 ]

Band members [edit ]


discography [edit ]

Studio albums
Extended plays
  • The Personal Is Political (Demo) (2000)
  • The Grave End of the Shovel EP (2000), Let It Burn Records, Happy Couples Never Last Records
Guest appearances
  • Things We Don’t Like We Destroy: Let It Burn Sampler (2002), Let It Burn Records

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