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This article is about a slang term for a personality trait. For early uses, see Snowflake ( disambiguation )
Snowflake “ is a 2010s derogative slang term for a person, implying that he or she has an balloon sense of singularity, an undue common sense of entitlement, or is overly-emotional, well offended, and unable to deal with opposing opinions. Common usages include the terms “ limited snow bunting ”, “ Generation Snowflake ”, and “ snowflake ” as a politicize abuse. In the by it had preferably unlike meanings in reference to white people.

Origins of the allegorical intend

It is popularly believed that every snow bunting has a unique structure. [ 1 ] [ 2 ] Most usages of “ snowflake ” make reference to the physical qualities of snowflakes, such as their unique structure or fragility, while a minority of usages make reference to the whiten color of snow. [ 3 ] [ 4 ]


interracial relations

In the 1860s, “ snow bunting ” was used by abolitionists in Missouri to refer to those who opposed the abolition of bondage. The term referred to the coloring material of coke, referring to valuing white people over black people. This usage was not believed to have extended beyond the department of state of Missouri in the 1800s. [ 4 ] [ 3 ] In the 1970s, according to Green’s Dictionary of Slang, snow bunting has been used to describe “ a white person or a bootleg person who was perceived as acting besides much like a white person ”. [ 5 ] [ 3 ]

dyslogistic reference point to uniqueness

Chuck Palahniuk has often been credited with originating the modern dyslogistic use of “ snow bunting ” in his 1996 fresh Fight Club, which contains the quote : “ you are not extra, you are not a beautiful and alone snowflake ”. [ 4 ] [ 3 ] The 1999 film adaptation besides includes this line. [ 4 ] In January 2017, Palahniuk directly claimed credit, adding that unseasoned adults of the 2010s show “ a kind of new Victorianism “. [ 6 ] Palahniuk ‘s claim has been questioned. [ 4 ] In a abruptly essay for Entertainment Weekly, Palahniuk late clarified that while writing the novel in 1994, he did not intend “ snowflake ” to be an abuse, and said it had nothing to do with fragility or sensitivity. Rather he was consciously reacting against the constant praise he had encountered in the education system, which he said had rendered him an “ idiot ” and ill equipped him for the earth. He said “ A life of disingenuous, one-size-fits-all praise had kept most of my peers from pushing hard to achieve any actual triumph, and consequently we had no inner common sense of ability or likely. ” [ 7 ] The metaphor has been used positively with students to celebrate their individuality ( and teamwork ). [ 8 ] Following Fight Club, the terms “ special snowflake ” and “ special snow bunting syndrome “ were applied to individuals with a negative intension. [ 9 ] [ 10 ] such terminology refers to people who believes their condition as a unique individuals means they are destined for great success, or deserve a special career, with abundant praise and admiration. [ 11 ] [ 12 ] According to Merriam-Webster, in the 2000s snowflake referred “ largely to millennials who were allegedly excessively convinced of their own condition as special and unique people to be able ( or bothered ) to handle the normal trials and travails of regular adult life ”. [ 4 ]

“ generation Snowflake ” : reference book to enhanced sensitivity

The terminus “ Generation Snowflake “ or “ Snowflake Generation “ was popularized by Claire Fox ‘s 2016 book I Find That Offensive!, which discussed a 2015 student/faculty confrontation at Yale University. [ citation needed ] The confrontation arose between university students and faculty Head of College, Nicholas A. Christakis. The confrontation, which was recorded and uploaded to YouTube, shows university students arguing with Christakis over a discrepancy regarding Halloween costumes and the degree to which Yale University should intervene regarding student costumes which may be perceived as cultural appropriation. Fox described the video as showing a : “ screech, about hysterical throng of students ” and that the backlash to the viral video recording led to the disparage nickname “ coevals snowflake ” for the students. [ 13 ] [ non-primary source needed ] The term “ snowflake generation ” was one of Collins English Dictionary’s 2016 words of the year. Collins defines the term as “ the young adults of the 2010s ( born from 1980-1994 ), viewed as being less bouncy and more prone to taking discourtesy than former generations ”. [ 14 ] The terms “ generation snow bunting ” and “ snowflake generation ” are frequently used in reference to use of trigger warnings and condom spaces, or to describe unseasoned adults as anti- absolve address, specifically in reference to a practice referred to as deplatforming. [ 15 ] [ 16 ] [ 17 ] It has besides been used to refer to a reported increase in mental health issues among young adults. [ 18 ]


Following the referendum result in favor of Brexit in the UK and the election of Donald Trump as 45th President of the U.S., “ generation snow bunting ” was frequently shortened to just “ snowflake ” and became a politicize diss. A November 2016 article from The Guardian commented : “ Until very recently, to call person a snowflake would have involved the parole ‘generation ‘. ” [ 9 ] Snowflake as a politicize diss is typically used by those on the political right to insult those on the political leave. [ 9 ] In an article from the Los Angeles Times, Jessica Roy says the alt-right in the United States pejoratively describes most liberals and those protesting against Donald Trump as “ snowflakes ”. [ 19 ] deoxyadenosine monophosphate 2017 article from Think Progress commented : “ The diss expanded to encompass not barely the young, but liberals of all ages ; it became the name of option for right-wingers to fling at anyone who could be accused of being besides well offended, excessively in want of ‘safe spaces, besides flimsy ‘ ”. [ 5 ] Jonathon Green, editor program of Green’s Dictionary of Slang, points out snowflake is an unusual insult in that it calls person unaccented and delicate without using misogynous or homophobic references. [ 20 ] Actor George Takei extended the metaphor to emphasize the power of snowflakes, saying : “ The thing about ‘snowflakes ‘ is this : They are beautiful and singular, but in large numbers become an unstoppable avalanche that will bury you. ” [ 20 ] Others have returned the insult second at those with rightist politics, arguing “ oversensitive whiners can be found all over the political spectrum ” including President Trump. comedian Neal Brennan referred to Donald Trump as “ the biggest snow bunting in America ”, [ 20 ] while a January 2017 public opinion slice from The Guardian refers to President Trump as “ Snowflake-in-Chief “ [ 21 ] and CNN observer Anthony Kapel “ Van ” Jones called Trump “ President Snowflake ” based on his reply to the FBI ‘s Russia probe in May 2017. [ 22 ] Shelly Haslam-Ormerod, aged lector in mental health and wellbeing at Edge Hill University, strongly criticised the use of the term, arguing in The Conversation that it stigmatises the mental health challenges faced by nowadays ‘s youthful people in an unsealed earth and noting that even children aged under 10 have been unfairly labelled “ snowflakes ” in yellow journalism articles. [ 23 ] In 2017, a U.S. market caller created a “ snow bunting examination ” to be used in its rent process to “ weed out excessively sensitive, liberal candidates who are besides easily offended ”. many questions were designed to assess a campaigner ‘s position on America, police, and guns. [ 24 ] however, psychologist and academic from the Manchester Business School at the University of Manchester, Cary Cooper suggests it is a poor scheme for attracting talented younger workers. [ 25 ] “ Broflake ” ( from “ bro “ and “ snowflake ” ) is a related derogative term which the Oxford Dictionaries define as “ a man who is promptly upset or offended by progressive attitudes that conflict with his more conventional or bourgeois views ”. [ 26 ] It has besides been applied to women, in the more general sense of person who claims to not be easily offended, yet often is. [ 27 ]

In popular acculturation

In March 2017, the american populate sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live aired a skit about a Trump-loving chase that, through the aid of engineering, was able to berate the anti-Trump humans in the room as “ liberal snowflakes ”. [ 28 ] [ 29 ]

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