DJ Testimonials from Happy Clients & Couples | Sliding Vinyl


The music was fantastic, lots of people were dancing and it was a ace sidereal day !
L O, The Wharf
Great music thanks !
E H, Cavalry and Guards Club

Music was great ! He kept the dance floor filled all night – and was a adorable guy besides !
R G, Colville Hall

The music was fantastic, lots of people were dancing and it was a super sidereal day !
T D, Pembroke Lodge

The music at our reception was fantastic. It was the right proportion of songs we requested/requests from guests on the night/music choose by the DJ to keep the atmosphere full of life. There wasn ’ t a point that a music change interrupted the flow .
C R, London Wetlands Centre

DJ was antic, and music was absolutely bang on ( as borne out by how backpack the dancing floor was all night ). Thanks for a great night .
G RJ, Stoke Park

Thank you then much for organising the DJ for our marry – he was fantastic – actually friendly and professional and not once did the dance floor empty out or flush have a placid period !
J S, Pembroke Lodge
It was truly brilliant ! I think everyone had a great time – the music was the frosting on the cake..
J H, The Cavalry & Guards Club

I thought you did a bright job. Thank you very much. I am beaming that we got person so professional .
A S, Hampton Court Palace

I precisely wanted to thank you for Friday night, the DJ did a fantastic job playing capital music that got everyone going on the dance floor !
J C, Brixton East

The music was bang-up, everyone had such a dependable night and the DJ was fantastic ! Thank you sol much !
L T, Pembroke Lodge

We had a great sidereal day and fabulous even – all the music was brilliant and kept the dance floor filled all evening, which is what we were looking for. Lots of our friends commented on how great the playlist was angstrom well !
R B, Micklefield Hall

just wanted to say a huge thank you for Saturday night. You did a great job combining the easterly and western music and getting everyone on the dance deck ! We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves !
P S, The Gallivant

good wanted say a massive thank you for Saturday ! Everyone was on the dance floor until the last song !
S B, The Brewery

The music was antic ! Thank you. precisely what we wanted and had imagined !
H R, Micklefield Hall

Great Dancefloor – loved it !
S W, Stoke Park

Music was very adept – thank you so much !
A C, Micklefield Hall

Thank you so much – it was the most amazing night and we loved the music ! !
B S, Loseley Park

The music was big and we all had a fantastic evening. Thank you for everything !
J S, Muswell Hill Golf Club

The even went flawlessly and we had so many convinced comments on the music. It could very not have gone any better !
C V, The Pump House Gallery, Battersea Park

The music was excellent – precisely what we wanted ! The DJ played the songs we specified and included some others that we hadn ’ metric ton think of that were wholly in line with the genres we focused on. All in all, the DJ did an excellent job ! !
B S, Pembroke Lodge

The DJ was absolutely brainy, so please pass on our huge thanks to him !
K R, The Wharf

It was capital, thank you very much ! All of the guests had a fantastic time !
S O, Pembroke Lodge

It was absolutely brainy he did a brilliant job of keeping the dance floor busy changing the music when it wasn ’ t quite working and answering requests ! He did a big job with the uplighters besides – was a fantastic evening, thank you again for everything !
D P, Morden Hall

The DJ was actually big – he did everything we asked of him, sensed the right writing style of music to keep the crowd happy and flush let my daughter pretend to “ DJ ” a short set.
A M, Stoke Park

The whole day and nox was great. Your man was first class and actually got the vibration of the juncture and those give – please pass both our thanks once more to him. We would highly recommend Sliding Vinyl to anyone we know.
C G, Stoke Park
just to say it was a fantastic night and our Sliding Vinyl DJ did a bang-up job, it was absolutely brilliant ! !
J B, The Cavalry & Guards Club
I just wanted to say a quick thank you for the excellent services your DJ provided on the night of our marry ! He did a fantastic subcontract and we could not be happier with your service ! We will decidedly be recommending to friends and family in the future !
N R, The Caledonian Club
The music for our wedding was great and a particular thank you to the DJ for the concoction of our first dancing. Guests truly enjoyed the dancing besides.
J L, The Barbican
The music was absolutely blot on – thank you therefore much – everyone had a great time and a capital dance ! !
M D, The Gallivant
The music was great, the DJ was bright and did everything on distributor point. We were very glad with him, he even got my parents up and dancing crazy !
S A, Pembroke Lodge
Everything was big, thanks very much !
L M, The Pepys

We had a fantastic meter thank you and the DJ and Sax were bright ! ! ! ! !
S C, Micklefield Hall

The music and the standard atmosphere were bang-up and we truly enjoyed the party.
E C, Pembroke Lodge

The music at our marriage was fantastic. Your Sliding Vinyl did a great job of keeping the dancefloor full pretty much the whole night-which is precisely what we hoped would happen. All our guests commented on how bang-up it was that he would play request songs identical promptly too-and how great the music was in general.
A R, Micklefield Hall

It was such an amazing night, and our Sliding Vinyl did a great speculate picking when to play the tracks in our very random excerpt, and mixing in guest requests very nicely. A lot of dance was done that nox ! I will decidedly be recommending Sliding Vinyl.
M S, South Farm 

The music great – thank you for organizing !
S S, Stoke Park

Everyone had a great time !
M J, Bury Court Barn

just thought I should let you know that the DJ was absolutely fantastic ! We are over the moonlight, thank you !
A A, The Lansdowne Club

The music couldn ’ thyroxine have gone any better !
M M, Highclere Castle

The dance was great – thank you !
G W, Stoke Park

Thanks, the DJ was fabulous – we danced all night. Really nice guy.
Z P, The Gallivant

Our Sliding Vinyl DJ did a fantastic problem. Thanks thus much for everything and I hope he had fun too..
P H, Bethnal Green Town Hall Hotel

Thanks, the music went down very well.
J S, Pembroke Lodge

The music was capital for our wedding on 11th June ! ! Thank you very much. The DJ we had was perfective, couldn ’ t have asked for better.
F M, The Pepys

I just want to say a huge thank you for the music on the day ! All of our guests commented on how good the DJ was and he had our guests up and dancing all night. The songs were a great shuffle of old and modern and there in truth was something for everyone. It was so much fun and in truth was a bang-up party !
S M, Micklefield Hall

I would like to thank you for organising our Sliding Vinyl DJ who made our night playfulness and memorable. The music was spot on and my friends and I were dancing all night long. Please extend our gratitude to the DJ – he was absolutely adorable, friendly and identical professional .
S O, Pembroke Lodge

The music was great, thanks. We were please and many of our guests showed an energy we didn ’ t know they had ! Thanks for all your help. Everything seemed seamless from your end .
R C, Skinners Hall
big thanks to Sliding Vinyl for helping to make our wedding party then memorable. He was a great DJ.
N S, RAF Club
Your Sliding Vinyl DJ was such a adorable guy and he stuck to my playlist which was wholly capital. Everyone enjoyed the music and he was highly accommodating, thank you !
A S, Ham Yard Hotel
We loved the music at our marriage. The DJ was very professional and responded immediately to any request we had. We will decidedly be recommending your company to our friends.
L H, Battersea Park Pump House
The DJ was fantastic – it was great, everyone commented on how good the music was, so thanks identical much ! !
K B, Bethnal Green Town Hall Hotel
The DJ was precisely what we asked for, many thanks. It was a belittled marry but there was enough of dancing !
R H, Stoke Park
Thanks for following up – the DJ was brilliant, thanks therefore a lot !
J G, Micklefield Hall
It was great, thank you !
C G, London Wetlands Centre
Everything was great thanks. We had an amazing day and night, and your man did a top job.
O T, Savile Club
It was absolutely fantastic thank you ! People were up dancing the whole nox, it was perfect !
N F, South Farm
Great gig last night – the DJ was brill ! Everyone loved him ! many thanks.
S D, Pembroke Lodge
We had an excellent even. The DJ was truly good. He stuck well to the suggest songs we provided, arsenic well as taking requests. The DJ was besides capital at synchronising the ordering of songs and managed to cater for all tastes and ages. He was besides very friendly. We were identical please and print with him and would decidedly recommend.
T K, Pembroke Lodge
The music was great thanks… the DJ tailored the music and mood in truth well, and lots of people were up and dancing ! We would highly recommend Sliding Vinyl to anyone else looking to hold an event at Stoke Park.
R H, Stoke Park
The music was fabulous ! He did a brilliant job. precisely what we were after ! We had tons of feedback from guests who loved the tunes and couldn ’ t keep off the dance floor !
R B, Artisan of Clerkenwell
Great DJ, actually friendly and he stuck to what we wanted in terms of the music playlist. The uplighters besides looked stunning in the room after dinner !
T G, Haymarket Hotel
Our wedding at Stoke Park was fantastic ! ! ! The DJ was terrific ! We had great feedback from our friends and family and we danced until the music was switched off at 1am. We in truth appreciated the fact that Aaron played everyone ’ mho requests on the nox ! ! ! Thank you very a lot and we will decidedly recommend Sliding Vinyl to everyone we know throwing a party in the UK !
J G, Stoke Park
Everyone loved the music and danced all night. The Sliding Vinyl DJ was excellent !
G B, Chandos House
We had a brilliant day and the music was brainy – very deplorable that we had to leave !
H B, Private Marquee
The music was great – the DJ was good at responding to requests and changing the mood etc. Thanks for everything – it all happened very seamlessly and the music was ready to go when we needed it.
S C, Skinners Hall
The DJ and party was a blast, we didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate want it to stop. The dance floor was permanently packed … which is surely a sign of success ! We loved every minute of it !
G M, Private Marquee
The music was antic. Everyone had a big meter. therefore many of our guests commented on how good they thought the playlist was !
J M, Bethnal Green Town Hall Hotel
Everything went wonderfully. We are very please !
C S, Caledonian Club
The music was fantastic. Everyone had a great time. so many of our guests commented on how commodity they thought the playlist was. Thank you !
J M, Bethnal Greeen Town Hall Hotel
The music was great ! Thank you !
E H, Micklefield Hall
The music was brainy, thank you ! ! We had a great time and lots of our guests commented on how much they were enjoying it on the nox, we were all very defeated when it ended ! Thank you so a lot for providing such a big service. We would decidedly recommend you to our friends.
L D, The Gallivant
Thanks for everything….the DJ was great, it was a crack day / night !
A W, The Corinthia
The music was amazing at the marry and the DJ was BRILLIANT ! ! He appeared and started playing straight after the speeches without us tied realising he was there and he was amazing. No ABBA played all night, he was amazing with requests and seemed like such a nice guy. Thanks for everything as it made the wedding so fantastic !
H A, Canal 125
The music was fantastic thank you ! You smashed it ! !
K B, Gray’s Inn
many thanks for the music last night – we truly enjoyed it !
J H, Pembroke Lodge
The DJ did a great subcontract and we had a great wedding, thank you !
A C, Loseley Park
Yes music was great thanks just a shame you had to finish ! Thanks always indeed much you did us proud !
M B, Oaks Farm
The DJ was great and since everyone has said how good they thought he was ! Plus he kept absolutely to the abbreviated – we did have a few bum tracks ( on guest requests ! ) but entirely after it was okayed with the groom !
V M, Private Marquee
The music was perfect thanks ! The DJ was fabulous and play songs that kept everyone on the dance floor – our guests surely weren ’ thyroxine diffident about busting out some hilarious dancemoves !
A L, The ICA
fabulous nox, many thanks for all your DJs personal touches… A big time had by all !
R L, Ognisko Polish Club
The music at the marry was great. Thanks very much !
S I, Private Marquee
The DJ was identical thoroughly. Everyone came to the dance floor immediately and we had a great party, he played all the correct tracks. We couldn ’ t have wished for a better marriage night.
L W, Gray’s Inn
It was precisely the kind of music that kept everyone dance and having a great time. I loved that you were able to sense our mood and keep everyone happy and laughing.
T D, Brixton East
The music was bright thank you sol much, smudge on !
S M, Nonsuch Mansion
The music was great, I have constantly said that is the one night I want to dance all nox long and I did, thanks to the great music played and fabulously shuffle. The DJ was capital and played all the songs requested by our guests. All our guests said how great the DJ was !
S G, Oaks Farm
Thank you so much. It was capital and everything seemed to run smoothly. We had very convinced comments on the music and we enjoyed it so much. Thank you !
L W, The Pepys
We were very very happy with the music on Saturday. the DJ was amazing and played a bunch of the songs we sent over on our list which was great. We had a draw of people come up to us and say how good the music was so we are very felicitous clients !
L J, Ridge Farm
The music was fantastic on Saturday ! Great shuffle and the dance floor was reasonably much completely full moon for the wholly night. Everyone seemed to be thoroughly enjoying the music.
J P, Marquee
Brilliant, thanks so much. DJ was truly great.
N G, Micklefield Hall
The music was antic ! Our alone sorrow was that we were running belated and then could only enjoy the music for 2 hours but everyone inactive had a fantastic time dancing away.
C L, Savile Club
The DJ did fantastic a job ; thanks again to you both for your help
D B, Merchant Taylor’s Hall
The DJ and Saxophonist were brilliant ! We had such dear nox ! I would decidedly recommend Sliding Vinyl to anyone hosting an consequence.
K B, Trafalgar Tavern
Music was antic thank you ! Thank you so much and I hope we have the luck to use your skills again in the approximate future !
D N, Savile Club
It was amazing. Dance floor was wax all night ! Loved the DJ. Thanks for everything !
V L, Pembroke Lodge
It was bang-up – in truth well received by everyone !
R P, Trafalgar Tavern
The DJ was fantastic, the dancefloor was full all night !
R G, Battersea Pump House
The music was great ! Thank you so much, it was such an amaze party !
K E, Hatfield House
Everything went very well – the DJ did a fantastic job !
R F, Stoke Park
The music for our wedding was fantastic. The DJ kept everyone on the dancefloor with some classics and took some great requests from people and ignored the more stupid ones ! excellent !
L T, Botleys Mansion
We had a fantastic time concluding night ! Thanks for keeping the dance floor well packed with vodka fuelled dancers ! A big night had by all !
C D, Ognisko Restaurant
The DJ was fantastic and always had a herd on the dance deck, fantastic so please evanesce on my thanks. Would highly recommend.
N C, Stoke Place
We couldn ’ t have been happier. Please say thank you to your man on the decks ! Set the timbre fair right and got everyone dancing – our guests had a lot of playfulness.
J B, Artisan of Clerkenwell
We would merely like to say a massive thank you to you all for DJ ’ ing at our wedding, at the change venue so end minute. The music was brainy it had all our guests dancing throughout the night !
H W, Wotton House
The music was brilliant all evening and so many people were up dancing all night ( me included ! ! ). We ’ ll decidedly be recommending you to everyone we know who is getting married or having a party soon !
L B, Bury Court Barn
It was antic thank you then much for all your help. Your guy was capital, we had no complaints, precisely praise and we all actually enjoyed ourselves !
I D, Pembroke Lodge
The music was fantastic, thank you !
R S, Fox & Grapes
The music was brilliant. Thank you so much. We wanted it to be a party and everyone danced the whole night. We couldn ’ t have asked for more.
M L, B + H Buildings
The music was absolutely great – thank you so much. We had an amaze clock time and everyone was up and dancing the whole night.
N L, Denbies Wine Estate
many thanks – we thought the music was great. Everyone had an amaze time and we thought the set was actually well balanced.
J W, Dartmouth House
Everything was amazing. Thank you so much for your great servicing !
S S, Clandon Park
The music was bright, it appealed to everyone. And have received numerous compliments on how capital the playlist was and the dance floor was full at all times.
N C, Pembroke Lodge
It was great playfulness ! ! It all went actually smoothly and we loved the music !
A T, Gazette Brasserie
We had a accomplished ball at the marriage and I think the music was spot on and excellent. Don ’ metric ton think there was ever a prison term where the dance floor was empty so thank you so very a lot.
M L, Pembroke Lodge
Thanks so much for all your efforts at the marry. We had a fantastic sidereal day and the music was precisely what we wanted and seemed to keep everyone entertained. You did a great occupation !
D L, Pembroke Lodge
Fantastic, it was just what we wanted, everyone had a big time !
S S, Stoke Park
You did an absolutely amazing speculate – everyone had such a great night ! The mixes were indeed great !
C P-G, South Farm
The DJ was fantastic. He truly read the floor and we could not have been happier !
D H, St Ermins Hotel
We loved our wedding it was the most perfective day and the DJ made it all the more arrant getting everyone astir on the dance floor and keeping them on there ! He did an excellent subcontract for our inaugural dance excessively which went down very well : )
J S, Bury Court Barn
It was amazing ! Everyone was saying how great the music was ! Where can we leave u a review ?
J R, Samuel Pepys
The music was arrant, actually well judged and thank you for being so affected role with our endless requests ! ! You very made the marriage such playfulness – decidedly have recommended you to lots of our friends who have approaching weddings !
A P, St John Restaurant
Yes the DJ was great and the music was very good. We actually enjoyed it. Thank you.
M C, London Wetlands Centre, Barnes
We were identical felicitous with the music thanks, The DJ played the sort of material we asked for, and deal with both good/bad requests appropriately ! predictably the meal/speeches overran indeed there wasn ’ thymine as much clock time for music as planned but it went toss off very well and there was batch of dancing.
J M, The Artisan of Clerkenwell
Thank you so a lot for Saturday ! What a day ! We have received bang-up feedback from your services and will spread the good word.
D S, Gibson Hall
I was thrilled that the dancefloor was full for the entire night, the DJ judged the guests and the music perfectly. As one node commented ‘ the only mistake the DJ made was continuing to play such beneficial music correct to the end that it was unmanageable to get everyone to leave as they wanted to carry on partying ! ’.
C A, One Whitehall Place
It was fantastic, everyone had so much playfulness and even my 90 year old grandma was dancing which is something I will never forget ! !
K S, Dartmouth House
It was capital the DJ did a antic job. He knew precisely what to play to get everyone dancing and there weren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate many moments at all when the dancefloor wasn ’ t full. Everyone had a fabulous time. Thanks you sol a lot : – ). I will surely be recommending Sliding Vinyl to any friends who are getting married.
L F, Andaz Hotel
I didn ’ triiodothyronine get to spend as much time on the dance floor as I would have liked ( I guess that ’ s how it goes at your own wedding ! ), but I truly enjoyed hearing songs we requested. I think everyone very enjoyed the music and had a great time, so thank you very a lot.
A R, Dartmouth House
We very wanted to thank you for your efforts on the night. We very enjoyed the music and thought everything was just perfect.
N A, Coworth Park
The DJ was amazing and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves ( although respective hours of all our favorite songs did about finish us off ! ) !
Z A, Barnsley House
Thank you for saturday – we had a great time and the music was amazing, is there anywhere you want us to out a revue ?
K S, Dartmouth House
We had a fantastic time on Saturday ! All was fabulous ! The DJ did a superintendent job and the sax player was such a great addition ! I was on the dance shock all night ! Thank you !
D S, The Corinthia
The DJ was brilliant and the music precisely what we wanted. Everyone had a bang-up prison term and we will surely be recommending Sliding Vinyl.
C Y, South Farm
equitable wanted to say a huge thank you for playing at our marriage ! What a party – sol many people have said it ’ s the best party they have ever been to and this wouldn ’ thyroxine be the case without such an amazing bent you played for us ! – absolutely amazing !
N W, Stoke Place
The DJ was absolutely brilliant on the night. Everything we asked of him he did precisely correct and the whole night was perfect. All those little fiddly things we wanted around the 2nd marriage he got equitable correctly and he judged the tone of the pre wedding music good right.
S Y, Stationers Hall

Thanks thus much had a antic nox everyone had a great time and loved the music disk jockey was bang-up.
D M, St Ermins Hotel
The music was superb ! ! Everybody loved it and there wasn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate any time where the dance floor was empty which is always a good sign.
Thank you for all of your efforts and a fantastic night
S P, The Hospital Club
The music was brainy, precisely what we wanted and it couldn ’ t have gone better. Lots of people have commented on how adept the disk jockey was then that ’ s always a good sign !
J K, Chiswell St Dining Rooms
The music you played at our marriage was fabulous ! specially during dinner, it was just what we wanted. We didn ’ metric ton expect so many people on the dancing floor, so hats off to you for judging your crowd and knowing the right music to get everyone up and boogie, tied the aged !
L Y, Mandarin Oriental
It was great to hear the tracks we had requested – glad you could get them to play on the night. Thanks excessively for being therefore helpful with the “ storm ” dancers. Everyone had a big meter and loved the music. Thank you !
M M, St Johns Restaurant
We absolutely loved the music at our marry, thank you so much. We couldn ’ thyroxine catch dance ! Heard lots of good reports from our guests excessively.
C M, Knebworth Barns
The music was amazing ! The Dj balanced thus good the Arabic / International music ! Everybody danced and loved the music. in truth estimable ! Thank you !
R K, Motcombs Restaurant
Music was perfect, we are not much of dancers but your DJ did manage to pull a set of people in the dance floor.
Z N, The Corinthia
We were very felicitous with the music. It was great. Plenty of people up dancing thus everyone else seemed to enjoy it besides !
T G, HQS Wellington
The music was excellent thanks – The DJ put on a great determined and there was batch of dancing all night ! It was truly good.
Thanks for all your avail with this – it was a very stress-free part of organising our marriage.
D T, Bisham Abbey
Music was great, lots of the gorge we put on our tilt was played, and the stuff that was selected by the DJ fitted truly well. Everyone had a bang-up time !
S W, Sunbeam Studios
The music was antic – as you could probably tell from everyone begging you to play more songs ! We had a great time and I ’ ve not been to a wedding where the dance floor has been packed out the unharmed time !
K G, Battersea Pump House
The music was excellent, and the feedback I ’ ve received was all good.
A W, Pembroke Lodge
The music was great, thanks. The DJ did a bright job, peculiarly in managing to find a couple of quite hidden requests we made on the night. Our guests were dancing all night, which was precisely what we wanted – one even remarked it was the best music he ’ five hundred hear at a wedding ! We ’ five hundred happily recommend Sliding Vinyl to anyone and will surely use you again.
J R, Stationers Hall
He was excellent and the music was bright ! He set up without me noticing and was glad to take requests and expect after my earphone when I was on the dancing floor.
M F, The ICA
I have been meaning to get in touch with you for weeks to say how pleased we were with the DJ on the nox – he was excellent, everyone had a big time and lots of people have said to us that they have never seen a dancefloor so fully at a wedding ! indeed thank you very much – we were very felicitous and will surely recommend you to others.
N B, The Almeida Restaurant
It was amazing, the music was truly good, got it all spot on, everyone had a great time and the floor was packed all night !
S S, 06 ST Chads Place
The music was great, thanks. Everyone had a bang-up time and truly please you played our choice for end of night sung ( calibans dream ) !
C G, Grays Inn
We had a great time. Our DJ was friendly and accessible and keep people dancing until the end. He even went above and beyond the call of duty to ( nicely, discreetly ) help the provide director with a gatecrasher.
A M, London Ecology Centre
just wanted to say the DJ was a caption, pleasure to work with and did a capital job.
A C, South Farm
All went well and the DJing was enjoyed by young and honest-to-god. respective people have commented about how congenial he was about requests etc. all the set up went smoothly. Thanks very a lot !
O N, Surrey Marquee
The DJ was big thanks. Everyone was disappointed when the music had to stop !
M D, The Barbican
It was fantastic and they all had a great meter thanks a lot and look forward to working with you again soon !
A D, Chiswell Street Dining Rooms
great music ! It was a large success !
T M, Kettners
The even went very well and everyone had a capital fourth dimension !
J F, South Farm
I just wanted to say a huge thank you for Friday ! It was such a great nox, everyone had a fantastic time and said how good the music was. Thanks again for squeezing in the last song at the end of the night ! You never know our paths might cross again as I would decidedly recommend you to anyone planning their marry !
R F, Dartmouth House
We are both so felicitous with the means the night went, and you did a fantastic job. The lights looked amazing and the music was brilliant. I was not quite sure how you would be able to pull off a playlist that was so wholly over the place but you nailed it !
S K, Lillibrooke Manor
The music was bang-up thanks. People were dancing all night !
T S, Clandon Park
It was capital ! I have never seen sol many people dancing for so long at a marry. The music was judged just mighty.
H K, Kitson Hall
Thank you very much for Saturday night, we have had a set of comments on how good the music was, it decidedly got everyone dance !
D T, RAF Club
It was great thanks ! ! Loads of people said how much they enjoyed the music so thank you !
B M, ST John Restaurant
Thank you therefore much for doing an perplex job at the marriage, everything was bang-up !
L G, Cannizaro House
The DJ was fantastic ! very thoroughly and friendly guy, got everyone dance. Thanks again !
N F, The Wharf
The music on the day was excellent, thank you. The DJ and Sax Player judged the hearing to perfection and the dancing shock was packed from half manner through our first dance until we got kicked out of the venue ! It was bang-up service all round, so thank you besides for your advice and planning.
Y K, Blueprint Cafe
The music was absolutely spotlight on. precisely what we needed in the hour after the first gear dance to get all ages on the dancing floor and then around 10pm it turned towards the accurate screen of dancy cabaret music I was hoping for, which was beautifully judged to keep momentum going. The blend was besides very especial. Often a forget part, but the transitions were slick, absolutely matched etc.. Easy to become accustomed to and surely not the case at a bunch of weddings and clubs I ’ ve been to ! Thanks once again !
A C, Stoke Park
People were dancing from the irregular the music started to the second it ended, and the last birdcall was probably the best moment of my life therefore far. Thank you for being a great marriage DJ, I would happily recommend you to others.
A F, The St John Restaurant
The music was bang-up and the dancefloor was kept very busy all night ! many thanks to the disk-jockey who came along, the music truly made the evening and we both actually appreciated it. We would have no reluctance in recommending you to friends and we look forward to using your services again in the future.
L P, Beaumont House
Your DJ was fantastic, he judged his push identical well and everyone loved the music that was played. I was amazed how many of the requests were played without making the choice sound excessively random. absolutely brainy !
P T, The Star & Garter
absolutely IMMENSE night on Saturday ! Had an perplex time… wish I danced more ! Everyone LOVED the music and the only thing we would have changed was if it lasted for another few hours !
U C, The Waldorf Hilton
All was capital and fun was had by all. The DJ was identical master.
A L, The Wharf
The music was capital. Everyone had a truly thoroughly time, so we ’ ll recommend you guys to anyone with approaching marriage.
M M, The ICA
barely a big thank you for the amazing job your company did for our wedding…the DJ judged it perfectly and after the first dance the dance floor filled immediately and stayed that manner for the rest of the night !
G B, Clandon Park
The music was antic and everyone had a great time, thanks !
R M, Pembroke Lodge
The dancing floor was wide from beginning to end. Thank you so much, the DJ was fantastic and the evening was perfective.
E G, The Star and Garter
The music and all your work was fantastic. The best world is a music barometer, if he ’ s spinning on the ground with and publicize guitar in hand or attempting to break dance then I need not say anymore….
G N, Hedsor House
Thank you for the fantastic music at the marry, it was just right. Everyone had an absolute fire and although the day went so fast that I can barely remember a thing… I do remember that I spent ALL evening on the dancefloor, so it must have been good… ! !
L D, The Grove
The DJ and Sax player were amazing and we had a big time. All our guests were raving about how good the music was !
T K, The Corinthia
many thanks for your excellent set last night. It was capital to see people from ages 6 – 86 dance ! I ’ ll decidedly recommend you.
A G, Chandos House
The music you played was brilliant, thanks – precisely what we were hoping for !
G M, Southlodge Hotel
We are barely back from our honeymoon today and calm have the best memories of our wedding and music. It was arrant and both Chris and I and the guests thought you were great. Thanks again !
S B, Queens House, Greenwich
The music was fantastic. We had just the best fourth dimension ! We couldn ’ t have been happier. Thank you then much. If there is a place/site to do an on-line review, please do let me know, as I would ( and will ) recommend you all in future !
K E, Royal Horseguards / One Whitehall Place
merely to say the guys were big on Saturday – the dance floor was constantly interfering ! We had a fantastic day !
S C, Blenheim Palace
You were big – thanks so much, we had the best day/night and are thus grateful !
L K, Battersea Arts Centre
The music at our marry was brilliant, barely the right mix to get everyone up, young and old, thank you !
R B, Bury Court Barn
Thanks for your DJing ! ! We had a big time ! !
J M, Pembroke Lodge
The music was perfect ! We were so glad with how the evening went !
J O, Clandon Park
Music was amazing, DJ was civil, attentive and new what he was doing ! The crowd loved the music and he very did judge the floor well. I couldn ’ t have asked for a better DJ, I absolutely loved him ! ! ! ! I ’ ll be using you again if needs be !
T K, Sunbeam Studios
We had a fantastic day and you surely helped to make certain that everyone in truth enjoyed the evening dance !
B H, Oaks Farm
All the guests enjoyed the dancing – I was very please with the songs played and how open the Dj was to the requests. Thank you so a lot for the identical master service. I would be happy to recommend sliding vinyl to friends requiring a Dj in the future !
P S, The Dorchester
The music was very good indeed, the flush was a huge achiever ! We have had so many amazing comments about the wedding, so we in truth could not be happier !
N S, MCC / Lords Cricket Club
Music was excellent thanks indeed much ! ! We had a fantastic night !
A S, Mandarin Oriental
The music went brilliantly – The DJ was excellent, thank you !
P W, Trafalgar Tavern
The music was absolutely topographic point on thank you so much for stepping in last minute we think that our band not being able to perform was a bless in disguise – you were precisely what we wanted.
S R, South Farm
The music was capital and hit the right balance absolutely. Everybody had a capital clock time and I was sorry the flush came to an end !
T B, Museum of Garden History
Music at the marriage was fantastic ! nothing but praise from all the guests and the bride and groom were delighted. Thumbs up all round off and we can recommend you without reluctance !
C C, Queens House
The DJ was big and had us all up there on the dancing floor with some great tracks – thank you !
M G, Caledonian Club
Everyone had a great time and it was one of our biggest surprises for the day to have seen thus many guests up and dancing on the dance floor !
M R, Blenheim Palace
Music was fun, and we had lots of people dancing ! Thank you !
T P, Oaks Farm
The DJ was brilliant ! !
J P, Fredericks Hotel
I good wanted to say a huge thank you. Your DJ created the perfect atmosphere, some great mix between songs – got the order equitable right. Lots of compliments on the night excessively from our guests.
M K, Hatfield House
The music was brilliant – everyone had a big time !
S H, Winchester House
Music was perfect thank you, had a actually great time. I think you managed to get the vibration barely mighty for the mix of people that were there.
J B, Le Gothique
It was fantastic – thank you then much ! The DJ was lovely and was spot on. Let me know if you need me to recommend you.
C M, The Wharf
A big thanks for everything on the night. I ’ m not sure how you managed to get all the music in the end, but all the important songs where played and we had a fantastic meter. The ignite and set up was perfect.
E M, Queens College
The music was big and the Bride and Groom loved it – as did their guests !
L B, Just Bespoke Weddings
The DJ was excellent thank you ! !
T W, Devonshire Terrace
I merely wanted to thank you for creating such a kicking party at our wedding on Saturday. Everyone was dancing public treasury they pulled the plug and the playlist worked perfectly !
C R, London Wetlands Centre
We thought the music was great for the marry, and we had lots of compliments from people about not lone how it included a morsel of everything, but besides how craftily you brought the music and tempo up before dropping again at the goal of the night. I think the number of people on the dance floor was testament to that !
E B, Cannizaro House
It was phenomenal ! ! ! ! ! ! Loved the live sax player besides !
M H, St Johns Restaurant
We loved it every minute of it ! We ’ five hundred recommend you any day !
S T, Northbrook Park
many thanks for the great night – The music went very well. Something for everybody. It was a reach !
E K, The Mandarin Oriental
The arrant put – can ’ thyroxine thank you enough !
D C, The Gallivant
Thanks again for Saturday night, the music was great and everyone in truth enjoyed it.
D H, Jolly St Ermin’s Hotel
We were chuffed to bits with the disco thank you…loved the bongos excessively ! The even good seemed to fly by…you surely seem to fill the dance floor and even had me dancing to Queen ! ! !
E H, Haymarket Hotel
It was a great nox and the dancefloor was full from beginning to finish. A bright fourth dimension was had by all.
K T, The Wharf
It was great – thank you. Best moments were the ratpack section at the starting signal, the dance section and the close song. absolutely descry on.
J P, Winchester House
fantastic music – absolutely great !
P N, Claridge’s
We thought the music was excellent. It filled the short reception menstruation just perfectly.
M M, One Whitehall Place – The Royal Horseguards
We had a great time on the dancefloor. There was a variety show of music played and we got to hear most of our favor tracks, I lone wish it could have gone on for longer !
K D, Mill Hill School
The DJ was big and played a dependable mix of music.
B G, St Pancras Renaissance Hotel
Massive, massive thank you for creating a superb marry dancefloor. We have had nothing but thanks and praise for a great night, most of which was down to you and the music.
E E, The Wharf
The music was amazing – thank you !
S D, Gray’s Inn
Thanks to you and the DJ for doing a great speculate concluding Saturday at the Almeida. We had a fantastic flush and the DJ was truly dainty and accomodating
J M, Almeida Restaurant London
The music was great – the DJ played everything we asked for angstrom well as taking requests. The bulk, mixing and sound timbre were spot on ! I ’ ve already recommended Sliding Vinyl to a few friends and oeuvre colleagues who are planning weddings.
J W, Bluebird Restaurant Chelsea
many thanks for a super music night – everyone ’ south answer was very positive and the dance floor wax all night….that says it all !
G S, Caledonian Club
The music was capital at our marry, we all did a set of dancing !
S D, Butcher’s Hall
Music and DJ were fabulous ! Thanks a lot. Everybody had a great time.
P H, Bingham Hotel
DJ was big ! Thanks for your services.
R K, Commonwealth Club
Music and DJ were fabulous ! Thanks a lot. Everybody had a bang-up time.
P H, Bingham Hotel
The DJ was bright, he played a capital choice of music and kept the dance floor going all nox ! It was fabulous !
R A, Andaz Hotel
We merely wanted to say thank you for such a fantastic job at our wedding last weekend. The DJ judged the room perfectly and had everyone dancing all night !
C M, Gibson Hall
What a great night we had. about everyone had a go on that dance floor which makes me think the music went down a treat !
J S, Pewterer’s Hall
We had a BALL – I wished the night could have gone on everlastingly. Thank you for playing all of our darling tunes !
M W, Grays Inn
We had a great time last Saturday and the music was excellent. The DJ did a big job and there was rarely a time when people weren ’ t on the dance floor !
D G, The Wharf
The music was spot on – thanks ! Everyone had a great time !
A S, Dartmouth House
Thank you for the music at our marriage, the disco went down brilliantly and we were very felicitous. Thanks again for a bang-up night !
D M, Clissold House
The music was very good thank you – the DJ stuck to the playlist. We just wish we had had longer to enjoy it all !
M D, Pembroke Lodge
It was amazing ! ! The whole crowd loved the disk jockey ! He played all the correct songs. then thus happy ! And the dancefloor looked great !
A K, Devonshire Terrace
You were perfect, very kept the dancefloor packed and everyone rock !
S A, Downton Abbey / Highclere Castle
The music was absolutely spot on thanks – so many people commented on how adept it was ! You decidedly delivered on what we wanted – a class ( non-cheesy ) DJ that delivered seemless quality music all night. The DJ built on the playlist we had provided and judged what to play when very well. The dancefloor was packed all night and the party actually ‘ went off ’ – we just could have done with a few more hours to keep on enjoying it !
D H, The Wharf
We would merely like to say a massive massive thank you for playing at our wedding ! We are so grateful that you played all our music requests ! All the guests complimented you throughout the night. Thank you for making our day so particular the music made such a dispute ! once again thank you you were FANTASTIC ! ! ! !
T L, Wynham Grand, Chelsea Harbour
The nox was amazing and the dance floor was packed all nox – I can thank you enough the music was arrant and the sax player was great – everyone commented on how fantastic it was and you read the crowd absolutely !
H W, Hunton Park
The music was excellent thanks, precisely correct to get everyone up on the dance floor !
A A, Remenham Club
fair wanted to say a Big Thankyou for the disco at our Wedding on Saturday ! We had a fantastic evening and I did not leave the dancefloor all night ! absolutely superb !
K E, Marquee – Leicester
No complaints at all. Your Dj was identical good.
A O, The Grove
The DJ did a great job on the night, his set up was absolutely perfect and the song choices were great. I have never seen 60 year olds rock to ‘ Sexy and I know it ’ before – bright !
C B, Cheyne Walk Brasserie
The DJ was great and the music bright, everyone commented on how capital it was, we are actually please !
H W, Soho Hotel
The music for the marry was fantastic thanks, the DJ was great and we had an perplex day. Got some great photos of everyone dance.
A W, Chandos House
I would barely like to say a massive thank you to Sliding Vinyl and our amazing DJ. It was bright everyone danced the night away we didn ’ t want him to stop. He played some massive tunes and I loved it.
S M, The Groucho Club
We could not have asked for a better DJ so thanks millions. We would happily recommend you to any of our friends.
N K, The Lansdowne Club
Thanks so much for making our night at Grays Inn end saturday. You read the crowd like a dream ensuring the dance shock was full all night.
K J, Gray’s Inn
I barely wanted to thank you for the fabulous job you did at our wedding at the Savile Club. You very got everyone dance ( which is not always the easiest tax ) and I think you selected some great music.
F R, Savile Club
Everyone thought the music was fantastic. Really professional and you played all the right songs at the right time.
M B, The Wharf
The music was great. The dance floor was packed from begin to finish and the conga actor was a fantastic accession.
S D, Skinners Hall
We had a fantastic time and the disk jockey was adorable and played all we wanted to hear ! Everyone had so much fun and our guests did not want the night to end.
H P, Pembroke Lodge
Your DJ was absolutely fantastic and kept us all dancing for hours. Lots of our guests commented on how good he was – He in truth made the night.
P G, Chandos House
The DJ was great – I don ’ t think I ’ ve ever danced as much at anyone else ’ sulfur wedding. My feet are hush numb… And the heels stayed on excessively !
R K, The Trafalgar Tavern
Your “ reading ” of our guests, and flexibility in responding to their ( sometimes unstated ) needs, was brilliant. We are in truth most grateful for the unharmed evening ’ randomness entertainment.
A Y, Claridge’s
Thank you sol much for making our wedding so great by playing such a great mix of music and having everyone on the dancefloor all night.
R F, Andaz Hotel
You provided the arrant tunes for the even reception, and managed to get everyone astir for a boogie on the dance floor. All our guests had a in truth great time and thoroughly enjoyed the music.
A S, Mandarin Oriental
The DJ was amazing. He played pretty much every request that was thrown at him ! “ What a nox, capital atmosphere and excellent DJ ! ” was one give voice I ’ ve learn used even merely this week.
C M, Rivervale Barn
Thank you so much for the capital DJ and the saxophonist – we had a fantastic time and the music was precisely right. The dancing floor was full all night and lots of our friends commented on the bang-up music selection.
L B, Stoke Place
We both had a fantastic day and the music was fantastic. You played everything we asked for and we had many compliments on the music.
G M, Oaks Farm
We thought the disk-jockey was excellent and the music was great. The dance floor was entire and it was an perplex even. top drawer and thanks to your man behind the wheels of steel.
Z T, Six Fitzroy Square
The music was precisely bang-up. Thank you so much for all your heavily exploit on the night. We truly appreciated it. It was a fantastic flush.
M H, The Delfina


All my guests thought the music was amazing, the DJ was therefore good, and no talking – what a pleasure ! The dance deck was full moon all night ! Thank you !
A P, The Wharf
The music was excellent and a lot commented on by our friends. We had a big night and are extremely grateful to Sliding Vinyl for their contribution.
M A, Ham Yard Hotel
The DJ was big, very helpful and cheerful ! Played perfect music for the reception and meal, before starting the dance music ! Please thank him very a lot !
Z R, Ognisko Polish Club
The Music was great – thank you !
N P, Ham Yard Hotel
The DJ did a big job with the music !
J M, Le Paris Grill
Everyone had a truly bang-up time and the music was excellent. Would decidedly recommend you guys to anyone who needs a disk-jockey !
S G, The Wharf
The music was divine ! My feet are still ringing !
J L, Wimbledon Park Golf Club
The DJ was identical accommodating with our requests and very approachable. Everything went smoothly and everyone had a capital fourth dimension !
B R, The Wharf
The music was great. The DJ judged the climate absolutely.
A A, Ham Yard Hotel
The DJ was great fun thanks. very enjoyed the evening.
S D, Marquee
The DJ was great and catered absolutely for the group. I had a super night ! Thank you !
R M, The Wharf
I just wanted to thank you identical a lot for Saturday. It all worked absolutely and my guests were delighted with the music.
T M, The Depot
Thanks for a truly big party everyone is commenting on how fabulous the music was and I think you judged it truly well !
S M, Muswell Hill
We loved the music, thank you ! normally at parties people dance to a song, then glance at each early before sitting down as they don ’ thymine like the following one ! That didn ’ metric ton happen, as the dance floor was constantly full, which was bang-up.
S B, The Wharf
The music was excellent – the DJ was superintendent. I wish we could have had more time to dance and enjoy the music !
M M, Asia House
It was fabulous, everyone had such a well time, the music was merely right.
H W, The Wharf
It was excellent ! As my not leaving the dance shock is evidence. many thanks !
M J, Cavalry & Guards Club
about everyone dance, and they had such a good time. It truly made my conserve ’ randomness birthday !
K L, Caledonian Club
Your DJ was a sum headliner. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
A T, All England Lawn Tennis Club, Wimbledon
good night was had by all. The DJ was civilized, helpful and all round nice ridicule.
K D, Rubicon
The DJ surpassed himself and enabled us to have a party of a life
G G, Stafford
I just wanted to write to say what a fantastic DJ you provided concluding night, the music was absolutely perfective, people started dancing from the here and now he began and didn ’ triiodothyronine diaphragm veracious to the goal, and were still wanting more ! ! flush though we only got base at 1 I have had so many text saying how brilliant the party was – he made the evening perfect. Thank you.
S H, Clandon Park
The event was great ! We all had a capital time, loved the music, hopefully we will do another one soon.
A P, Saville Club
The music was great. Thanks for playing the list of music I provided. actually assisted in making an excellent party.
T M, Gray’s Inn
Every individual person mentioned what great music it was and when people are complaining about huffy feet because they were up on the dance floor so much you know your DJ did a great job !
N B, Teddington
We in truth enjoyed the music as did our guests and obviously the neighbours in their back gardens !
L M, Chislehurst
Thank you for once again supplying us with a fantastic DJ. He was barely arrant and gave the dancers just what they wanted. Where do you find such amazing DJs ?
C S, Wimbledon
merely wanted to say what a great caper the DJ did on Sat. Everyone commented on how dependable he was – gauging the mood and cranking out some capital tunes. Really decent chap to boot. Thanks to you all and will decidedly recommend you to others.
M D, Battersea
just to let you know that your DJ did a brilliant caper as DJ on Saturday. not only did he satisfy about all of my previously communicated music requests, he judged what to play when to paragon and truly entered into the spirit of the evening brilliantly. He besides seems to be a super courteous ridicule !
C B, All England Lawn Tennis Club, Wimbledon
Thank you indeed much for DJing on Saturday night you were fantastic – we ’ ve had so many people saying how much they enjoyed the disco !
S C, East Sussex
many thanks for a bright evening on Saturday. Everything went very well you got the party going from depart to finish and everybody said what a great night they had !
A H, London
Music was bang-up, everything we wanted you played !
M A, London
bang-up job ! You had two very hard acts to follow and to accommodate both old and young. You did it brilliantly !
C P, Watford


The Sliding Vinyl DJ was by far the best disk-jockey we ’ ve had in years, and it was surely the best christmas party we ’ ve had excessively – he decidedly played a big function in that ! Thank you, we will be booking again following year !
V N, Royal Horseguards – One Whitehall Place
The music was spot on. What a lovely guy the DJ is and thanks for your assistant with the arrangements. Will decidedly use you again in the future !
N C, Bethnal Green Town Hall Hotel
The music was great, we all very liked the music on the night and enjoyed a well dance.
J G, Gray’s Inn
It was PERFECT ! Thank you !
L A, The Depot
The music on the night was excellent !
B M, Bethnal Green Town Hall Hotel
DJ was great – They loved it !
P A, Gore Hotel
Everyone actually enjoyed the music – we will book again following year !
W M, Lansdowne Club/strong>
It was great. The DJ had them all dancing like lunatic !
S T, Gray’s Inn
Thank you for providing a fantastic disco. Staff thoroughly enjoyed themselves and the choice of music was great as it got people dancing.
C U, Governors Hall
The party was a roaring achiever and we thoroughly enjoyed the music.
E G, Middle Temple Hall
The DJ and music were excellent. We had a great prison term ! All old age groups were up dancing throughout the evening.
M B, HQS Wellington
The DJ was fantastic ! We have never had that many people on the dancing floor before !
L B, Berkeley Hotel
The music was brilliant. so many people commented that it was the best at a work party they have experienced. The DJ was civilized, on meter and accommodating with bibulous requests !
S D, Yacht London
The DJ was big – all went well and the guests in truth enjoyed themselves
T K, Blueprint Cafe
last nights party was truly dependable fun, the DJ had a good feel for what people liked and he kept the dance floor wax all night. A in truth friendly, professional ridicule excessively !
S D, Queens House
It was bang-up, thank you so much !
S B, Bonhams
It was a bit of a bad one but you judged it perfectly.
C E, Bingham Hotel
The party was great playfulness and the music top notch then thank you.
C S, Adam St
Great music – position on, thank you !
S D, The Avenue
fantastic – The DJ was fabulous !
R J, Harvey Nichols
Everything went well thank you. You guys were great !

Made our work Christmas party a night to remember ! Managed to get everyone of versatile ages up and dancing the whole evening .
Gael Reignier

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