Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)

Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)


November 9, 1993


Wu-Tang Clan


Group leader RZA produced Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) by creating sonic collages from classical soul samples and clips from martial arts movies such as Shaolin and Wu Tang ( 1981 ). He complemented the rappers ‘ performances with “ lean, menacing beats that evoked their farinaceous, urban surroundings more efficaciously than their words, ” according to Stephen Thomas Erlewine of Allmusic. The use of soul samples and respective esoteric clips, and the technique by which RZA employed them in his pulsate was singular and largely unprecedented in hip-hop. The farinaceous voice of Enter the Wu-Tang is due, at least in partially, to the use of cheap equipment to produce the album. many critics argue that the minimalist means of production plays immediately into the appealing “ street ” choice that makes the album a authoritative, including Ben Yew, who stated, “ Because [ RZA ] did n’t have the best desegregate or recording equipment, the album is wrought with a ‘dirty ‘ quality—the drums have more bass and are more hard-hitting than they are crisp and clean ; the samples have an eerie, about haunting type of echo ; and the vocals, because each penis ‘s voice is already aggressive and game, absolutely match the production. ” Although Ol ‘ Dirty Bastard is given co-production accredit on “ Da Mystery of Chessboxin ‘ ” and Method Man is co-credited for “ Wu-Tang Clan Ai n’t Nuthing ta F ‘ Wit, ” critics and admirers universally credit RZA with developing a “ cold even digital production vogue [ that ] helped legitimize the habit of more diverse sample sources to the hard-core New York knock massive, breaking away from James Brown based beats and embracing a dash that turned the Underdog composition into the baleful finale for a group of clandestine terrorists. ”


Enter the Wu-Tang usher in a modern standard for hip-hop at a meter when hip hop music was dominated by the jazz-influenced styles of A Tribe Called Quest, the Afrocentric viewpoints of Public Enemy, and the rising popularity of West Coast gangsta tap. The album ‘s explicit, humorous and free-associative lyrics have been credited for serving as a template for many subsequent pelvis hop records. Rolling Stone described the album as possessing an aesthetic that was “ abject on ballyhoo and production values [ and ] high on the estimate that indigence is a central part of total darkness. ” While the lyrical message on Enter the Wu-Tang by and large varies from knocker to rapper, the basic themes are the same—urban biography, warlike arts movies, comedian bible references, and marijuana—and the set up is constantly the harsh environment of New York City. The lyrics have a universally dark tone and seem at times to be just aggressive cries. AllMusic contributor Steve Huey praises the lyricists for their originality and caustic humor, stating “ Some were outsized, theatrical personalities, others were cerebral storytellers and lyrical technicians, but each had his own distinctive expressive style … Every cut on Enter the Wu-Tang is packed with fresh, imaginative rhymes, which are filled with soldierly arts metaphors, crop up culture references ( everything from Voltron to Lucky Charms cereal commercials to Barbra Streisand ‘s “ The Way We Were ” ), bizarre threats of violence, and a rightfully twist sense of humor. ” With the exception of “ Method valet ” and GZA ‘s “ Clan in district attorney Front ”, every birdcall features multiple rappers contributing verses of varying lengths. The verses are basically struggle rhymes, mix with humor and outsize tales of urban violence and drug use. There is some argue about whether the lyrics on 36 Chambers are by rights classified as gangsta rap or something else entirely .

Bring Da Ruckus

manufacturer : RZA

shame on a nigger

manufacturer : RZA

kin In Da Front

producer : RZA

Wu-Tang : 7th Chamber

producer : RZA

Can It All Be So Simple

producer : RZA
Wu-Tang_Clan_-_Can_It_Be_All_So_Simple Wu-Tang Clan – Can It Be All sol childlike

Da Mystery of Chessboxin ‘

producer : RZA, Ol ‘ Dirty Bastard

Wu-Tang Clan – Da Mystery Of Chessboxin ‘

Wu-Tang Clan Ai n’t Nuttin ‘ Ta Fuck Wit ‘

manufacturer : RZA, Method Man
Wu-Tang_Clan_-_Wu-Tang_Clan_Ain't_Nuthing_Ta_F'_Wit Wu-Tang Clan – Wu-Tang Clan Ai n’t Nuthing Ta F ‘ Wit

C.R.E.A.M. ( Cash Rules Everything Around Me )

producer : RZA
Wu-Tang_Clan_-_C.R.E.A.M. Wu-Tang Clan – C.R.E.A.M.

Method man

producer : RZA
Wu-Tang_Clan_-_Method_Man Wu-Tang Clan – Method man

Protect Ya Neck

manufacturer : RZA
Wu_Tang_Clan_-_Protect_ya_neck_video Wu Tang Clan – Protect ya neck video


producer : RZA

Wu-Tang : 7th Chamber Part II

producer : RZA

Method Man ( Skunk Mix )

producer : RZA

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