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Syco Entertainment is a british media entertainment company, headquartered in both London and Los Angeles, founded and owned by british entrepreneur and read executive Simon Cowell. The company presently focuses on television production. The company was formed in 2005 through Sony Music Entertainment entering a articulation venture by purchasing Cowell ‘s shares of his record label S Records and television receiver ship’s company Syco Television. In 2009, Sony and Cowell entered a joint venture agreement that covered the joint possession of Syco ‘s television formats which include the Got Talent and The X Factor franchises. Until 2020, the company operated high profile television and music projects with Sony Music labels around the populace and television production company Fremantle. It employs a staff of more than 50 in offices in London and Los Angeles, and manages a string of high-profile television and music brands through partnerships with the tag Sony Music and the television receiver production company.

retail Billionaire Sir Philip Green, a close supporter of Cowell, served as an adviser to the company until 2018. Through its divisions : Music, Film and television receiver, Syco has produced the Got Talent and The X Factor franchises which encompassed local versions in numerous countries and have launched the careers of One Direction, Leona Lewis, Little Mix, Susan Boyle and Fifth Harmony amongst others. Syco have besides been implemental in the careers of artists not originating from its franchises including Il Divo and Westlife. It has besides produced films such as One Direction: This Is Us ( 2013 ) and The X Factor parody musical, I Can’t Sing! ( 2014 ). In July 2020, Cowell bought Sony Music ‘s bet on in Syco Entertainment with exception for Syco Music. The record tag and its current artists and back catalogue will transfer ownership over to Sony Music as a wholly auxiliary. television receiver rights and assets were transferred over to the newly created Syco Entertainment Ltd which is owned 100 % by Cowell .

formation and history [edit ]

Cowell founded S Records whilst employed by BMG back in 2004. The label oversee music by Robson & Jerome, Five, Westlife and Teletubbies. [ 1 ] [ 2 ] [ 3 ] A year former, BMG, now named Sony BMG, bought Cowell ‘s partake in both Syco Music and Syco Television. [ 4 ] In 2010, a new company was formed as a 50/50 partnership between Cowell and Sony Music, keeping the name Syco but titled as Syco Entertainment. [ 5 ] [ 6 ] In 2015, it was announced that the Syco Entertainment joint venture would be extended for a far 6 years. [ 7 ] Retail Billionaire Sir Philip Green, a near supporter of Cowell, served as an adviser to the company until 2018. [ 8 ] [ 9 ] Syco once operated several divisions including a record tag, endowment agency, and film production a well as publication. It was initially divided into three units : Syco Music, Syco television receiver and Syco Film. [ 10 ] A few years by and by in July 2020, it was announced that Cowell had agreed to buy out Sony Music ‘s impale in the ship’s company, with Sony Music retaining the company ‘s artist roll and catalogue. [ 11 ]

Syco television [edit ]

Syco TV chiefly operates in the UK and the US. Its key franchises are The X Factor and Got Talent. It was launched by Simon Cowell in 2003. [ 12 ]

The X Factor [edit ]

The X Factor, which launched in September 2004, was one of the most popular television shows in the UK. Syco and Fremantle Media launched The X Factor USA in September 2011, which averaged 12 million viewers and a 4.0 evaluation in the adults 18–49 demographic in its first temper, leading FOX to nightly wins on Wednesdays and Thursdays and topping all other fall season world rival. [ 13 ] internationally, The X Factor is produced individually in 41 countries including major markets like France, the Netherlands, Indonesia and Australia. additionally, The X Factor USA is screened in 166 countries around the world.

Got Talent Brand [edit ]

America’s Got Talent matched a series high 4.6 evaluation among adults 18–49 in the summer of 2011 for its one-sixth season. Since launching in 2006, America’s Got Talent has systematically been the most watch testify of the summer in the US and topped the ratings in the key adults 18–49 demographic. [ 14 ] Britain’s Got Talent systematically tops UK ratings when it is broadcast in April, May and June. In 2009, about 20 million people ( approximately one one-third of the UK population ) tuned into the series 3 concluding to see Diversity crowned winners. [ 15 ]

other projects [edit ]

Syco produces early shows outside its key brands. In 2011, ITV serial Red or Black? was met with assorted chemical reaction. Syco were besides behind American Inventor which ran for two seasons on ABC and the unsuccessful Celebrity Duets on Fox. In addition to its major formats, Syco besides produces entertainment specials. This includes I Dreamed a Dream: The Susan Boyle Story, which broke ratings records in the US on television receiver Guide network [ 16 ] and scored 10 million viewers on ITV in the UK. [ 17 ] In 2013, Syco and Optomen launched ITV series Food Glorious Food, which aired on Wednesday evenings in the UK. Syco Entertainment were the administrator producers of the movie One Direction: This Is Us from director Morgan Spurlock, which follows the life of pop sensations One Direction. The band had come third base in the 2010 UK X Factor series, before being signed to Syco. [ citation needed ] In January 2013, Syco set up a newfangled London-based television division called Over The top Productions. This output company was run by Syco ‘s Global Head of Television, Nigel Hall and would be responsible for formats such as ITV ‘s Rolling In It. [ 18 ] [ 19 ] In March 2013, Syco in partnership with YouTube, launched The You Generation channel which is listed as the ‘world ‘s first ball-shaped audition ‘. In May 2014, Syco and Univision announced an approaching television receiver testify called La Banda which will focus on searching contestants from Hispanic America to find the “ ultimate Latino boy band ” with the winner receiving a read contract for Sony Music Latin and Syco. [ 20 ] 2014 saw Syco launch I Can’t Sing!, a parody musical based on The X Factor. After technical issues and poor critical reception, the show was pulled from the West end of London less than two months after it opened. Cowell former said of the venture that occasionally things did n’t work out and that they had been excessively ambitious trying to launch a new prove in the West end. [ 21 ]

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  • Syco Music – spun out from Syco Entertainment in July 2020.

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