Lainey Wilson Flips Tammy Wynette’s Immortal Advice in ‘Things a Man Oughta Know’

song you need to know syntk There ’ randomness something about the way Lainey Wilson sings that brings to mind the capital, weepy area queens of yore. In especial, there ’ s a trace of Tammy Wynette, whose familiar and wounded pitch could depict a steely façade hiding an restless home life sentence or say it all out loudly for complete fluid mascara, crying-in-public destruction. Where Wynette famously exhorted women to “ Stand by Your Man, ” Wilson inverts that narrative by singing about a serviceman who should have been standing by her in “ Things a Man Oughta Know, ” which is presently the Number One song on state radio. It ’ s one of those rare and welcome breaks from hit party songs by dudes, and it succeeds in character because Wilson ’ randomness bruised timbre and Louisiana drawl make it feel lived-in, as if she ’ randomness experienced that specific flavor of disappointment excessively many times to count .

Written by Wilson with Jason Nix and Jonathan Singleton, it begins with a spot of misdirection, like we ’ re in for a drawn-out set of boasts about her country bona fides. “ I can hook a trailer on a two-inch hitch/I can shoot a shotgun, I can catch a pisces, ” Wilson sings. “ I can change a bore on the side of the road/Yeah, I know a few things a man oughta know. ”

When the chorus hits, Wilson ’ south list shifts from the kingdom of hardheaded cognition to matters of the heart : “ How to know when it ’ sulfur love/How to stay when it ’ sulfur tough/How to know you ’ re messing up a good thing/And how to fix it ‘ fore it ’ s excessively late. ” If your parents taught you how to fish and hunt, she seems to be saying, then they besides should ’ ve teach you how to be a better, more supportive partner.

besides all-important to the birdcall ’ mho power is the cinematic output from Jay Joyce, who ’ s recorded top country acts like Eric Church and Brothers Osborne. Centered on a cascade mandolin riff that turns around on itself, “ Things a Man Oughta Know ” sticks with a spacious-but-restrained approach path. The verses are underpinned by a keyboard that piano twinkles like distant city lights ; the drums start and drop out abruptly ; and a slightly distorted electric guitar sighs through a melancholy solo in the middle section. It all complements the unsolved frustration in Wilson ’ mho lyrics .
Wilson ’ s major-label debut, Sayin ’ What I ’ megabyte Thinkin ’, was released back in February, following a decade-plus of freelancer releases and trying to survive in the hyper-competitive, hyper-fickle country music diligence. With “ Things a Man Oughta Know, ” Wilson has announced her arrival as an artist with something to say and the emotional intelligence to say it in a room that will stick with you .
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