Why Living Colour’s ‘Cult of Personality’ Is CM Punk’s Theme Song

There ‘s a dim-witted argue pro-wrestling ace CM Punk gave his bosses “ no choice “ but to spend the money so he could use Living Colour ‘s “ Cult of Personality ” as his entrance music : It was his fiddling league baseball team ‘s composition song. Punk brought Living Colour ‘s 1988 hit a fresh rent on life by using it for his dramatic hark back to WWE ‘s Monday Night Raw on July 25, 2011. Six months early, Punk told his WWE bosses he would n’t be renewing his contract, because he felt he was n’t getting the career and promotional opportunities he deserved.

In June 2011 they allowed him to air his grievances in front of a live crowd, in what has since become known as the “ Pipe Bomb ” promo, and to use his at hand deviation in what quickly became one of the hottest storylines in the caller ‘s history. On the last night he was under contract, Punk won the WWE title from John Cena, and then blew a sarcastic farewell kiss to real-life WWE owner and onscreen evil authority visualize Vince McMahon before running out of the build, apparently leaving the company without a supporter. But offstage early that evening, Punk had actually signed a sign to stick with the caller. He returned to live television receiver only eight days belated. The song that announced Punk ‘s return that night was n’t Killswitch Engage ‘s “ This Fire Burns, ” which had previously served as his root music. alternatively, Vernon Reid ‘s memorable “ Cult of Personality ” guitar riff blared as Punk sent the live audience into a craze by coming back to once again tease Cena, who had precisely won a tournament to crown a raw supporter entirely to find out the real supporter was n’t actually gone. Watch CM Punk Use ‘Cult of Personality’ for the First Time in the WWE

As one of the conditions for his refund, which besides included a personal enlistment bus and more money, Punk insisted that the WWE pay up for the rights to “ Cult of Personality. ” In a 2012 Chicago Tribute consultation, he was asked if the cost of that demand was high gear. “ Yeah, ” he replied, “ but [ expletive ] it. ” “ The thing with CM Punk was a identical personal thing for him, ” Reid told Sportskeeda in 2018. “ His fiddling league team used to use that music. He had a connection to it from when he was veridical youthful. ” Punk besides used the sung while wrestling at Ring of Honor in 2005 and during his brief UFC career. “ WWE normally does n’t use outside music, ” singer Corey Glover explained to Lehigh Valley Live. “ It was a identical rare occasion. [ CM Punk ] called our reps to see if he could use the music. It was in the right place and clock time, that ‘s for certain. ” In 2013, Living Color performed “ Cult of Personality ” live to accompany Punk ‘s capture at Wrestlemania 29 in front man of over 80,000 fans at MetLife stadium in New Jersey.

The follow year, Punk left WWE under acrimonious conditions. On Aug. 20, 2021 he returned to pro wrestle, now working for a equal company named AEW. Just the rumors of Punk ‘s unannounced render were enough to fill the United Center in his hometown of Chicago, and it was “ Cult of Personality ” that confirmed his restitution .

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